A Top Notch Graphic Designer For Business And Ecommerce Websites And Blogs

A Top Notch Graphic Designer For Business And Ecommerce Websites And Blogs

Posted by on Aug 29, 2010 in Recommended

A Top Notch Graphic Designer For Business And Ecommerce Websites And Blogs

If you’re looking for gorgeous looking, practical and affordable website design then Thomas Breher from ecoverdesign.com is the perfect choice.

I’ve been very lucky to have found Thomas when I first started my Internet adventure. He was able to design the header of my Tennismindgame.com website exactly as I have wanted.

Tennismindgame header

He of course designed all other graphics and ebook covers that I needed for my tennis site, including the sales letter Order Now button and the newsletter graphic.

ebook coverebook cover 2

Because I was so impressed with his skills, affordable prices and very quick response time, I stayed his loyal customer and EVERY new site that I started had his trademark cool looking design.

TennisThoughts header

Thomas can design custom website templates (2 columns, 3 columns), ecommerce web templates and he can also modify AJ’s 3 column SBI template which I use on several of my websites.

Once you compare his response time, the price and the beautiful design you’ll get, you’ll feel that you have been ripped off by other website designers if you have used them in the past. 😉

One of the reasons why I am recommending Thomas’ services is because I recently needed a modified ebook cover for my tennis strategy ebook (since I plan selling it in Hungarian language) and Thomas sent me the modified ecovers in the same day as I emailed him.

He impressed me again and I thought I’d return the favor here and of course help you get a great looking website template for your online business.

His professional design and customer service is unmatched in my 5 years of internet marketing and I highly recommend that you contact him through his website or at info@ecoverdesign.com in case you need a new template or any professional graphic design service that you might need for your site.

And if you have already worked with Thomas then please share your experiences below.

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  1. I recommend Thomas as well. I asked Tomaz who he used for his graphics and he recommended Thomas at that time. I was switching my site over to AJ’s 3 column template and I needed a header for my site. Since it was my first time working with the template I had to go through several iterations to make sure it looked right and Thomas was very patient with me. His turnaround is fantastic, sometimes I’d receive an update within an hour of emailing him! I would certainly use Thomas in the future and as a bonus his prices are also less than other options I investigated.


  2. Thanks for the recommendation. Will bookmark his site for future needs.


  3. The quality of service looks good, but I am a bit put off by the prices. As an SBIer, my website would have to be going well before I spent that sort of money on a header design.


  4. Mark,

    Two points to keep in mind:

    1. While you can find freelancers to create a header for less money, most “regular” web design companies will charge much more.

    2. Thomas charges much less for future orders.


  5. I don’t think he is that expensive, having looked at the quality of his work. I too have book-marked him for future reference…


  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m looking for some work to be done ASAP, I’ve sent an email to Thomas can someone tell me how long he takes to reply? 48 hours less, more?



  7. hahaha so funny literally just got an email from Thomas just as I sent that comment here


  8. I was wondering…of those that have worked with Thomas…how often does he respond? I took Tomaz’s recommendation and inquired about a design. Thomas did respond initially, but I’ve sent a few emails since (because I haven’t heard anything since that initial response) and still haven’t heard back. Is this normal for him? I’ve never worked with a graphic designer before so I don’t know what to expect.


  9. I highly recommend Thomas as well.

    I’ve just changed my simple (boring) looking web site design to his design (Minisite Pack #1; 3 columns) and I’m very satisfied with his professional service (fast response, followed my wishes) and final result.

    Even though the content is of course the king, I believe it’s a worthy investment to get a “gorgeous looking, practical” and professional web site design such as Thomas’ as soon as possible. After all, we’ve probably all heard the stories how the site design influences the “clicks” & sales…


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