Do You Really Know What Your Visitors Look For?

Do You Really Know What Your Visitors Look For?

Posted by on Sep 1, 2007 in Blogging advice

Do You Really Know What Your Visitors Look For?

Deep inside each one of us is the desire to get what we want, whether that’s money, recognition, financial freedom, or the ability to be our own boss.

But to get what you want, you need to serve other people and help them to get what they want.

In return, they will pay for your goods or services, or offer some other valuable item service.

How do you know what your visitors are looking for?

Ask them. 😉

This may seem like an obvious answer, and it is. But the fact is, most of us don’t do it.

Maybe we are just too preoccupied with ourselves to help other people get what they want and through that to receive our desired income/outcome.

I’ll share the story of my tennis site and how I adapted my focus from what I want to what visitors want.

When I started my site, I wanted to focus on the mental and strategy part of the game, since that’s my specialty and that’s what I wanted to share.

After one year of hard work writing two e-books and 150 pages of good content, I was earning between $500 and $700 a month.

I felt that this was not it.

Then, I decided to ask my visitors what they want.

I conducted a survey to which all those who subscribed to my newsletter (so, only the seriously interested visitors) could participate.

Remember, that my main goal in creating the website was to discuss the mental and strategy aspects of tennis…

Here are the results:

Age and gender of tennis players
Types of visitors

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What are your visitors looking for

As you can see, the number-one thing that people look for are tennis instruction videos—not the mental and strategy aspects of the game.

The results are skewed a little bit, since my site ranks very high for keywords or keyphrases like “tennis psychology”, “mental tennis”, “tennis strategy” and not so high for “tennis instruction videos” and similar keyphrases.

The free Wordtracker tool quickly confirms this:

Keyword/phrase Estimated searches per day
Tennis psychology 8
Mental tennis 14
Tennis strategy 44
Tennis instruction 51
How to play tennis 262
Tennis lessons 61

As you can see, the combined searches per day for mental- and strategy-related topics are 66 per day, while for tennis instruction related searches there are 374 per day!

Once I realized this, I decided to listen more to the visitors and less to my ego. 😉

How to play tennisI created a set of videos for beginners targeting the keyphrase “how to play tennis.”

They sell for $37 and the affiliates get 70% of the sale, which gives me very good traffic to that page. (Feel free to sign up if you wish to promote them.)

This is just the first step in satisfying the wishes of my visitors, and I will soon create a set of videos for advanced players, which are even more in demand.

The videos resulted in a great additional passive income stream, where I only have to answer an occasional email when someone doesn’t know how to download the videos. 😉

Clickbank earningsThis doesn’t make me a millionaire, but it earns me more than $1000 per month with almost no work, gets me around 10 new newsletter subscribers per day, and builds my credibility.

Once I release the advanced videos, I will have a huge number of satisfied customers who trust my ideas and look for more.

That way, my visitors will be happy and I will still be able to achieve all three things that make people happy.

Now it’s up to you to figure out ways of asking your visitors what they are really looking for and using your expertise to help them solve a particular problem.

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