10 Days In Istanbul – Tennis And Sightseeing

10 Days In Istanbul – Tennis And Sightseeing

Posted by on Oct 30, 2010 in Travelling Free

10 Days In Istanbul – Tennis And Sightseeing

This is just a quick record of my recent trip to Istanbul where I was teaching tennis for 10 days and had a chance to meet a fellow SBI-er who showed me around.

I was invited to Istanbul by Vejen, my good friend by now from Turkey whom I taught tennis already 2 years ago in Slovenia.

Vejen and me and the public tennis court where we trained

He found my website through Google (of course), realized that I know something about tennis and decided to visit me for tennis lessons. (I must have presold him with lots of quality content. 😉 )

This year he wanted to come again but since Slovenia was getting quite cold in October I suggested instead that I come down south to Turkey.

While the temperatures here were starting to creep under 10 degrees Celsius, it was still over 20 degrees Celsius on sunny days in Istanbul.

As soon as I arrived, I went to SBI forums and did a search for Istanbul to see if there’s an SBI-er with a website.

That’s how I found Zeynep and her website istanbulextralarge.com where she offers Istanbul travel advice and also offers to take you around and show you the city.

Zeynep taking me to a local fish restaurant

Zeynep was glad to show me around so here are some pictures from that trip.

The cars and trucks look like they're in the air

Cool architecture of ancient buildings
There are LOTS of people in Istanbul

And LOTS of cars

The freedom of internet business allows me to go to places whenever I want and my income from the websites covers all the costs effortlessly. 😉

So if you ever plan to visit Istanbul and you need a local guide who speaks perfect English, knows a great deal about Istanbul historical places and their architecture, then I really recommend that you get in touch with Zeynep.

You’ll make a great new friend. Thanks again Zeynep for a great day!

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  1. Turkey is a country I’ve wanted to visit for a very long time. And I love your idea of looking up SBI sites for a region you are visiting to meet that person and get a local’s perspective! You certainly get to see a place from a better vantage, not just the canned tourist version. I’m going to have to look up SBIers when I travel again.


  2. Nice pictures! Maybe you’ll visit Northern Ireland some day.


  3. Tomaz,

    Going back in time do you remember what the feeling was like when you got your first check from your first site and realized that it could be more than a hobby.
    How motivating was it for you?


  4. Hey ag,

    I don’t exactly remember my first check (strangely) but I do remember my first earnings.

    I slapped some Adsense on my tennis site after a few months and earned my first cents doing nothing.

    That was mind bending. 😉

    The payout in the tennis niche is dismal and later I decided to create my own products and removed Adsense completely from the site.

    I also remember very clearly how much I earned my first month of selling my first ebook: $52. 😉

    And yes, it is very motivating because you can see that it works.

    As Morpheus would say: “There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”


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