DaNae from Smoothie-Handbook.com

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DaNae from Smoothie-Handbook.com

DaNae has reached around 800 visitors per day in less than 1 year with SBI and that shows you how much can be done if you put in the effort. How did DaNae do it?

smoothie website

1. Why did you decide for Site Build It?

The story of my decision to use Site Build It (SBI) actually started 6 months before purchasing SBI. Like many people… my husband and I wanted to build an online business that provided an additional income.

Our search brought us to weekly business coaching that cost well over $6,000 for 4 months. We were taught how to build a website. Every week our coach showed us how to improve our website. We set up products, submitted our site to hundreds of directories, and wrote a few articles.

A year and a half later, I am lucky to have 10 unique visitors a day. I have only sold a few products since then from that site. Most of the customers were family and friends.

The biggest mistake our business coach missed was that he wanted us focused on pushing products and not on building relationships with my visitors.

Our coach also had us place products on Ebay. We did make some money. Unfortunately, we were paying a big part of our profits to Ebay for all of the traffic. I knew that we had to find something different.

This is when I found SBI. After paying thousands of dollars for coaching, I instantly knew that the Action Guide was a treasure chest of knowledge. I studied it and did my best to follow every step it suggested.

Analyze It! is also another extremely important feature of SBI. I knew that keywords and text links within the content were important. But I always forgot to add them while writing an article. Having my content analyzed before publishing it to my website was exactly what I needed.

2. Did you know what you wanted to write about or did you have to find a niche? How did you decide?

Yes… I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. My passion is for everyone to live vibrant and healthy lives. I teach health classes in my rural Minnesota area. Each class would hold between 8-20 people.

I love teaching… But I wanted to teach more people about health while staying home with my then infant and toddler sons.

I knew I wanted my niche to be about health, but that niche was too large to tackle. I needed a way to show people how to be healthier in a narrow niche.

I was a manager of a smoothie bar and personally had incredible health benefits from smoothies (weight loss, skin and hair improvement, increased energy).

I blend up a couple different healthy smoothie recipes a day, so I wanted to share those with others. I brainstormed on many different topics in health, but I decided to go with something my family loves, smoothies.

3. How did you progress?

There was quite a difference between my first website, made with my business coach, and my SBI site.

Smoothie-Handbook.com was started in April ’09. By the end of the month, I had more than 130 total unique visitors for the month. That is more people than I teach in my monthly health classes!

In May ’09 I had my first day with over 100 visitors. As I kept adding more smoothie recipes… my traffic kept rising. In the beginning of January ’10, I had over 500 unique visitors a day.

Now in March ’10, I have reached over 800 unique visitors in one day. My next goal is to reach 1000 visitors a day.

I also went from 1-2 newsletter subscribers a day to 30-60 subscribers a day.

4. Can you share a few tips of what really worked well for getting more traffic?

One of the most important tips for a successful website is to build a content rich site built around a topic you love. If I had chosen a niche that I had no interest in and had to do a lot of research before writing, I would not have the traffic that I have now. If the topic didn’t interest me, I would have given up a long time ago.

Two other tips that are essential for a successful website:

#1 Keywords
Make sure to choose keywords that are high in demand and low in supply for your informative content pages.

#2 Links
Build internal and external text links to those content pages. Weave a web of internal text links all over your site, using your keywords in the links.

5. Your plans for the future? (or anything else you’d like to share!)

While continuing to build more content and links… monetizing my site is next on the list.

I would like to post videos on how to make fruit smoothie recipes. Even perhaps make a video series to sell. Write an ebook. Sell more smoothie supplements.

It is really exciting… I actually have a way to create an income for myself, a stay at home mom, and have an avenue to guide people to vibrant health.

Can you have success with SBI?


When you combine the Action Guide’s knowledge with your passion, the sky is the limit.

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  1. Getting 800 unique visitors a day is impressive and many other website owners long for such traffic. It’s also wonderful to build a website around a topic that you are passionate about. However traffic is only part of the equation.

    Conversion and sales is where the real action is at. I would be interested to hear how much profit this site is making because as I say whilst the traffic is impressive, to be able to escape from the 9-5, you will need significant revenue as well as traffic. And the two aren’t always directly correlated.


  2. Richard, You are so right that money and traffic doesn’t come hand in hand. But money does come much easier after you get to this point.

    Since December ’09, I bought and have been remodeling a house while building this site. So monetizing was partially put on hold. Even then, I am making around $500 a month with a variety of different avenues of income.


  3. Well done DaNae!

    You put me to shame .. we have similar niches and started sites around the same time (We exchanged links!).. while we both have around 140 or so backlinks, I have 60 pages, you have 180.

    My daily visitors are in the 150 – 200 region with an income of about $100 or so compared to your impresive 800 and $500.

    I’ve recently got back into the swing of things after leaving my sites untouched for 5 months due to work commitments and seeing what can be acheived is inspiring. I have the plans, just not the time . . .

    So once again, well done.

    Any thoughts on site number 2?

    Cheers, John


  4. That’s a great result in traffic – well done.

    I noticed that when I went to your homepage – the screen darkened (I checked my power source!) and on came a signup for your newsletter.

    Did you test the effect of this signup on your traffic/bounce after you included it?

    It obviously works for you – but I would love to know:
    a. Any concerns you may have had in using this signup – and how things actually turned out!
    b. What plugin are you using for same.

    Well done again – Mike.


  5. John,

    I was actually just wondering how your site is doing. Your site is doing well for having not worked on it for some time. Plus… You are receiving an extra $100 that you would not normally receive.

    A second site? Oh boy! I don’t think that I could stretch myself that far. With two little boys, I’m blessed to have the time that I do have with writing newsletters and coming up with new smoothie page ideas. 🙂 My goal is to continue to grow my traffic and monetize that traffic.


    I use aweber for my newsletters. I have a lightbox set up on the homepage. I was concerned about annoying people with the lightbox, but I haven’t had anyone complain. My bounce rate is about the same as before using the lightbox. It only displays once for a new visitor.

    My conversion rate on that form is 9%. But I have a page devoted to my newsletter and free ebook at http://www.smoothie-handbook.com/free-smoothie-recipes.html and that receives almost 21% conversion rate.

    For right now I am building my list of subscribers. My goal is to reach 5,000 plus subscribers. I should be reaching that amount soon. Perhaps… then, I will take down my lightbox on the homepage and rely on my other sign up forms.

    I hope this helps!


  6. Awesome, may I know how long you took to reach close to 5000 subscribers?

    With 800 uniques per day, does it mean u you almost 100 new subscribers each day since you mentioned yo u have about 21% conversion rate?


  7. Jerrick,

    Unfortunately, I do not have 5000 subscribers yet, but that’s my goal. I have about 2000. But I will hopefully reach 5000 this summer sometime.

    I have sign up forms only on 3 different pages on my site (homepage as a lightbox, green smoothie page as a form, newsletter/ebook promotion page as a form)

    I do not receive all of my visitors to those pages, so my sign up rate is more like 30-60 a day. 90’s on a good day. 15 on a low day.


  8. Danae, I am so excited to see your site featured here!! Congratulations, and thank you Tomaz for featuring the Smoothie Handbook here!! I’ve long been a fan of Danae’s site and I am so happy to hear it is doing so well. Danae, I am so impressed that your site traffic began to grow so quickly after you started it. Did this come from search engine traffic or did you pursue link exchanges early on in the process?


  9. Mashubi,

    I appreciate your encouragement!

    My traffic is comprised of 83% search engines, 9% referring traffic, and 8% direct traffic. I have focused on both link building and building traffic together. But I have mostly focused on building pages with good keywords.

    I did start building links after 30 pages.

    In the fall my traffic was stuck at 100-200. I wanted to provide content that my readers wanted to read. I then realized that in the New Year people are looking to lose weight. So I built many pages on around weight loss smoothies.

    Building content that the readers are looking for is key.

    Then I built more links to my site. Beginning of the year is when I jumped to 500 visitors. The visitor count just keeps rising.


  10. Thank you so much Danae, I am so inspired by your progress!! That’s exciting to know that traffic can build so quickly! Yes, having excellent content is really key. I’m learning a lot about this as one of my sites was purchased and has “so so” content, and it is growing much slower than the site I wrote myself. (I’ve been working on upgrading it.) This may not be everything as they are two very different niches, but the sites are about the same size, with about the same number of pages and backlinks, and very close in age. In fact, the slower site actually is a bit older!

    Based on everything I am learning from you and Tomaz and other other helpful SBI’ers here, I am so far doing everything that is needed with keywords and building links, but I need to do more targeted link exchanges, (thank you Tomaz for sharing how you do this with quality blogs!) which is my plan once I finish my current projects.


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