Elizabeth from English-Grammar-Revolution.com

Elizabeth from English-Grammar-Revolution.com

Posted by on Oct 12, 2009 in Success With Site Build It

Elizabeth from English-Grammar-Revolution.com

Elizabeth followed the Action Guide, picked the right niche and keywords and built a site around them. The results of hard work and great content were very quick; Elizabeth was getting over 1000 daily visitors after only 7 months.


1. Why did you decide on SBI?

I have always been attracted to being my own boss. After becoming interested in websites, I began reading all of the material that I could find about starting a profitable website. While I enjoyed working at the computer, I was not interested in learning all of the programming that I needed to create my own website.

Because of that, I wanted to join a program that did all of the technical stuff for me. At that point, the only program that I could find was $4,000! Yikes! That was much more than I could afford, and I began to feel a bit defeated.

Then, a friend of mine told me about SBI. I went to SBI’s site and did as much reading as I could. I discovered that SBI offered everything that I needed and wanted, and it was only $300 a year! It didn’t take long before I signed up.

2. Did you know what you wanted to write about, or did you have to find a niche? How did you decide?

I had a couple of ideas for what I wanted to write about, but I wasn’t sure which to pursue. After using SBI’s tools to research each market, I decided to pursue the topic of English grammar and sentence diagramming.

Between the tools that SBI has and the information that Tomaz gives, the research process was pretty clear-cut and easy. I have no idea how I would have found a viable topic without them.

3. How did you progress?

SBI is full of valuable, amazing information — all of which I have not mined yet. Between the Action Guide, the forums, and Tomaz’s information, I had everything I needed to know about making a successful website.

The best part was that the Action Guide took me step by step through the process. I would have been extremely overwhelmed without all of that instruction.

After having my site up for a few months, I started receiving messages and testimonials from people. That was quite delightful. At that moment, I really started to understand that through my website, I was connecting with and helping other people. That felt amazing.

I remember when I reached 100 visitors a day. I was so excited. Then, when my snowball started rolling, I went from 300 visitors a day to over 1,000 visitors a day within a few weeks!

4. Can you share a few tips of what really worked well for getting more traffic?

Building pages with good supply and demand numbers for the keywords and doing email interviews has worked really well for me. I got the idea to do email interviews from someone in the SBI forums. I use SBI’s Search It! function to find sites in similar niches, and then I find out their pagerank. I also spend a bit of time looking over the site and assessing the site’s quality.

If I like the site’s content, and it has a good pagerank, I’ll send an email to the site’s owner and ask them to do an email interview with me. So far, I haven’t had anyone turn me down!

Typically, the person will post a link to the interview on their site and maybe even a link to another of my pages. It’s a great way to build link popularity and interact with other people in my niche.

5. Your plans for the future? Has your life changed with your success? How? (or anything else you’d like to share!)

I plan on making a few more websites and making this type of work my main source of income.Going through this process has opened up a whole new lifestyle to me — one that I am very excited about. I LOVE being my own boss and planning my day around my goals.

Aside from just being my own boss, owning websites will allow my husband and me to travel. We both love exploring new places without the pressure of fitting our travels into a specific amount of time (like a two week vacation). With a website, we’ll be able to travel whenever we want.

And while my husband and I don’t have children yet, we are laying the foundation now so that when we do, we’ll be able to stay home with them.

“Freedom” is the perfect word to describe this way of life. Having a website and making money online without employees or an employer means that YOU have sole ownership of your time and your life. I can’t ask for anything more.

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  1. Great article! Just more inspiration for me that this is the way I want to make my living.



  2. Wow, congratulations Elizabeth! Very well done. I’m at about two and a half months of my webpage being live and I definitely haven’t reached the snowball yet, but I’m looking forward to it once it happens.

    Great to see you’re having success!


  3. Congratulations for achieving such quick success!It just shows that the right keywords research is important when it comes to building a high traffic website.

    Having said that, I somehow feel the challenge now is to be able to monetize this traffic. It seems to be that is not a high paying niche in adsense (or maybe I am wrong), so not sure how Elizabeth deals with this?


  4. Thanks for the kind words, guys.

    You are correct, Jerrick, that the grammar niche is not high paying in Adsense– that is something that I did not plan for very well, but I’m working on it!

    I have found that the best way for me to monetize is by selling my own products- which is quite a bit of work, but so far the work that I have put into that has been paying off.

    I only sell a $7 ebook right now which is just information that is already on the site but in a downloadable form.

    After surveying the people on my list, I’ve found that people are interested in a video grammar course, so that is what I’m working on right now. I will be able to sell that at a much higher price.

    I enjoy teaching grammar, so while it does take a lot of time and thought to create my own products, I like it.

    I guess I’m taking a tortoise approach to monetization, but slow and steady wins the race!


  5. Thanks Tomaz for sharing this success story. Your blog is a gem to me.

    Elizabeth congratulations and all the best. If you are at liberty to share how much work (hours) per day you put in your site from day one?


  6. I would guess that I’ve been working on it for an average of 18 hours a week over the last 8 months.


  7. Hi!
    Just curios. Has anyone in done a conspiracy-theory and the upcoming year 2012 site in SBI ?
    A lot of this info can be found on the net, and come to think of it, the world is trully a strange place to live at the moment.


  8. Hi Tomaz,

    While we’re on the subject of time management and web sites–how much time do you spend per week answering questions that come via the Contact form on your vacuum, sewing machine, and water filter sites?

    I wonder, when one has a high-traffic site, if answering visitor-submitted questions creates a significant amount of extra work.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Brandon,

    I answer everything on my tennis site because I know the stuff. I probably don’t answer 90% of questions on my other sites because I don’t know the stuff. 😉

    In total, I probably get around 5 to 8 questions per day with all my sites combined.

    If you know your topic, then it’s best to start a separate blog and post there the Q&A and you’ll have very relevant content from which you can link back to your main site.


  9. Elizabeth,

    Wonderful site. Who would have thought you could make a great site with a topic like English grammar? You actually inject excitement into a topic that is usually considered very boring. Great example of how you can make something work if you put enough thought into it.

    You done real good 🙂


  10. seems a bit of a pointless site if you don’t make money …especially if you have to pay 300 dollars a year


  11. Thanks for the kind words, David. 🙂

    Bill, yes, it would be pointless if I didn’t make any money. But, right now with just my one $7 ebook, I make up my yearly SBI fee in one month… just wait until I add more products!


  12. Congrats Elizabeth. I started my site a month or so after you, and I don’t have that kind of traffic. I think you have a lot more content, so congrats on your success. Also great idea about the interviews, I’ve been toying with that idea myself. Great way to link build. Congrats again!


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