Can You Hide From Google? I Don’t Think So.

Can You Hide From Google? I Don’t Think So.

Posted by on Mar 12, 2011 in SEO

Can You Hide From Google? I Don’t Think So.

Google has always been improving their algorithm and tried to get rid of low quality and spammy websites in the past.

But since the latest Panda / Farmer algorithm change things may have changed as even sites like lost tons of traffic.

This is causing many webmasters to lose trust in Google and worry that Google might penalize more of their sites if they find out about them.

Why would Google penalize more of your sites?

Well, because you’ve probably used the same strategies of building content and links and you may have interlinked the sites and so on.

So there have been all sorts of ideas on how to hide from Google:

  • Use separate Google Analytic and webmaster accounts for each website
  • Don’t use Google Analytics at all, a good alternative is Clicky
  • Host your website with different hosts
  • Hide WHOIS info
  • Don’t interlink your sites

Any of that does not work if you want to hide from Google.

Here’s why – every time you register a domain, that domain is associated with you and that data is stored with the registrars or most likely ICANN.

Here’s an example – let’s say we want to see who owns the domain 😉

You can go to and enter that domain. Interestingly, Matt owns his own domain.

But he owns some more domains!

If you click on that link (3 other domains), you’ll have the option of paying for the data and finding out which domains Matt actually owns!

This information cannot be hidden. If you registered a domain under your name, it will be associated with you.

Whether you want to hide that in Google Webmasters tools or Analytics or want to use WHOIS privacy doesn’t matter – the domain and its owner are stored with the registrars.

Do you think Google has access to this data? Can they look at all your domains if they want to? 😉

I bet they can.

So what should you do to hide your websites?

Nothing. Don’t hide them.

What if you do everything suggested above to hide your connection with multiple domains and a Google engineer looks at all your domains through whois and sees that you’re actively trying to hide your association with them?

Well, you immediately look guilty since you’re trying to hide something.

I don’t think you can hide.

Perhaps if you have a friend in another country ask him to buy a domain in his name and allow you to use it for your own purposes. Just make sure you don’t use Gmail to arrange that. 😉

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  1. I suppose if you wanted to go to such extremes and keep everything separate, you could form a company for each website. Then each website would belong to a limited company and not an individual.


  2. Can Google find you if you are using the same adsense publisher code in multiple sites?

    Can it (google) use that information to determine that all the sites are owned by the adsense account owner?


  3. It’s ridiculous to assume that google would have full access to all of icann’s information. They’re 2 separate companies and if a deal was struck between the 2, if would legally have to be divulged to you when you register.

    icann would no more offer up free information to google than microsoft would. why would they?


    Tomaz Reply:

    No said anything about free information. But every registrant’s info can be bought – a current one and a historic one.

    Whois websites are there to make tons of money with this info – and I am sure at least one of them made a deal with Google to give them a nice discount for the whole database. 😉


  4. Great point, and I completely agree. People who go through too much trouble to hide their identity seem fishy. Both to us and to Google. Makes sense!


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