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I want to make the comment policy of this blog public so that there are no misunderstandings or hard feelings if a comment you posted is deleted or not approved at all.

Here’s why your comments go the the Trash or Spam:

1. You are a spammer. You know exactly who you are so no need to explain much more.

2. You try to comment with a keyword instead of your name. I have approved only a handful of comments like this because a comment was adding some good value to the other visitors to the blog.

I will not approve these comments any more. I don’t follow on this blog and you can follow the link to see my reasons.

Which means that you won’t get any benefits in terms of link juice when you comment on this blog. So it’s really a waste of your time to try and game me.

You cannot even game me with names like “John from keyword keyword site” or something like that. Don’t insult my intelligence.

It takes me much less time to delete your pathetic attempt of getting some SEO benefits from this puny blog than it takes you to write a useless comment.

Also, for god’s sake don’t waste time getting links on a no-follow blog and hope for some miracle and that Yahoo will rank you a place higher because you used a keyword in a link.

This is such a waste of time. Go get some quality links with article submissions or link exchanges from within the content and you’ll see some real results.

But please please please stop wasting your own time trying to improve your rankings from a single post buried deep inside this insignificant no-follow blog.

3. Your try to get personal and tell me what I should do or that someone else is “wrong”. First, I hate “shoulds”.

If I “should” do something, then I am not free. And freedom is the most important to me – hence the name of the blog.

Also, know that neither you nor anyone else really knows what’s going on in terms of SEO and most other things related to internet marketing.

We make the best guess based on our very limited experience. I have about 5 sites that get very good traffic. I base my opinions on my experience with these 5 sites and a few smaller ones.

That’s all the “proof” I have. It seems to work again and again and I share what I know with quite high probability of another success.

But it’s not really knowing – since I don’t know Google’s algorithm. So it’s my best guess and so is yours.

So if you want to debate what is wrong or not wrong we’re just wasting time. 😉 And since we have limited time on this planet, I will just delete the comment and do something more productive.

4. When I click over to your site to see how it looks like, I see an Adsense block in my face or your link points to a squeeze page.

I will delete such comments to since you’re not really commenting here to add something useful to this blog but you have an agenda – earning more money from the visitors of this blog.

I value the readers of this blog a lot, especially those who comment often and share their thoughts. I will NOT send them to a trap so that someone makes another buck.

These warnings should make it clear why some of your comments may have not appeared or will not appear on this blog.

I of course appreciate all the comments that add extra ideas, tips and tricks to anything I write. Feel free to ask questions, answer to someone else’s question and share your thoughts on anything related to the post where you comment.

Special thanks to everyone who has commented on this blog so far and added more content and smart ideas to it!

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