Carletta From

Carletta From

Posted by on Jul 20, 2010 in Success With Site Build It

Carletta From

Carletta from is receiving up to 1000 daily visitors to her site and has generated over 1000 C2 pages with user submissions. How did she do it?

homeschooling website

1. Why did you decide for Site Build It?

I have a good friend who makes a full-time living from her online business, and when I told her I wanted to start a website she suggested I use SBI.  I knew absolutely nothing about the business or technical end of building a website, and I needed a program that would walk me through the process from start to finish.

At the price of $299, my husband thought my website would be an expensive hobby.  However, within a week of purchasing SBI, I chose a topic, registered my domain name and built my first few pages.

Several months later, I began earning a small monthly check from Google Adsense and recouped my initial investment.  I now earn far more than the annual price of an SBI subscription in monthly Adsense revenue alone!

2. Did you know what you wanted to write about or did you have to find a niche?

I teach my children at home and I knew I wanted to write about homeschooling, so I was relieved to find that the topic fit the criteria SBI recommends.

My topic was barely met the criteria for what SBI recommends in terms of supply/competitiveness so I have had to work hard to make sure I have a high-quality site that stands out from the competition.

However, the good thing about my niche is that demand is also high, and there are many individuals looking for the information I provide.  There are also many different ways to earn income in my niche.

3. How did you progress?

I built my site very rapidly, and after 2 years with SBI, I have over 300 content pages.  Because I am in a competitive niche, it has taken me much longer than I expected to reach my traffic goals.

I have taken several breaks from active work on my site – 3 months last summer while I was pregnant and 6 months this year after my 4th child was born.  Despite these breaks, my website continued to grow and even doubled in traffic and income.

This year, on a typical day, I have between 800 and 1,000 daily visitors.

4. Can you share a few tips of what really worked well for getting more traffic?

After building around 100 content pages, I submitted my site to directories, built Hub and Squidoo lenses, answered questions on Yahoo Answers, promoted my site on forums, and wrote 40 ezine articles.  However, because my niche is so competitive, I’ve found that I have to think outside of the box in order to distinguish myself from other websites and draw traffic to my website.

I host an annual contest that has generated over 1000 C2 pages for my website.  In addition to building keyword rich pages that draw search engine traffic, the contest also exposes my site to new visitors and potential advertisers.

Another project that has generated traffic and backlinks for my site is my free e-book about choosing a homeschool curriculum.

A large portion of this e-book consists of interviews with prominent homeschooling experts who linked to the e-book; thus creating high-quality links to my website.  I also e-mailed the book to several webmasters who made the book available to their visitors and newsletter subscribers.

My next phase of promotion will focus on social networking.  I have a blog with a page rank of 3 and a Facebook fan page with over 1,000 fans.  I recently began creating videos and my YouTube channel has over 60 subscribers.

5. Your plans for the future? (or anything else you’d like to share!)

Within the next year and a half, I’d like to convert my site to a three column, CSS format and explore monetization options beyond Google Adsense.  I plan to add additional affiliates, sell advertising space and create an e-product.  Once this website is mostly on autopilot, I plan to start a second site – also with SBI!

My advice to anyone pursuing financial freedom through online marketing is:
Use SBI.
Think long-term.
Be creative.
Don’t be afraid to experiment.
Have fun!

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  1. Carletta – I am really pleased for you on the success of your site. Long may it continue. I think you started SBI about 8 months before me, and it has been inspirational watching your site go from strength to strength.
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    best wishes, Julie.


  2. @Carletta

    Just wondering how you got Adsense to appear on your C2 pages. I tried to add it to the bottom of the submission, but it won’t allow scripts.


  3. Thanks, Julie! I remember when you started. I can tell you’ve been working really hard, and your website is coming along very nicely as well!


  4. Hey Carletta,
    How’s your site doing financially? How much Adsense do you earn per month?


  5. Mark, there is an article in Site Central under the Monetization HQ called “Adding Adsense to Your C2 Pages.” I followed the instructions on that page for using an iFrame.


  6. Congratulations, Carletta! I wish you all the best for your site and any other future projects you undertake.


  7. Dave, I earn around $500 in Adsense on an average month, and during peak buying season, I usually earn up to 2 or 3 times normal.


  8. Hi Carletta, great that you have done so well…and I’m loving the warm colours of your site too. Feels inspiring…keep up the creativity and contribution. I hope to get to that level too with my postcard site. Thanks 🙂 Martin


  9. I’m an online friend of Carletta’s. It’s fascinating to read how she built her site. I am happy for her success!



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