Chitika Now Available For All Types Of Content Sites

Chitika Now Available For All Types Of Content Sites

Posted by on May 25, 2008 in Recommended

As you probably know, Chitika ads were until recently only product based. That’s why Chitika also approved publishers into their network only if their sites featured products. (They especially liked product review sites.)

But now they have introduced Chitika Premium, which includes non-product ads. There are two tricky things with this ad though:

1. It shows only to the US traffic.

2. It is behaviorally targeted – so it shows only to certain US traffic.
Chitika doesn’t explain what that means but my guess is that the ad will show only to visitors who came to the site through the search engine query.

What if the traffic comes from somewhere else?

You have two options:

–    the ad will collapse and there will be just a little bit of white space
–    you could include Google Adsense as the alternative ad

I’ve tested the Chitika Premium on my conferencing site and the average CPC is a nice 0,27 per click.

Will Chitika now approve more non-product based sites?

YES. Here’s what Ryan Travis said when I asked him this question:

Now that our ads work great on all types of sites, we will be approving many more sites.  We did not approve certain sites before, because we did not want to waste our publishers time if we knew that our ads would not perform well.  Now we know that we can perform well anywhere, so we will be approving much more.

And if you’re not that familiar with Chitika yet, then check my previous article Top 10 Reasons Why Chitika Rocks.

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  1. Hi Tomaz,

    Well, I have to say that ever since Chitika went this route, ALL of the e-minimall ads that I had set up are acting as Premium and are no longer showing the correct ads. As a result, our CPC dropped from .17 per click to .12 AND, our click thru rate dropped to a lousy 1.2%. The Premium Ads have been a disaster for us. In fact, our income has dropped by 50% since this happened. Any idea WHY? We’ve written Chitika ten times and have yet to receive a response. So, I have to admit, I’m a very unhappy publisher at the moment.


  2. Oops to add to this, they’ve added what they call “Paid Graphic Ads” in the place of our e-minimalls. There probably would be less of an issue if they put in ads that were keyword specific to the product being highlighted. Instead they are general ads that advertise to the companies that make these products. So in the end there is little to no reason for anyone to click on the ads, hence a CTR that has dropped from 3.5 to 5.25 percent to a meager 1.2-2%. The worst part is that our page impressions have recently doubled and even tripled and the monies coming in aren’t going up — at all! Instead they are decreasing.

    Also while I’ve got you here, have you noticed a better pay out from Chitika if you have less ads per page? We recently added the related products links to our pages and have found that we are getting paid a lower PPC. Any ideas?


  3. Hey Phil,

    Thanks for sharing. Yes, I’ve seen a decrease in CTR too but I cannot really see the ads on my site since I am in Slovenia and different ads are shown in USA.

    I’ve been in email contact with Ryan Travis and he said he’ll explain what’s going on with the ads, CTR and CPC.

    And, no, I haven’t noticed that CPC drops if you have more ads.

    I’ll update this when I get the chance to talk with Ryan…


  4. I have noticed the same as phil mentioned.
    I have a much lower cpc (30%) and the ctr has dropped more than 50% over the last two weeks.

    The so called “Paid Graphic Ads” are performing really bad on my website. I haven’t got any clicks so far.

    My traffic is increasing but my income from chitika is decreasing. So that isn’t a natural movement! 😉

    I hope this changes in the future!


  5. One of the biggest problems for me is that my pictures are individualized to specific items and now they are generalized ads.

    Also I found by googling “Paid Graphic Ads” that you can go onto your Chitika account and click on the account tab and at the bottom of the page there is a button to opt out of these ads. I did it yesterday and we’re still getting these ads. Let me know if you do it how long it takes for yours to change if it changes at all.


  6. Thanks for the heads-up. I never used them before since they were more for product based sites. I applied and will try the new program (thru your link of course :)).


  7. Thanks Dianne!

    And please come back later to report how Chitika worked for you!


  8. Hey everyone – Ryan from Chitika here.

    One thing that is being confused here:
    Chitika|Premium Ads are NOT the same as Paid Graphic Ads.

    Chitika|Premium ads are PPC ads that will ONLY display to the part of your traffic that we can use our new behavioral targeting engine on (we call this your “Premium” traffic). Our publishers who are using this unit are seeing fantastic results with this so far.

    Paid Graphic Ads are CPM ads – these pay on impressions, not on clicks. This is a TOTALLY separate program from our Chitika|Premium ads.

    Phil & Mark – I am interested to see how you are using Chitika right now. I am happy to give you some tips on how to make the most of the new Premium units. Feel free to send me an email at ryan[at]chitika[dot]com and I can look at your sites.


  9. One other thing –

    We have seen best results with Chitika|Premium ads when they are placed directly above or below your article titles (so that they are close to your content, above the fold).


  10. Thanks for clearing that up, Ryan!

    Ryan also explained to me today that the CPC is up to the advertisers who can determine on which sites they will pay a lot for the click and on which they won’t.

    It’s all about conversion into sales. If you have a good conversion (clicks converting into sales), you will have a high CPC.

    Good conversion is under your control – presell the customer with quality reviews!

    The CTR fluctuations MAY depend on which provider Chitika assigns you (some of them are,, …). Some providers don’t show the exact products you want to promote and some better ones do.

    Again, Chitika assigns you a provider depending on the quality of your site.

    So the end result – good CTR and good CPC – is actually in your hands. So let’s get back to work now and make y(our) sites even better! 😉


  11. Thanks for this information Tomaz, now I can try Chitika on my content site.

    After hearing you talk so positively about Chitika I definitely wanted to try but mine is not a product oriented site so could not. But now I definitely will.


  12. Hi Tomaz,

    All of a sudden Chitika has put non-relevant ads
    on my site. Why are they doing this.



  13. Yes, Chitika is having some problems lately. Let’s give them a week or two to solve these problems before we all start sending them annoying emails. 😉


  14. Just as an fyi, I have spoken with the people over at Chitika and due to all of these changes they basically told me that they can no longer support their eMiniMalls which was the majority of my site’s conversion. In the end the advice I was given was to replace all of my ads with another ad service and leave up only the Premium ads at the top of the page.

    I think I would have done this regardless of their suggesting it due to the fact that my revenue with them has gone down substantially! Not only do their ads only send my customers mostly to Ebay and Amazon, the cost per click is one third of what it used to be. I make around 1/4 the revenue from them that I did before all of these things started to change.

    Tomaz, I’m glad to hear you are still having luck with them but personally, until they get the kinks out, I will be pulling away from Chitika.

    Anyone have any better services I should check out?


  15. Thanks for the update, eMinimalls
    was doing good on the few test pages
    I tried. I was going to expand it.

    In the meantime I’ll go back to adsense only.



  16. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for sharing. Yes, my average pay per click has HALFED too now. I’m giving them some time to see if anything happens in the near future.

    One similar service is WidgetBucks but I haven’t used them yet. You may want to find some reviews…



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