7 Link Building Tips For Newborn Blogs

7 Link Building Tips For Newborn Blogs

Posted by on Sep 14, 2007 in Blogging advice, SEO

Since I started my main tennis website 2 years ago I have met and made many tennis friends among the internet community.

If I decide to start a new tennis website, I can just send a few emails and I’ll soon receive good quality links.

Not so with the Freedom Ideas blog. It’s my first internet marketing related blog and I basically have to start from scratch.

The Freedom Ideas blog is only 2 months old I am still very active in getting quality links to it.

Here are some of the ways I am building links now when this blog is still a baby:

1. Submit articles to related Blog Carnivals

2. Post comments on dofollow blogs. Courtney Tuttle has compiled a big list of dofollow blogs that can help you find the best ones for your niche.

3. Post comments on blogs that have a top commentators plugin. Do a Google search for “top commentators” or “top commenters”, find a quality blog and post intelligent and useful comments.

4. Post comments on top money making blogs (even if nofollow) like Problogger.net where there is a chance that a blog owner might like it a link back to it like it happened here.

5. Submit articles to Ezinearticles.com. I’ve used others too in the past but realized that the link eventually has no pagerank. Some of my ezinearticles.com articles are on a PR3 page!

6. Post on high pagerank and high traffic internet marketing (with my signature) forums like:

7. Submit my articles and URL to top Social Bookmarking sites

After a few months when my blog has much more content I’ll also submit to top blog directories like:

Here is a nice list of top blog directories if you want to find more of them.

Once my blog has more content, some pagerank (if it EVER gets updated again 😉 ) and more incoming links (which anyone can check on Yahoo with a link: command) I’ll probably slow down a little bit and focus more on quality of links and not so much on quantity.

And hopefully some of the articles on this blog will be good enough and interesting enough that they will generate some natural linking too.

I’ll be happy to hear some of the link building tips you want to share in the comments below.

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  1. Good post!
    I actually came accross your blog through that post on ProBlogger.
    I am a subscriber, and I really like your blog.
    I have del.icio.us-ed at least two of your posts now. 🙂

    As for what I do…
    My blog is small – for now. I have a Technorati authority of 10 – wow. lol
    But the most effective source I have has been commenting on other blogs. And not simply commenting – but commenting regularly and with quality.
    Those comments have resulted in a bunch of visitors.

    Keep in mind though, that even if you have a zillion links to your blog – it won’t do much unless you have good content (which you do). That is something I noticed. When I got off my butt and put some effort into my posts, my visits doubled and my comments trippled.

    Keep up the good work!
    Your blog is great!

    Oh, and your post reminds me…
    I need to go install that plug-in to allow do-follow…


  2. Hi Brian,

    Yes, commenting is a good way to bring some visitors in since they are curious to see your site.

    But then you need to convince them to check back again with good content.

    That’s why I just changed my Recent Posts into Top Posts (at least in my opinion) and hopefully that will make more visitors stick. 😉


  3. You know.. I don’t know where to start on commenting…

    I have read “tons” of online content regarding adsense and link building.. We all do. Any serious website owner wants to learn how to grow their site and gain organic traffic with real content that really benefits the content seeker.

    Kudo’s on the work you have done. If you want my opinion this post about links and the post about Chitika with all the pictures are hands down more to the point and “real” than lot’s of the fluff on the net. For your first attempt at a blogging site I think you are a master at this topic!

    Actually, I think the things you share is the stuff of membership sites – you may want to pull this info and charge admission! This is $97.00 ebook material. Seriously! Just the photos alone are a goldmine.

    Thanks for sharing this info – from all of us bloggers out here – who want to deliver better content for our readers and leave breadcrumbs as well as foghorns for the readers to find our content.


  4. Submitting articles to article directories is not terribly productive in that you can’t just submit something you’ve written for your blog because of the duplicate content problem.

    So you have to rewrite it and have a somewhat unique article which is quite a waste to submit to an article directory. It will most likely get lost in the sea of articles.

    So I think article submission works better for internet marketers who don’t have a regular blog and not bloggers.



    Tomaz Reply:

    One niche product oriented website where I submitted rewritten articles to ezinearticles got no other links. Meaning no one picked that article to republish…

    So in most cases you are right but I have seen internet marketing related articles picked up by some good websites and getting a nice share of backlinks.

    I am planning to submit some of the articles from this blog (rewritten) to ezinearticles and will post an update on the results of those submissions.


  5. These are great tips for link building. I have a great post on one way link building techniques that you may find useful as well.



  6. I must say you have great content and geat

    Writing articles and posting on dofollows
    could be the difference between being seen
    or not.

    Link building is very important

    I look forward to your next post!

    Sincerly, Vincent Cantera


  7. These are good suggestions for link building, still valid 2 years later. I’d be interested in seeing how your results have fared after following your own advice.


    Tomaz Reply:


    Well, it’s not too bad; the site is PR3 right now, gets around 150 to 200 daily visitors and has quite a good number of incoming links. You can check in Yahoo…

    I am not doing a lot on promotion and getting links; just hoping to share a few tips here and there…



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