Book Cheap Flights and Hotels With Paypal

Book Cheap Flights and Hotels With Paypal

Posted by on Feb 12, 2012 in Travelling Free

Below you will find a comprehensive list of airlines and hotels that accept Paypal.

If you want to book hotels and / or book flights with Paypal just select one of the airlines or travel sites from the regularly updated list below.

Major Travel Sites – Worldwide Travel

There are just a few major travel sites where you can make an online booking for a flight AND hotel and pay with Paypal.

1. – At the moment you can only book flights and pay with Paypal. Hotels, car rental and vacation have to be paid with credit card – but that can change in the future – so worth checking if the paypal payment option is available.

2. – You can get great deals on but the Paypal payment option is not always possible. Definitely worth a try.

3. – They claim that you can book accommodation via Paypal – as well as pay for air tickets and the rest of what they offer, but in my research the Paypal payment option did not always pop up. is definitely another major site worth a try as they are one of the leading websites where you can book flights, hotels and great deals on various packages (hotel + flight + car).

4. – A major flight search website where you can pay airline tickets with Paypal. You can also book hotels but the link will take you to and those offers (hotels) are not payable by Paypal.

Airlines And Other Websites Where You Can Pay For Flights With Paypal

North America

There are quite a number of airlines and travel sites in the United States where you can book airline tickets with Paypal – and the number is growing.

1. American Airlines
2. AirTran – Typically very cheap airline tickets payable by Paypal
3. Continental
4. Delta
5. JetBlue
6. Southwest
7. United
8. US Airways


You can start your research with again which scans through many airlines and hotels in Europe too, but if they send you off the site to or then you won’t be able to book any hotels that take Paypal on those sites.

You next choice should then be to check individual airlines and see if you can get your desired booking.

So if you want to find a low cost airfare and pay for flight with Paypal, check these low cost airlines first:

1. Jet2
2. Monarch – based at London Luton, flies to United States, Caribbean, India and Africa besides its main operations in Europe.
3. Vueling – based in Spain, covers most European major cities.
4. Transavia – based in Amsterdam, Holland, flies mostly to leisure destinations.

Other major European airlines accepting Paypal:

5. Bristish Airways
6. Brussels Airlines


The list of airlines that offer online Paypal payment for air tickets is growing in Asia.

1. Air China – A Star Alliance member – in case you want to earn more miles with Miles&More program.
2. China Airlines
3. Singapore Air – Buying airticket with Paypal is currently available for the bookings made out of Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
4. Batavia Air – Based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They fly to Malaysia, Singapore and China and of course offer domestic flights within Indonesia.
5. Emirates – For payments in GBP/EUR only


1. Webjet – The website allows you to find cheap flights payable with Paypal but with certain restrictions. Please refer to this page for exact info on which flights are eligible to be paid by Paypal.

2. Flight Centre – They offer flights originating only from Australia and they fly domestic and international. They claim that they offer payment with Paypal but that option is not always available – sometimes you can pay only with a credit card.

Where To Book Hotels With Paypal

The first two websites where you can make hotel reservations using Paypal have already been listed at the beginning of this article but in case you missed them, check first:

1. – Book flights, vacations, hotels or rent a car and pay with Paypal!
3. – A Worldwide hotel search with lots of options. Recommended!
5. – Their selection of hotels that take Paypal is not that big but they offer special deals so you might get lucky.
6. – Another massive website with thousands of offers.

If you have come across any other websites that allow payments with Paypal for cheap air tickets or hotels, please email me at tomaz (at) and I’ll update the post. Thanks!

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  1. Hey there

    Just wanted to let you know that US Airways now accept Paypal as well. I found your site by chance and will take a closer look, your ideas seem very inspiring. Thanks!


    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks, Lea! I’ve updated the list with US Airways too.


  2. Thanks for this list! I was desperately looking for somewhere I could buy air tickets with PayPal and found Jetabroad thanks to you. So now I’ve got my tickets! 🙂


  3. Emirates says you can pay with paypal, but there is no ACTUAL paypal button or anyway to actually pay using paypal.


  4. Air Asia only allows payment via PayPal for flights from Australia. 95% of their flights, you cannot pay via PayPal.


  5. I used paypal to book a hotel for my friend out of town, I used hotwire service, my friend had to be in town a little longer and i tried to rebook his room, But Hotwire didn’t allow it because I the Owner of the paypal account was not staying in the room. I tried to reach Customer Service regarding this they send you to a answering service that doesn’t respond back to your complaint…


  6. i just wanted u to know that also offers paypal for hotels and flights


  7. Just what I was looking for. I was going to various travel sites, checking them one by one to see if they accepted PayPal – and then I thought to Google it. And wala! You have already done the hunting and given me just the information I was looking for. Thank you!


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