A Must Read For Every Blogger

Posted by on Apr 24, 2008 in Blogging advice

A Must Read For Every Blogger

If you have a blog and your goal is to make money with it, then read on…

Ken Evoy, the CEO of Sitesell.com has recently posted a new page which explains, in detail, why blogging is not the best way to build a successful online business.

I suggest that you head over to the Blog or Build page, prepare yourself a drink and read the full page. It’s long page so take your time…

(And if you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, don’t skip the »Nitty Gritty WordPress vs. SBI! Comparison«!)

Back already? 😉

Let me share my experience with content sites and blogs (especially this one) and explain when you should use each one.

The problems with blogs are already well explained by Ken Evoy in the above article (look for The Three Fatal Flaws Of Blogging), but I believe Ken missed another extremely important one: keyword based pages.

They say “Content is King”, right?

I used to say “Content + Quality Links = King.”

But now I say “Keyword Focused Content + Quality links = Financial Freedom!

Take this Financial Freedom Ideas blog, for example: I believe that I’ve shared very good information on how to create successful website, how to monetize and so on.

There are almost 180 pages of good content and there are a lot of high quality links pointing to this site – including links from Problogger, Chitika (from a PR5 page) and other high quality sites.

And how many daily visitors does this blog receive? Around 50 per day!

Traffic on Freedom Ideas blog

Compare this with an SBI site that I started at the same time as this blog – in August 2007.

Google has 83 indexed pages, the site has pagerank 2 and doesn’t have even close to the number of high quality links pointing to it as does this blog.

SBI site traffic

Over 200 visitors per day!

The reason for this huge difference is very simple: every article on this SBI site is optimized for a certain keyword, with good demand and reasonable competition. (I have posted only one quarter of the planned articles on it so far!)

And almost none of the articles on this blog (and this goes for a typical blog too) are keyword optimized.

There is just very informative content written for visitors. (The content is definitely good, since it has been linked to from various high quality sites.)

And even if I try to optimize a few articles here and there, there is so much competition in this niche, that just a few articles (based on keywords) rank on the 1st page in Google.

So why do I blog?

Because I like to. 😉

I like to share my ideas, I like to help people and I find it such a waste that the knowledge I have, that helped me achieve financial freedom by working from home, would only stay in my head.

That’s why I put my knowledge on this blog and hopefully someone else can benefit from it. If I make a few dollars here and there serving other people, great!

If not, no problem. I am at almost $12,000 per month with my few SBI sites.

But for many other bloggers this is a problem.

They spend hours writing great articles, then they spend hours hunting for links in the Social bookmarking sites and their result is, in most cases, very similar to the results of this blog: a few dollars here and there.

So if you’re a blogger and your results are very similar to the ones mentioned above, consider building a keyword focused content website based around a tight theme.

Follow the SBI process of C-T-P-M and you’ll definitely do much better money wise than you’re doing now with your blog.

My advice to my friends who are interested in making money online and building an authoritative online presence in their chosen niche is this: get yourself at least one SBI site.

You’ll get access to the Action Guide, Forums, Help section and great tools. You’ll learn how to make the most of your knowledge and time and the SBI system will take care of the technicalities.

Once you learn the process, you can always build a non-SBI (yes, even on WordPress if you wish) site, where every article is based on a keyword around a tight theme and is internally linked for the best possible search engine rankings.

Invest a few months or a year of building a 200 page website and Google will take care of the rest: sending you thousands of visitors every day who are interested in what you have to offer.

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  1. What a insightful post once again! Tomaz…look forward to your every single comment.


  2. Good Stuff Tomaz. I agree with Dr. Ken that the SBI process of C-T-P-M is the KEY. I think the platform itself doesn’t matter so much as long as you:

    1. Have great keyword-focused content (give the reader what they want)
    2. Structure your navigation in an easy to follow format (for humans AND spiders)
    3. Get backlinks.

    You can easily find lots of sites (SBI and non-SBI) that follow this model, for example: http://www.howtogetridofstuff.com/ is a WordPress site that gets an incredible amount of traffic because it has the 3 ingredients above.

    I so glad I bought SBI years ago as the education and tools alone are worth it. And I agree – get at least 1 SBI site – what you’ll learn is priceless.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Cool site, Brad. There are still some very interesting niches out there…


  3. Thanks Tomaz,

    a very important post, because there is so
    much hype about blogs. I like Ken’s comparison
    of blogs to newspapers.



  4. Tomaz,

    it would be motivating to have an idea
    as to how much your making per website,
    and long it took to get there, anything you could

    Appreciate it.



  5. Jeremy,

    I’ve shared my story and my numbers before.

    Let me know what else you’d like to know that I didn’t cover in that article…


  6. Thanks Tomaz,

    I read through the post more slowly again.

    Where do you focus most of your energy,
    in regards to your business.



  7. Hmm, interesting question.

    It depends at which stage of website building I am.

    1. Keyword research – takes quite some time. I’d say something like 5 or 6 hours to find the keywords and organize them in T1-T2-T3 structure.

    2. Website design – I hire someone to do it and then I tweak the HTML a little bit with my limited HTML knowledge. 😉 Maybe 2 hours…

    3. Content – for my tennis sites and this blog, I write everything. For other sites, I outsource.

    So mostly I just need to SEO optimize the articles (check them in SBI Analyzer), add some pictures or ads (Chitika, Adsense, CJ, Amazon, …) and then upload and link to it. I’d say this takes me around 20 to 30 minutes for one page.

    So I build a site with most of the T2 pages and 4 to 6 T3 pages for each T2 page. If I have 15 T2 pages and each links to 5 T3 pages, I then build a 75 page site. This can take me 3 months, depends how much time I have and how motivated I am.

    I don’t bother with links much (maybe 2 or 3 article submissions to ezinearticles…).

    4. Links – once my site is complete, I submit to major directories, do lots of article submissions and try an occasional link exchange. But since my site has pagerank 0, almost no one will link to it. So I try to get the site to at least pagerank 2, possibly 3.

    Then I can get some quality links to it. It also helps to trade – I offer someone a PR2 link from my existing site for a PR2 link to my new site.

    5. Content + links – I add 1 or 2 articles per week to the site and look for links, links, links… 😉

    6. I don’t monetize until I am listed in DMOZ (which happened only once) or until I have at least 300 – 400 visitors per day or I have a pagerank 4. (people don’t like to exchange links with Adsense sites but PR4 is too good to refuse. 😉 )


  8. Thanks Tomaz,

    Very helpful.

    I see your sites are indexed in msn,
    do you get lots of traffic from msn.

    I ask because all my sites are indexed in google and yahoo, but for almost 2 years now my site were de-indexed from msn. I don’t know why.

    I even used msn webmaster tools to let them know,
    they just said they are working on it. That was a while ago and have not thought about it til now.

    My sites are still out of the msn index.




  9. Jeremy,

    MSN does send me some nice traffic – but still much less than Google. I don’t know why your sites are not indexed.

    Check some SEO forums, maybe someone can help…


  10. Thanks Tomaz,

    I’ll contact msn again also. I think msn
    visitors convert better with adsense than other visitors, I used to have a high ctr before.

    You said “I offer someone a PR2 link from my existing site for a PR2 link to my new site.”

    Do you you need to have related sites for this.

    Last one, what do you think about using a blog to
    promote your websites new articles. Ex. the blog would have the headline of the article and the 1st 1 or sentences as a teaser, then a link to read more on the website.




  11. Jeremy,

    You can have related sites or not. It’s just trading links. “I give you this and you give me this.” 😉

    A blog to link to your main site is good, but it needs some pagerank to make the links strong. Which means you need to find links to a blog again.


  12. Every blog and website is different. If you make good money with your blog, great. If you make good money with your site, awesome.

    I believe it just depends on what you want to do and what ideas you have and what you put into action.

    If you’re not a technical person then SBI seems like something worth looking into for how simple it is to use and the incredible power is provides you to build a focused website with.

    If you are a technical person then setting things up and going for it all on your own maybe more your style. You just have to see what works best.

    I’m not earning a penny with my website or blog however, I’m learning a lot of valuable information experimenting and using what I know to see what works and what doesn’t.

    I believe strongly that creativity and action are two great tools you have to work with, especially to make money on line.


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