David from CoolestPlacesToVisit.com

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David from CoolestPlacesToVisit.com

David and I have been exchanging ideas for quite some time over Skype and it’s always very interesting to see different angles of the same topic.

David is very passionate about his internet business and always comes up with new ideas so that I can barely follow all the things the does… 😉

David from Coolestplacestovisit.com

1. Why did you decide for SBI?

I knew the type of reputation Dr. Evoy had so I tried it. Although I have been an internet marketer for years, I still don’t consider myself a techie.

With SBI, you “really” don’t have to be a techie at all. It really is that simple. Have I been happy with my purchase?

I own 3 SBI sites now so I think that speaks for itself. I wouldn’t pay $299 a year if I wasn’t making money.

After doing internet marketing for years and knowing SBI in and out, here are the two reasons I tell my clients to go with SBI. If I were talking to you on the phone, this is what I would tell you:

1) 10 day video action guide – The video action guide literally walks you through what to do over the next 10 days to become successful with SBI. I LOVE it. You just watch the videos and do what it says to do.

Having this video guide is like having someone like Tomaz right there every day teaching you what to do to become successful. They have TONS of success stories so the model is proven.

2) Forum – I refer to the SBI for as a cult. Not in a bad way but when you have problem or can’t figure something out, if you post a question in the forum, within 30 minutes someone is probably going to answer it for you. They love Dr. Evoy in the forum. People are just so giving in the forums because of the value Dr. Evoy has built up with SBI.

My favorite thread of all time is the “$500 a month club” thread. All it is is stories of SBIers who are making $500 a month. I read it every couple of months.

2. Did you know what you wanted to write about or did you have to find a niche? How did you decide?

I am known online as the “most connected man on the internet” so I have made money online doing joint ventures with people for years. Some of my newsletter subscribers thought I had an advantage over everyone else so I thought I would do an experiment.

I would start a website in a niche I know nothing about AND in a niche I had zero connections.

I chose the travel niche because it is huge. There is still a ton of money to be made in it. My site is called Coolest Places to Visit.

3. How did you progress? Let us know the process and what you learned from the SBI Action Guide, what from forums or anywhere else. Include major things you remember like getting 100 visitors or earning $10 per day or something like that.

After using the brainstormer in SBI to find keywords, I found a little niche where people wanted to know about “places to visit“. I then realized people where typing in related keywords like “places to visit in europe” as well. That is how my website came about.

At the time, Tomaz and I were becoming friends and he told me about outsourcing content to NeedAnArticle.com so I decided to try it. They have ghostwriters that will write articles for you for really cheap.

Before I did that though I like to use mindmaps or process maps to map out an entire site before I do anything. I found 184 good keywords and I put them on the mindmap based on the structure the action guide teaches (and Tomaz teaches).

I started with a few articles but soon realized that I was on to something. I ramped the volume up to 10-20 articles per week. I did this until I had articles written for all of my keywords.

The action guide teaches you about internal linking so I did that correctly as well. I got good at building pages and SBI being so simple, I could build an optimized page in 4 minutes. No lie!

My traffic was almost doubling every single month because of the massive action that I was taking. I went from 150 monthly visitors to 200/300 PER DAY in months. I am now getting as of May 2009, 517 unique visitors per day and 626 visitors… for free.

4. Can you share a few tips of what really worked well for getting more traffic? (ideas about writing content, where and how did you get good links, …)

You mentioned “good links” Tomaz. You know my entire story of this site and how “lazy” I have been so feel free to add your own comments to this section. 🙂

I never even got links to my site. Just my internal linking alone and the fact that I had 184 pages of related content help me dominate this niche. I am found for over 2,000 keywords in the search engines with several top five rankngs.

I would say one tip though is good keyword research and that I went for a “niche” inside of the travel niche. I have WAY less competitors.

I also took massive action…for the first 3 months. I haven’t even worked on the site much since then but Google deposits a check into my bank every month since July 2007 and the site still grows in traffic.

5. Your plans for the future? (or anything else you’d like to share!)

I plan to redo the way the site looks and make it look more appealing. I also plan to double the amount of pages that I have this year by outsourcing content. This will easily double my income.

One last thing that I would like to share is this was not a fluke thing. I started a site called www.Fun-Greeting-Card-Business.com where I help people who are wanting information about “starting a greeting card business“.

I have $270 invested in that SBI site. I bought SBI for $200 because I went in half with someone on the 2 for 1 deal and I bought a banner to go at the top of my site. That site has made over $5,500 so far and I don’t even build pages for it really anymore.

In fact, just last Thursday someone called me on the phone because they found my site in the search engines (imagine that). He wants to sign up in my greeting card business so I just made another $220. Those calls are fun!

In closing, if you are thinking about SBI then I suggest you dive in and give it a try. It obviously works. You have tons of proof with Tomaz, Marius and myself.

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  1. interesting seeing these SBI sites – do SBI sites get better bounce rates than others because of nice design? What are good bounce rates in your opinion?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Don,

    Some SBI sites use a very simple template and still do very well. The ones you see here are done with a more advanced template (3 column).

    I’ve never focused much on the bounce rate though. Feel free to share your ideas on this topic…


  2. Where is this thread to be found? It sounds like great motivational reading. Do you have a link?


    “My favorite thread of all time is the “$500 a month club” thread. All it is is stories of SBIers who are making $500 a month. I read it every couple of months.”


    Tomaz Reply:

    I can’t find that one but here’s a similar thread with people making over $1000 per month:



  3. Hi Tomaz, have been following your blog for a while now. Great stuff, many thanks. I particularly enjoy the stories from the individual website ownwers. Would love to read updates on their progress since they told of their sucess on this site.

    Once again, thanks.




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