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Posted by on Jan 14, 2008 in Blogging advice

I just learned of an fun contest between Tyler Cruz and Gyutae Park who are going head to head on who is the better blogger.

Actually the contest is about getting more RSS subscribers, more traffic and so on.

So it’s up to us to vote for one of them.

Well, I vote for Gyutae Park for two reasons:

1. The posts on WinningTheWeb are more useful to my interests. And I also liked the cutely disguised Adsense ad in the header.

You guys are so creative when it comes to making money with Adsense, I give you that. 😉

2. Gyutae Park actually emailed me (although I know the main part of the email was copy / paste 😉 ) and I asked for my support.

So there you have it. You got my vote.

Oh, and since Gyutae leads Tyler by 38 to 20 votes and he looks to be likely winner, this also means that I’ll be in the draw for $100 which 3 people will receive from the loser of this contest.

Although I prefer a good solid laser focused anchor text link over $100 any time….

Anyway, I’m glad to be a part of this contest and have fun blogging here and there. It’s not only about the money although we all need it to live a good life on this money based world.

And talking about fun; I’m leaving for Miami on Wednesday, the 16th to join the first SBI cruise.

So it’s very unlikely that you’ll see many money making tips on this blog in the next 2 weeks. Instead you’ll see some cool photos of Miami, Jamaica, Haiti and other warm places down south.

I’m also looking forward to meeting other SBI-ers, Ken Evoy and many other people on the cruise ship.

And if you are a blogger who lives in Miami, email me!

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  1. I was born and raised in South Florida. I wish I were going on the SBI cruise, but I will live vicariously through your photos. 🙂 Have a great, tax deductible, vacation.


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