Design Contest Websites – Best Way To Outsource Design?

Design Contest Websites – Best Way To Outsource Design?

Posted by on Jul 6, 2011 in Recommended

Design Contest Websites – Best Way To Outsource Design?

In my quest to find the best way to outsource design, I’ve recently tried a few design contest websites.

The difference and the key advantage of design contest websites and the usual outsourcing through or is that you get multiple designs to choose from.

When you’re using the freelancer, you choose one of the providers based on their portfolio – but you cannot really know if they will »guess« what you had in mind for your site design.

With a design contest website, you’ll get multiple designs (logo, website, wordpress theme, …) and you can ask every provider to tweak their design until you like it or you can simply ignore and dismiss the ones you don’t like and eventually choose the best one.

It’s obviously a tough job for the providers as they have to work without a guarantee that they will be paid – but that’s life.

I’ve so far used two design contest websites:


48hourslogo website

I decided for a new logo and chose for my test.

The minimum price you can set for a logo is $89 but I set mine to $99.

In about 6 hours the first logo samples started coming in. Some providers will upload a few variations of the logo while others only one.

Since the project ends here in 48 hours it’s crucial that you check your project often to give feedback to your designers and to see if there are any new designs.

I got over 20 logo designs in just over 24 hours and eventually chose one as the best one.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the offers I got and also with the short time to get my logo completed.

2. (affiliate link)

Designcrowd website is one of the top design contest websites where you can request different types of designs – see image below.

Design options at

As you can see website design options range from $340 to $1040. I chose the default one for $740 which I upped to $850 and chose guaranteed payment. offers full money back guarantee if you choose non-guaranteed payment – but they urge you to choose guaranteed payment as only that will attract the best designers.

I haven’t tested non-guaranteed payment but if someone did please share your experiences.

After you select the payment, you need to define your project – the more detailed info you share the better the chance that you’ll get a good design.

You can also select the duration of the project – the default time is 10 days.

Eventually you complete payment and your project is live and open to submissions.

I got designs from 11 designers – but the best two actually submitted their designs in the last 2 days. 😉

These two were very good, about 5 or 6 were ok and a couple were poor.

The cool thing about is that they also offer you a poll option where you can select certain designs, create a poll and then email your friends with the poll link or Tweet and share it on Facebook.

Here’s how nicely the poll looks in my account where I can see ratings and comments of everyone who shared their  vote.

designcrowd poll

Once you choose the winning design you still have 7 days to request any extra modifications to it before the project really ends.

One thing to keep in mind here is that you’ll receive ONLY a design – which means a picture or two (depending how many different pages you wanted designed) in png or psd format.

You’ll still need a coder to create a HTML + CSS for you. The coding cost me around $150 – I emailed one of the freelancers I worked with in the past.

Overall – I am very satisfied with the quality of the design I received from (aff. link) but of course there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your perfect design.

The more examples of websites you include in your description, the better the chance that you’ll get what you want.

If you’re considering other design contest websites, then you might want to check some of the more popular ones like:

Or simply Google “design contest websites”…

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  1. Nice article! Thanks for the resources.


  2. Wow…those are absolutely AMAZING resources. I always look at portfolios before choosing a designer, but when you make the wrong choice it can waste a lot of time and money. This pretty much guarantees a good design…and when people are competing I think they put in a better effort. Will definitely use this service SOON Tony


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