A Top Link Building Resource And The Funny Link Exchange Translation

A Top Link Building Resource And The Funny Link Exchange Translation

Posted by on Feb 12, 2010 in Recommended

If you’re running out if link building ideas, then Wiep.net will blow your mind with all sorts of tips and tricks on how to get links to your site.

I’ve been following Wiep.net for quite some time and I strongly recommend you subscribe to their feed if you’re serious about your online business.

I hope that by now you know that getting good rankings in Google and therefore lots of free search engine traffic requires quality content + quality links.

And while you can outsource content and get quite good articles written for a good price, it’s very difficult to get quality links by outsourcing the work.

In fact, that has never happened to me and I’ve tried 5 or 6 times in the past.

So while you’re checking out Wiet.net make sure to read the latest post on What if link requests were honest? 😉

You might bookmark that post and send a link as a reply to the next crappy link exchange request you’ll get in the future…

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  1. Funny post. I need to make sure I approach people the right way.

    Link building is a lot like fishing. You have to be patient but ready to set the hook on a good bite. I just need to start casting my line more often.


  2. It’s a great site. But I was wondering what is top 5 favorite link building activities?


    Tomaz Reply:


    No link activities are my favorite. 😉 They all feel like real work.

    Which are the most effective? Link exchanges by far.


  3. This article is quite right.

    I have stayed away from link building automation like Link Vana, Senuke, etc as I think it may penalize my sites in the long run. [not sure if any blog readers agree with me here]

    I guess I will invest more on paid directories (cost money but seems quite effective), build better content (can outsource easily), submit more articles to articles directories (easy to do) and try to get more reciprocal links to my sites (I wish I can outsource this successfully as well but it has not turn out well for me).

    Other low hanging value link building tasks like blog commenting, forum postings, yahoo answers etc are just something that I may put 20 to 30% effort into it.

    Hope more people can share your thoughts here..


  4. Tomaz, link-building feels like work to me too! The rest of site-building is fun…

    You may be starting to feel like a broken record about this link-building stuff, but please keep it up. It helps people like me to stay on task and resist shirking!

    I had the wrong idea about link-building – I thought I could get a certain number of links and then walk away from it. It seems more like an ongoing task. I also thought that 50 or so links would do to get the snowball rolling. Wrong again, especially for a larger ‘niche’. My traffic has humped at just over 100 visitors a day for about 6 months, and I’ve realised my main problem is that I need many more quality links.

    Link-building is now the first task on my to-do list each day.



    Tomaz Reply:


    You can walk away from link building at some point. That’s when you start ranking really high for your main keywords or when you’re simply happy with your traffic and earnings.

    It also helps to develop a real authority site in your niche that will start getting organic links in the future. It’s a long journey but definitely worth it.

    C2 builds more content automatically and authority status keeps attracting new links to the site.


  5. Yes, a few good link exchanges makes a big difference. It does get tiring getting useless link exchange requests.

    Jerrick Linkvana seems to be good, as you can only post unique content and you only get one link back, they don’t distribute the one post everywhere.

    Tomaz what do you think about linkvana.




  6. Hi Tomaz,
    Excellent points. Wiep.net is certainly very full of information, and well worth a lot of study. There is no substitute for hours and hours of reading, following, and learning.
    Thanks again.

    Best regards, Barry


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