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Christy from

Christy from was one of the first SBI-ers to comment on my blog when I started and I wish to thank Christy for adding some valuable thoughts with her comments and sharing her SBI success story…

Thank you site

1. Why did you decide for Site Build It?

I chose SBI, because there was so much free information on the Sitesell website. I never had seriously considered having an online business, but I have always longed to be my own boss.

Then, I searched the net to look for negative reviews of SBI, and I just kept coming across success story after success story. I read every single bit of free information that Ken made available, and I figured with the money back guarantee, I had nothing to lose.

2. Did you know what you wanted to write about or did you have to find a niche? How did you decide?

I had no idea what I wanted to write about. I really surrendered completely to the Action Guide. I brainstormed many different topics, and it came to finding something that I could feel comfortable writing many pages about without feeling overwhelmed. I actually started dreaming of topics and niches, but I kept brainstorming to make sure that the numbers fit.

I found a niche that looked “good” number wise and asked myself the question, “Even if I didn’t make a nickel, would I feel good that I spent time doing this?” The answer was, “Yes,” so I took the plunge – with my Thank You notes website.

3. How did you progress?

My progress has been pretty rapid, because I have been working on my sites full time since the start but many of my friends have progressed quickly just working on their sites part-time. One of the things I like about working online is that I can work at my own pace. I’m a night owl so I can use my most productive hours for my business!

Some of my favorite milestones:

My first 100 unique visitor day! This happened after two months with 40 pages of content and beginning link building via article and directory submissions.

My first over $1,000 month, which coincided with my one year SBI anniversary. (This was from just one site, even though I had started my second, I had not monetized that site, yet.)

And SURPASSING my former full-time monthly, salary earnings via my combined income from four SBI sites, which happened roughly around the 20 month mark.

4. Can you share a few tips of what really worked well for getting more traffic?

What worked best for me to get traffic quickly and set myself up to make sure that I would have more traffic later was to build a few pages around easy-to-win keyword phrases (those with a supply of less that 200 or ideally 100) and then write a few page on a still profitable, but very high demand keyword. This way I was capitalizing on holes in the market and getting quick traffic (before they close), but still setting myself up for the future with harder-to-win, but profitable keywords.

5. Your plans for the future? (or anything else you’d like to share!)

My plans for the future is to expand my four SBI sites and create my own products. Thus far, all of my profits have stemmed from advertising and affiliate program revenue. I have been a stand-up comedian for over 12 years and my inspirational humor site actually gets more traffic that comedians who have been on Comedy Central and The Tonight Show. SBI has allowed me to live a life filled with all of my artistic pursuits and tons of free time for family and friends.

If there are any writers, artists, musicians out there reading this: BUILD AN SBI WEBSITE! Don’t start with one related to your art or do what I did (get a buy one get one SBI special). Just learn how the internet works and make some money. It is amazing how much better your art gets when you no longer have the worries of having to pay your bills or compromising on what you want to create for money. Then, apply what you have learned to your work, too.

This Summer I will be able to travel to Australia and the Philippines to perform comedy. I don’t have to worry about money or getting time off from work, because my business travels with me! It is the IDEAL day job for any musician, comedian, travel writer, road reporter, traveling vagabond, because you can take it with you and maintaining a successful site is so easy.

The key is to keep working at it and make sure to take advice from the right people (like Tomaz!).

So many times in my life, I said to myself, “I’ll do that later or tomorrow.” And for some reason after days and days of just reading about SiteBuildIt, I just took the plunge. Even thought I hadn’t followed through on other things. Even though I wasn’t sure I could even afford the $300. Even if my friends would say, “Oh brother! That stuff doesn’t work.” A part of me just wanted to give it a try.

I decided for once in my life, even if I fail that  “Today is the day,” and like Nike says, “just do it.” And one moment of action just two years and two short months ago, set in motion a whole new life–the life of my dreams! It’s so corny, but it’s true. I’m traveling the world and taking care of all my responsibilities and sharing my gifts. And it really is all because of SBI.

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  1. Love these interviews.

    Very inspirational Christy 🙂 Thanks!


  2. Wow, it’s great to hear positive things rather than reading news about the gloomy economic reports.

    Keep it up!


  3. Very nice interview 🙂 Thanks Tomaz and Christy for inspirational words. I am too SBI-er and get 4000 visitors per day to my site, the income is good and increase every month.



  4. I love these interviews as well. They are very inspiring to me. Especially when I notice the things I just found out people used from the beginning and now have fast success. Just goes to show you that you have to read the action guide with a fine tooth comb and absorb it all. It’s all their, but not everybody grabs it all the first run through.

    I am glad to know the things I have written down to enhance myself are things people have used to gain success. This helps me to know that I can achieve this as well.


  5. I work on my SBI photography site part-time. So far it is seven months old and is about to hit the milestone of 100 visitors a day.

    I am so excited, I can’t wait. Google also moved me up to a Pr3 the other day as well.

    These stories of 1000’s of visitors/day and great earnings really inspire me to keep pumping out the pages.




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