4 Things You Can Do Today To Increase Traffic And Income

4 Things You Can Do Today To Increase Traffic And Income

Posted by on Apr 12, 2010 in Blogging advice

This is a guest post from David Dutton who is an author and internet marketer. He owns www.CoolestPlacesToVisit.com which is a a travel site that talks about topics such as best places to visit in Europe and other cool places around the world.


Today I would like to share with you some things that can help speed up your results with your SBI site.

Currently, my travel site is getting 750 unique visitors per day and I work about one hour per week on it. This is based on my own experience and is not an exhaustive list.

1. Know your reason why – Knowing the true reason why you are building an SBI site in the first place will help you on so many levels.

You won’t be distracted by the latest business opportunity or program out there and therefore you will save yourself time that could be used in reaching your goal quicker.

Example: I started my travel site in 2007 as an experiment to show others on my newsletter list that you can go into a niche with no connections or experience and make $500 a month.  That was my reason why and I achieved it.

My reason why has since changed to a more important one and that is if things keep going as they are, I will have a wife soon. 🙂

My reason why now is I am working towards getting married soon and would like that site to provide me more of a cushion instead of just being a science experiment.

Having a STRONG reason why keeps me VERY focused and causes me not to waste time on other things which speeds up my success.

Note: See article about happiness and journey to $9k per month.

2. Use google docs – At first I didn’t treat my site that seriously. I knew I could make $500 a month from it and halfway did it.

Once I got serious (my reason why) I treated it like a real business. I opened up a free google docs account and created a spreadsheet containing important info about my site.

urls of all my pages
rankings in google for keywords
ezinearticles.com submissions
Pictures added to page

Those are just a few of the things I keep up with.

I like Google docs because I can be anywhere in the world and access it. Plus, my outsourcers can have access as well via their sharing feature.

3. Take massive action – I monetize my site mostly with adsense. I know how much I make on average per click.

It comes down to a numbers game then. I start with how much I want to make.

Let’s say I wanted to make $100 a day. I take what I make on average per click and divide it into $100. That will give me how many clicks I need per day to reach my goal. Real simple.

I am on a 25 article per week campaign right now for the next 8 weeks so once I decided what I wanted to make on the site, I formulated a plan to get me there and put it in my google docs.

After 8 weeks, I will have a 513 page website!

Note: Things in life rarely go as expected so I planned for a margin of error in my campaign and you should too.  This way I am not disapointed.

How do I manage to take massive action? That leads me to my next thing you can do to speed up your results.

4. Outsource – Thanks to Tomaz back in 2007, I began hiring ghostwriters.  This is how I leverage myself and take massive action.

I view myself as the manager of my site and my job is to reach the goal of the site. If I can outsource it then I will.

I think about “buying low” and “selling high”. Think about it like investing in stocks. You buy low and sell high to make money.  If I can do that on my site, I outsource.

Here is what I ask myself before I spend any money on outsourcing/ghostiwriting.

“Can I make my money back in a reasonable amount of time?”

My time is usually 3-6 months. I can wait that long to break even or turn a profit.

This is a powerful tip I am about to share with you.

I use CheapGhostwriters.com for good ghostwriters and I have another writer I pay fulltime during my 8 week campaign.

On that site, you can get a 550 article done for $5.52. I am going to show you how to get two articles out of one so you are only paying $2.76 an article.

If you are needing articles done for article submissions then this will work great for you. EzineArticles.com allows 250 word articles.

When you post a project for a writer, ask them to write about two subjects in the same article. For example, I have them write about two travel spots.

I then have them write it so each section can stand on its own. I even tell them that I plan to submit each section to EA.com so they can understand my logic.

By using this little strategy, you can get 2 for 1 price. Let me tell you what happened to me.

I got 25 articles done that way which landed me 50 articles actually. I submitted them to EA and…true story…within 4 days of having the articles approved, my site jumped up by 194 unique visitors per day which increases my income by default.

In closing, I hope you find these tips helpful and I hope you apply them to your own website.

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  1. That sounds like a good set of plans. I think I will try an eight week intensive web building session. I will use your advice and calculate where I am now with where I want to be in 8 weeks.

    Great Advice, Thanks


  2. Your site jumped up by 194 uniques 4 days after having articles accepted by Ezine articles? And you’re attributing your jump in traffic to that?

    I’m sorry, but unless it was all URL clicks from Ezinearticles, that cannot be true.

    You received 50 links from the same domain in 4 days. While that may cause a nice bump in your traffic, that bump would not be noticeable 4 days later.

    Search engines wouldn’t recognize all of those links in 4 days. Try it out. Write a few articles for ezine articles, see when they are accepted, and then see when yahoo siteexplorer recognizes them.

    While you gave good advice about 250 word ezine articles, you need to have screenshots to backup any traffic claims. Otherwise, I smell b.s.


    Tomaz Reply:


    Let’s keep it polite…


  3. @Mark – Thanks for the kind words. The key is know where you are going and have a plan to get there. The reason I came up with 8 is because I am getting 200 articles done and wanted them done in two months. Good luck!

    @John – Tomaz can back up everything that I have said. We have been friends since 2007, which is when I started the website.

    Tomaz also knows how “little” I have worked on the site and backlinks. I never get backlinks except internally. Very lazy.

    I did absolutely nothing to my website including market it or even write new articles FOR the site.

    All I did was submit 50 articles to EZ and about 4 days later(I skyped Tomaz when it happened since I was shocked too), I jumped 194 visitors per day and have been there ever since.

    One more note on the B.S. you smell, I am not trying to sell you on the concept John so there is no “buy now” button. I just wrote about my experience.


  4. Tomaz,

    I’m disappointed in this post, it goes against pretty much everything you’ve ever written on this site.

    We’ve debated before in your comments about how much effort to put into different aspects of creating a site, and you’ve ALWAYS preached the benefits of building quality and keeping things real.

    I just get the feeling that this post is more about finding shortcuts than it is about building something solid.

    Still a fan of yours though 🙂



  5. Ray,

    How is adding 25 articles per week and submitting 50 articles to ezine not real?

    It’s the exact same thing you’ll do in 6 months – but that means that you’re just slow.

    The only thing in question (maybe) is the length of articles submitted to ezine – only 275 words.

    But hey, ezinearticles make the rules and their rule is minimum 250 article.

    It certainly doesn’t give you good chances that that article will be picked up by another site but as far as getting links from ezinearticles and getting the right anchor text to many of your pages, it’s a valid approach.

    You certainly wouldn’t want to send your best articles to ezine, would you?

    In fact, when I was trying to find good writers on GAF, I asked 5 of them to write 5 articles each so that I could see which ones are good.

    Out of those 5×5=25 articles, I used 10 which I found good for my site and used the other 15 (really not that good) for article submissions.

    But as far as David’s results go, he knew his action – submitting 50 articles and he saw his result of extra 194 visitors.

    It is possible that these two are NOT related and that David is making his conclusions too quickly – maybe he got an organic PR4 link a week ago and that one finally kicked in – coincidentally – when David submitted his articles.

    In any case, whatever results you see anywhere on the net posted because of “this and this”, know that it is highly unlikely that you’ll get the same results – as there are too many unpredictable factors that determine the rankings in Google.

    So look at this post as a way of how some people take massive action, compare your steps and see that you could actually have achieved more if you wanted in a shorter period of time.

    Don’t get hung up on the exact numbers. Look at the principles, adapt them to your liking and make a step forward.

    If your site is new for example and you get less than 100 daily visitors and your DON’T submit at least 2 articles per week to ezinearticles, you’re going too slow…

    As for the amount of pages added per week (25), that’s nothing. Matt Cutts explains that you can easily add 100 pages per DAY if you wish:


  6. @Ray

    I believe in building a quality website, but I also like the sound of David’s initial growth method. I think you can mix both

    The site is going to be around for a long time so if you can get as much content on to the site at the start and earn some money, even better.

    You can always go back and fine tune later on.

    I will def. be going ‘route one’ on my new lawn mower site. There’s no point in being sentimental about it. It’s just a business and a way to make me money. The quicker the better.


  7. @Tomaz Thanks for your comments.

    @Mark Thanks again. You mentioned taking action and then going back and fixing things.That is my approach. Take massive action and make things better later. Most people never get to the action part. 🙂

    @Ray The sum of the article and my point is to get a plan and follow it. If you are blessed with time or money then use it to create quicker success instead of 6 months down the road.

    Another thing I wanted to say is…the visitors coming to my site go to a SE and type in words that my site ranks for.

    I give them information that they did not already have on the topic (they wouldn’t be searching if they did) and I don’t charge them anything for it.

    They are getting value from me without having to give anything back. I would say that is very real and is building quality.



  8. Tomaz and Dave,

    Great information. As far as outsourcing goes, do you ever outsource the actual building of your site? Not sure who one would even outsource that to. It would have to be someone that you really trusted! And obviously someone who knew what they were doing. I was just curious on that.

    Dave, are you manually submitting your articles or do you outsource that too?

    Thanks again for some great information.



    Tomaz Reply:


    I don’t think you can outsource page building and have quality and more complex pages. But I have outsourced simple blog posting on a WordPress blog where I ask the writer to just add one picture.

    The purpose of that blog is really not to dominate the search engines, but it’s there as a means for me to build links to my site – as it has good pagerank across the site.

    So I make sure that the blog is updated once a week for example and my writer has an Author account and besides writing the posts she also publishes them. I then edit them if necessary and add a link to my site…


  9. David,

    Nice trick splitting up the Ezine articles, I’ll be using that.

    Google docs is a lifesaver. What I do is create a redirect from my site that takes me to my master planning page for that site. That way, I don’t have to go find the doc in Google docs, I just go to http://www.MySite.com/mastersheet (or whatever name) and it redirects me to my spreadsheet.

    I keep track of links, site pages, and I even set up a little 8 week checklist so I know I’m staying on track.

    One of the most important things on this business is using your time carefully, and tracking everything helps a lot.



  10. “On that site, you can get a 550 article done for $5.52. ”

    Hi Dave and Tomaz. Great advice, thank you for sharing your strategies. I checked out the ghostwriter site you recommended and it’s a monthly subscription of $9.95 per month. Wouldn’t you have to factor in the subscription price to your per article price?

    Also has anyone used Mechanical Turk for article writing with any success? I’m giving it a try for the first time for some of my C2 pages, but if it turns out some good content, I may try it for longer article submissions for ezine.


  11. @Michael – Thanks so much! Glad you got some good stuff out of it.

    What I do is I made 3 little jing videos teaching my ghostwriter how to seo my pages and I pay her a few dollars extra now. All I did was create a template for her since I upload my own html.

    All I do now is approve them on Fridays and hit upload after fixing any mistakes.

    I submit my own articles to the directories.I more than likely won’t ever outsource that.

    @Amy – You are correct. $9.95 a month. I consider that so small I don’t think about it because I buy so many articles from them it comes down to nothing for me but yes you need to factor that in.

    I have tried MT but heard about it.

    Thanks for the kind words.



  12. Hi David,

    You mentioned that you have achieved $500 per month income, is it from the same travel site that brings you over 700 visitors a day?

    If so, I would assume that you are getting a quite high eCPM – around $20 eCPM per 1000 visitors for a Travel niche.

    I have some product niche websites and they yet to come very close to $20 eCPM.

    Would love to hear back from you David.


  13. My question (which has already been asked) would be where was the extra traffic. If the article sites this will die (although ultimately the articles may lead to a jump in serps). If it is the search engines then great.


  14. @ David – food for thought, thank you.

    @ Amy.
    I’ve tried MT over the last few days to get some comments to kick start C2 with mixed results. Strangely when I was paying less I got better quality – go figure. I’m always happy to pay a little extra for better quality

    My first time I offered $1 for 150 words – cheap I know, but a little over the going rate from what could ascertain. The submission varied from excellent to totally incomprehensible!

    Next try I offered $0.60 for 180 words and got mostly very good submission – I approved all 5 even though one of them was only only 120 words.

    @ all
    27x 300 word articles for $4.50?

    Taking Davids article idea on board regarding splitting articles, what if we tried it from a slightly different angle?

    Let’s go for a minimum 300 word articles.

    Split that into 3x 100 word paragraphs – for instance using my own juicer site as an example I decide I want an article that has 3 stand-alone 100 word paragraphs.

    para 1 When & why I started juicing.
    para 2 Why I bought my current juicer.
    para 3 The health benefits of juicing.

    (I haven’t given a lot of thought to subjects, just theorising at the moment)

    Post a HIT on MT for 3x para 1, 3x para 2, 3x para 3. Offering $0.50 each – that’s 9 @ .50 = $4.50
    By using various combinations of the 9 paragraphs we can get 27 articles – I think!

    First article would be version 1 of paras 1,2 & 3
    Second article would be version 1 of paras 1 & 2 and version 2 of para 3 etc etc

    111, 112, 113
    211, 212, 213
    311, 312, 313

    121, 122, 123
    221, 222, 223
    321, 322, 323

    131, 132, 133
    231, 232, 233
    331, 332, 333

    Obviously this is just maths theory and taking the it to an extreme. I doubt quality would be good enough for website content but for posting on an article site for the link back it may be worth it?

    There would be less duplication if you got more, perhaps 5 or 6 different version of each paragraph

    Are they any obvious flaws here? Any thoughts, comments? Or am I way of base?

    Cheers, John


  15. @ John

    I think article directories like ezinearticles use content duplication software to check each and every part of your submitted article. I once tried mixing a part here and there and it was rejected.

    However, that was only on one occasion, so I can’t tell much. Perhaps you should experiment that on a new account with EA for example.

    Best of luck :).


  16. I just wanted to add another quick input. At this point in my site creation career, every penny counts and I can’t afford the monthly service of the cheapghostwriters.com or needanarticle.com (same site) yet. I will though!

    On that same note, I carefully crafted a request on Mechanical Turk for a 500 word original article for $5.00. With the MT fees at 10 cents per dollar, my fees were only 50 cents.

    I got a QUALITY 533 word article for my request and I just submitted it to ezine articles this morning after only a tiny bit of tweaking.

    So for those who cannot yet afford a monthly subscription service and only need occasional outsourcing help, try Mechanical Turk for both articles and C2 comments.


  17. I’d like to hear if anyone has suggestions for writing a good description on needanarticle.com. The description, I presume, is what writers read when choosing which article to pick up. What goes into a good description so it’s interesting but not heavy handed and scares a writer off? Any thoughts are really appreciated.


  18. I recently used an e-zine article to seed a c2 page on my site. It is a recipe and the authors link was to a rather nice blog that would not be in competition with my own site.

    The C2 has been a bust, zero responses. However, to my surprise I am getting lots of entry traffic to this recipe/article. As an added plus I notified the author of my use and she gave me a return link on her blog.

    I am thinking of using other similar articles on my site as regular pages. In fact I could probably do an entire T2 section with these. Is there any reason that this is not a good idea? I realize I may not always get a return link but that is ok as that is not my goal. The recipes really add to my site.

    Anything that I am overlooking?


  19. Hi tomaz,

    If you can elaborate some more details about your achievement. because I am working on my article and submission to ezinearticles.com. I need your suggestion how exactly to submit the same article to
    ezine and on my website.


  20. Anjali,

    You definitely should not submit the same article to your site and ezinearticles. You’re gonna cause duplicate content and Google will rank only one of the articles high.

    Unless your site is stronger than ezinearticles ;), it would be your site that won’t appear in the index.

    You’ll find tons of info on article submissions in SBI TNT and forums.


  21. Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing your success story on my blog which I read everyday and you and Tomaz have become and inspiration to me for my success which I am waiting for financially. My website alexa ranking is under 6 lacks but I still have only 10-20 unique visitors per day. So I need your guide should I go ahead with submitting 25 articles to ezine.
    Will it help increasing the traffic on my website.


  22. Hi Tomaz,

    Thanks for showing different ways to achieve success online with your tips and our SBI friends who has already achieved success with SBI. I am also working on it from last 9 months but i don’t understand where I am lacking to bring traffic to my website.

    I hope to achieve success very soon with your guidance and tips.


    Tomaz Reply:


    Traffic is the result of: choosing the right keywords for T2 and T3 (demand / supply), building LOTS of content and building LOTS of links. See my post about 5 Must Dos in SBI forums…


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