About FreedomIdeas.com

There are two main purposes of this blog: one is to bring benefits to me, the other is to bring benefits to you.

1. Benefits for me

The blog allows me to express my feelings and my knowledge and to have a journal of the most exciting journey of my life—getting out of the slavery of a nine-to-five job and becoming financially and personally free.

The blog also allows me to do three things that make me happy. They are:
– I do what I like to do.
– I make other people happy, as they appreciate my ideas.
– I earn money.

2. Benefits for you

It may seem at first glance that this blog is just one of many make-money-online blogs with tips and ideas (which it is), but there is one more goal that I want to achieve with this blog: Make you change.

I want to make you change your habits and your everyday routine into something more exciting and worth living for.

How do we change?

Usually there are just two reasons that you make a profound change in your life:

1. You really, really, really WANT something:

• a lot of money
• travel
• a good car
• a beautiful house
• a good life for your children

Financial Freedom

2. You really really really HATE something:

• nine-to-five slavery,
• being forced to do things you don’t like
• wasting your time (and life)
• being unable to take days off when YOU want to
• being unable to afford travel and luxury or gadgets you might like
• being unable to figure out this money game

So, the goal of this blog is to get you into these two states now and then—to make you feel that you really want financial freedom and everything that goes with it and to make you hate your current situation.

Yes, my goal is to make you really uncomfortable from time to time.

I know that many people immediately want to escape any uncomfortable feelings (by closing the browser of this blog, for example). But I urge you not to.

Stay with those uncomfortable feelings; make them grow, and then channel them into a burning desire and focused activity.

If you want to succeed in anything, you need to invest a lot of energy in it over a long period of time.

In order to stay motivated for a long time you need to have a strong desire that will carry you through the setbacks and the periods of waiting when nothing much happens.

After you achieve some success (earning $10 per day) you will see the light at the end of your journey.

You will believe that it is possible to earn $100 and more per day through passive income by leveraging the power of the Internet.

Your motivation to stick with it and become financially free won’t be a problem, and eventually you are going to make it.

But this has to start with you getting either really excited about financial and personal freedom or starting to hate your current condition and then doing something to change it (or both).

Remember that the main goal in your mind is to prevent pain right now, and that’s why it will “suggest” that you do something else and stop the pain (i.e., stop reading things that make you uncomfortable).

But the mind is not smart enough to realize that in the long term avoiding small emotional pain in the present moment will cause you much more pain and suffering in the long term by keeping you as a slave to your present job.

It’s your job and responsibility to figure this out and make conscious decisions even though they might be slightly painful at the moment.

That’s is what you do already: you go to work and suffer slightly in order to earn money so that you can pay bills and survive and avoid much bigger pain by being out of work and without food or housing.

That’s what all the athletes do when they train: they make themselves suffer slightly (or a lot) so that they won’t lose, which would be an even greater pain to them.

And that’s what you need to do about your financial freedom:
– First, feel how bad it is not to be free. (Suffer slightly for a while.)
– Channel that energy into extra work. (Suffer slightly for a while.)

In this way, you can prevent being a slave until your retirement (suffering a lot until you die). If you don’t earn enough money by the time you retire, you still won’t be free to do what you want since you won’t be able to afford it.

So, try to become aware of uncomfortable feelings when you read this blog, and don’t escape that feeling immediately; make it grow, and channel it into action by focusing on what you really really want—to be free.

Financial Freedom Online

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