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Copaclick Review is a new player in the field of pay-per-click advertising networks and I’ve been testing Copaclick on a few of my sites.

While I haven’t been using them for that long, I’ve decided to share my Copaclick review here because the company is constantly improving their system.

The one thing that Copaclick are proud of is their quick adaptation to the publisher feedback.

Therefore, I’ll cover here what they offer at the moment (September 2009), but I suggest that if you read this Copaclick review later, head over to their site to see what’s new.

Choosing Your Ad’s Appearance

You can select typical sizes for your ads like 300×250, 160×600, 468×180 and others. There are currentlyย  7 color themes to choose from but I am sure that you’ll be able to choose many more soon.

Selecting Copaclick Adsize

One interesting feature that comes with Copaclick ads is the Highlight section which enables you to highlight the title of the ad.

This may be especially useful for the ads in the side column (160×600) where the highlight may help draw visitor’s attention to the ad. I am still testing this and I’ll let you know soon how it goes.

Choosing Ad’s Content

Copaclick ads are based on products so you can choose your preferred keyword for the ad (if I’m using the ad on a page about Hoover vacuums, I can select Hoover vacuum cleaner) but there’s also the Fallback Category (where I’d choose Vacuums) in case there’s no directly targeted ad for my page.

Choosing among Copaclick products

There are tons of Fallback categories, from used cars to hard drives and home appliances. If you have a product related website, I am sure you’ll find your category in there…

Optional Search Targetted Setting

Copaclick allows you to select search targetting which will use the referring search engine’s keywords (if there are any) instead of the keywords you set in the previous step.

Once you complete that step, you’ll be given a javascript code which you can then add to your pages.

Similar Products (Beta)

There’s also the Similar Products ad which shows more products all related to the keyword or the Fallback Category you selected.

Copaclick Similar Products Ad

Results So Far…

The Copaclick payout per click is currently at around the same amount as I get with Chitika on my sites. There are three reasons why I am still using Copaclick though:

  • Not all visitors like the same ads. Some visitors prefer Adsense while others ads with images like Chitika and Copaclick. That’s why I use different types of ads on my pages to reach a wider audience.
  • In some places, I use Copaclick as an alternate ad to Chitika. I use Chitika Premium which displays to search engine traffic and Copaclick which displays to the rest of the traffic. This adds additional revenue (I am at around 4-5 extra dollars per day) which I wouldn’t get with Chitika which wouldn’t show to non-search engine traffic.
  • I’m waiting (testing) to see which ad network performs best in the long term and I’ll use it in the most prominent places.

One thing I really like about Copaclick ads is their clean look. They don’t like like annoying ads and blend very nicely and non-aggressively into a page.

Copaclick Ads blending

If you have a product based website or even pages where products are mentioned, try the pay-per-click Copaclick network. (aff link)

They currently pay to Paypal if you accumulate more than $25 in one month which is also very convenient.

If you’ve tried Copaclick and wish to share your results or if you have any more questions, just use the comment section below!

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  1. What do you think of Shopzilla or Shopping ads?


  2. I cannot use Shopzilla (I am not from USA – at least that was their requirement the last time I checked).

    ShoppingAds are the alternative to ebay affiliate program – which I also cannot use. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If your site promotes some used stuff, then ShoppingAds might work, otherwise Chitika or Copaclick are a better choice…


  3. Hello Tomaz.

    I’d like to sign up for Copaclick, but I have two questions.

    1- Do I need to submit, individually, all of my websites? Or the human review is just for the first website?

    2- Is it available, anywhere outside of the password-protected area, a list of the ad contents? I’d like to see whether they contain my niches or not.

    Other than that, thanks a bunch for introducing me to this new network. If I do sign up for it, I’ll make sure to use your affiliate link. The same goes for SBI, as soon as I manage to set the money aside to buy a membership. ๐Ÿ™‚



    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Diogo,

    You need to submit just one site and wait for the approval. You can then use the code on any site.

    I didn’t see the ad contents outside the password area, but they’ve got most of the products covered. It’s like checking whether Amazon sells your products. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. My application to Copaclick is approved in 1 day. It’s pretty fast.


  5. Hello Tomaz

    Thanks once again for another good post.Have you got any feedback on Widgetbucks and how it compares to other pay per click networks? I use it on my coffee website and have a positive experience so far. Have you used them?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Yogi,

    I didn’t use Widgetbucks much. Perhaps you could share a short review?


  6. Haha! Thanks Tomaz for the answer and the humor. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. hello Joe….you can find Widgetbucks on the right column of my pages

    Tomaz…I will drop you a mail about doing a review for widgetbucks


  8. For those considering or, we’ve had much better results with Shopzilla. Shopping is very finicky as it can decrease it’s cpc very easily and decrease the monies coming into your account even the day after you’ve made them. It’s rather annoying.


  9. Tomaz,

    What’s up with copaclick? I got a message that all accounts were suspended and they were relaunching in 20 days.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Not sure. Let’s see what they come up with…


  10. hey copaclick disappeared …anyone get paid ???


  11. I got paid ($28.74) before they went offline. I emailed them a few days ago and was told that they will be back online within 30 days. I’m still waiting………….


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