CuteRank Review

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CuteRank Review

Disclosure: I received CuteRank free of charge to test it and possibly provide a review for my readers if I happen to like it. I do 😉 – so here’s the review… (I don’t receive any compensation if you buy it.)

CuteRank is a software tool that allows you to track rankings for specific keywords across different search engines.

The tool is installed on your PC (Windows) and then you need to set up a new profile where you enter your site’s URL and select the keywords for which you want to check your rankings.

cuterank setup

You can also select tons of search engines like, and many others but the default option is to select,,, and

Once you store the profile, CuteRank will start the updating process and check your current site’s rankings for your chosen keywords.

You can then see the rankings in the report screen:

cuterank results

At first you’ll of course see only a red dot on the graph but when you check your rankings daily, you’ll start to see how your rankings have changed over time.

Note to all SBI-ers: Site Build It also provides rankings report (in the Search Engine HQ) for ALL of your keywords (which is better than CuteRank – where you have to manually enter them and you’ll probably check just a few) but it doesn’t provide you with historical graph. (which CuteRank does)

This tool helps you understand the outcome of your work – how you optimize the content and what happens when you get internal links to certain pages and what happens when you get quality external links to certain pages. (and what happens if you don’t do anything. 😉 )

In time, you will get a better understanding how search engines rank your content and what it takes to get higher in the search engine rankings results.

One more thing though; no matter what you do, you’ll never get 100% consistent results.

I for example uploaded 2 articles in the same day and linked to them from the same T2 page and they didn’t get any external links. They also both passed Analyze It.

One article’s rankings are improving and the other one’s are getting worse. 😉

But still, the majority of your ranking results will show some consistency based on which you can deduct what needs to be done to rank higher.

There are a couple of editions of CuteRank which differ only in the number of supported websites. The free edition supports only one website which should be enough for you to test drive CuteRank and see how it works.

I also spotted that CuteRank offers a 20% holiday discount if you buy the Standard or Pro edition this December.

Thanks again to Kevin from the CuteRank team for letting me test the CuteRank Pro edition for free. It’s a cool tool that helps you see what’s going on with your site’s rankings in the long term.

Update: Here’s the latest press release on the latest version 2.2.0: has released CuteRank 2.2.0, a free rank checker software which allows webmasters to check and track their keyword positions on major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL.

CuteRank.Net – Jan 4, 2010 – CuteRank.Net, an innovative provider of easy-to-use SEO software, recently released an upgraded version of its free keyword position checking software called “CuteRank”. It allows webmasters to check multiple keyword positions on multiple search engines, saving their time, and boosting their efficiency.

“Being a webmaster myself, I always know how important keyword ranking means to us,” said Kevin Zhou, marketing director of “and I also know how inconvenient and time-consuming it is to check keyword positions in a browser, needless to say checking keyword positions on multiple search engines. So the idea hit me and our team started building this software. Then I figured out that we can provide this software for all webmasters, free of charge.”

Key features of CuteRank include:

  • Check keyword positions on multiple search engines, and in different languages.
  • Record keyword position history so you can track your keyword ranking performance in a long time, in vivid graph;
  • Scheduled updating, fully automatic process, update your keyword positions on your scheduled time;
  • Export keyword ranking data in multiple format including csv, HTML, and pdf;

CuteRank is free for download on There are 3 different editions of CuteRank, the Free Edition, complete free but limited to one site; the Standard Edition for serious internet marketers who have no more than 5 sites; and the Professional Edition with no site limit, ideal for SEO companies or consultants.

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  1. Hi Tomaz,

    Thanks for the great review! I’ll keep you posted with the latest CuteRank updates. I also wish your readers will benefit from our free software.

    Cheers and happy holidays!


  2. Tomaz,

    When I run the CuteRank program I get a warning page from Google that says: your computer may be sending automated queries.

    Will this cause a problem with Google search engine?

    I saw this in the Google webmaster guidelines:

    “Don’t use unauthorized computer programs to submit pages, check rankings, etc. Such programs consume computing resources and violate our Terms of Service. Google does not recommend the use of products such as WebPosition Gold™ that send automatic or programmatic queries to Google.”

    What do you think? Have you had the same experience?


  3. Hi Dave,

    I haven’t had that warning yet although I have seen “update failed” under Google. Try checking Cuterank forums and support and see what they say…


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