Checking Outbound Links Of Your Website – Part II

Checking Outbound Links Of Your Website – Part II

Posted by on May 30, 2011 in Blogging advice

Checking Outbound Links Of Your Website – Part II

I blogged about checking outbound links before where you can the tools and operators to do that.

But I only mentioned this because of how you can check for reciprocal links.

Here are a few more ideas why checking your website’s outbound links here and there can be very useful:

1.    Check for spammy outbound links
You might think that you have full control of the links from your website but that’s not always the case.

Here’s how a spammy link from your website can happen:
–    If you use C2 or any other Web 2.0 system to allow visitors to share content, they might try and hide their link.

I found a link on my site where the webmaster created a link from a »full stop« which was the anchor »text«.

sneaky link with a full stop as anchor

I didn’t see that link on my site when looking at the comments. I found it by running a linkfromdomain command from Bing for my website.

I would have also found it in my comments moderation panel but with lots of comments coming in I didn’t check them all the time. Now I probably will. 😉

–    You might link to a good site but in time that domain may have changed hands, got in the hands of spammers and now you link to a spammy site.

2.    Check company and authority websites whether they link out to other »normal« sites.

For example a massive authority site like has only 8 outgoing links: outbound links

Asking them for a link to your site would be a waste of time…

But if a big company or an authority website DOES link to regular (hobby, personal sites), then getting a link from them is possible and extremely beneficial to your rankings.

These two and a few other cool tips have been explained in more detail on SEOmoz page about linkfromdomain tool used for linkbuilding.

Don’t forget to check the comments there as there are even more tips.

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  1. Cheers Tomaz, some good tips as usual. I would never have thought of seeing if manufacturers accepted links.

    You’ve got to give the guy credit for initiative making a period a link! Wonder how many 100s more he’s got that webmasters haven’t spotted?


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