Any Extra Costs With SBI 2.0 Subscription?

Any Extra Costs With SBI 2.0 Subscription?

Posted by on Feb 6, 2010 in Site Build It

If anyone else wonders whether there are any extra costs involved with buying SBI 2.0 subscription, please check this Q&A:

Dear Tomaz,

I am going to order SBI  this week-end and as I am a very beginner  in this field of internet business I have no idea how much extra costs will involve this business? Will you be so kind to give me an idea about this topic? Kind regards, V…


Hi V…,

There are no mandatory extra costs with SBI 2.0. You can purchase the yearly subscription for $299 or monthly for $29.99.

There is only one optional cost and that is ordering extra brainstorming credits. When you buy Site Build It, you get 25 credits for brainstorming.

A brainstorm is a process, where you enter a seed word and the Brainstormer will return up to 800 keywords based on that keyword with their demand (how many people are looking for that keyword) and supply (with how many websites you compete) numbers. (See my Site Build It review for better understanding of brainstorming.)

You can do that 25 times but after that you would need to purchase more. They are very cheap actually: 100 new credits cost $20 and 500 credits cost only $50.

In reality, you probably won’t need more than 10 to 20 credits to complete your brainstorm because you can use the free brainstorming tool at to gauge the demand of various seed words and their long tail keywords.

Once you have a better idea which niche has enough demand and good keywords, you can then do a full analysis with SBI Brainstormer which will show you the demand and supply of all those keywords.

So in summary, there are no extra costs with SBI 2.0. offers various services like coaching and link building but you don’t need to buy them – they are purely optional and they are actually new additions to the services.

99% of the SBI-ers have not used those services since they didn’t exist in the past and still built very successful websites.

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  1. Valid question asked , and an understandably great concern for many people starting out. I think SBI is one of the most transparent internet business/marketing packages out there. I can confidently recomend to anyone.


  2. Hi, a very valid question. I’ve been using SBI for a year and my one year renewal just came.

    In that time there have been a few additional expenses, all of them optional.

    $50 – to pay for a domain name reset. I worked with one site for around about 4 months and realised that I didn’t have the passion for the topic to keep pushing it. It was basically too closely aligned to my day job. Money well spent in my opinion as I now have a site that I’m really enjoying writing for and, in those early days, I learnt a huge amount about actually writing webpages and getting things published. If I had gone into things more slowly, rather than jumping in with both feet, I would likely not have needed to do this – says a lot more about my personality than about SBI. I also thought that $50 to reset my account and start over with a new domain name was excellent value.

    $20 – to buy the SiteStructureIt software. This is an external tool that uses the brainstormer data to produce an excellent site structure plan. It revolutionised my planning when I bought it, and within 2 hours my site had far more direction and clear plan of action than it had had after months of sketch plans on paper. Another excellent value and optional tool.

    $49.99 – my final additional and optional cost was buying AJ’s 3 column template. My site was doing fine without it before hand, but I felt I was ready to give my look and feel an overhaul, and push my html knowledge a bit further. I uploaded my first two pages in the new format today and again think this is excellent value for money. For people reading this in the future SBI is in the process of developing its own 3 column templates which will be available at no extra charge to SBI owners. Again, I was impatient to get started on it, rather than wait the 3 to 6 months for it to be available in Blockbuilder.

    Total additional costs $120 – every penny of it excellent value for money and all of it optional.



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