Chitika Launches Premium Publishers Program

Chitika Launches Premium Publishers Program

Posted by on Oct 3, 2007 in Earn money online

Chitika Launches Premium Publishers Program

Chitika officially launched their Premium Publishers program yesterday which gives special services to “outstanding” publishers.

Some of these services are:

Chitika premium program

1. Real Time Auditing – no more waiting for the end of the month audit

2. Customized backup categories – tailored specifically to the site

3. Live Chat with the Account Rep – get answers in real time

4. The possibility of guest blogging on Chitika blog – Guess what a one-way link from that blog could to do your blog’s authority ranking 😉

5. PremiumAds – Get paid for impressions (CPM) as well as for clicks (PPC) – Can’t wait to see this in action…

Above is a part of the new welcome screen that you see when you log in into the Chitika account.

It shows you whether your Account Rep is available for chat and detailed description of the Publisher levels.

Get Chitika eMiniMalls

You can find out more about this program by clicking on this beautiful badge (yes, it’s real and referral enabled).

I’ll update this post soon with my impressions of the PremiumAds and other cool features of the Premium Publishers program.

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  1. I used chitika before but didn;t really like it. Now that I have seen the update, I may go back to them. Thanks for the post.



  1. My Journey To Freedom And Over $9000 Per Month | Financial Freedom Ideas - [...] was accepted in the Chitika premium publisher program, which allowed me to add Chitika Linx links to my vacuum…

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