Benefited From Here’s How You Can Return The Favor…

Benefited From Here’s How You Can Return The Favor…

Posted by on Dec 22, 2009 in Blogging advice

A reader of emailed me today that he’d like to thank me for all the free info on this site by giving me a link to any of my sites.

It was suggested before that I should put up a Donations button but I don’t feel it’s the right thing here.

I am happy to share what I know (or think I know 😉 ) and am really happy to see other people succeed online.

That’s why I never really treated this blog like a business model. It’s more like a journal of my Internet adventure and a channel for helping other people on this journey.

And that’s also why this blog never received lots of links and exposure.

So if you have benefited from the free information on this blog (there are over 150 posts right now), you can return the favor by linking to it.

Here’s what would really help this blog:

1. A link to the homepage: with the link text “Home based business ideas” or “Home business ideas”


2. A link to the SBI review: with the link text “Site Build It review” or something similar.

Of course, if any other blog post better fits your content, feel free to link how ever you wish.

If you decide to return the favor and link to, email me at tomaz (at) and I’ll share with you one awesome product niche where products are barely starting to appear on the market but it will be just huge in the next two years.

I won’t pursue this niche and there are basically just 3 blogs writing something about this stuff but of course they know nothing about keyword research and correct internal linking so you’ll easily leave them behind. 😉

There will be other people of course who will figure out this niche soon so the sooner you start the better.

There are very few products on the market at the moment so there won’t be much content to put on your site, but there will be literally hundreds of different models in the near future and that’s when you’ll be able to build specific product pages which also convert really well.

Thanks for reading the blog and sharing your comments and I wish you BIG NUMBERS in 2010! 😉

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  1. Always enjoy your posts on this blog and at SBI forums


  2. Hi Tomaz,

    Thank you for all the great information. I’ve learned a lot from your posts and really appreciate your generosity. Talk to you soon.
    All the Best in 2010.


  3. Hi Tomaz, sounds like a plan! I’ve linked to your homepage and emailed you.

    Bursting with curiosity now . . .



  4. So pleased to be able to thank you Tomaz 🙂


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