Financial Freedom Online Tips – 2nd March 2008

Financial Freedom Online Tips – 2nd March 2008

Posted by on Mar 2, 2008 in Financial Freedom Online Tips

Here are some interesting stories and resources I found this Sunday to help you get closer towards financial freedom with your online business:

1. Problogger posted 12 cpm alternatives to Adsense. CPM of course means, that you are getting paid for impressions which can really add up with high traffic websites.

A couple of those companies actually have quite low requirements in terms of traffic so you can test them on a some low traffic sites you might have…

2. Matt from BloggingFingers released his first ever e-book about blog monetization strategies. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free? 😉

Matt explains a few important topics like when to monetize your blog, what kind of monetization you can use (CPC, CPM, affiliates, …) and how to succeed in the long term.

Go grab it now before it’s too late…

3. But immediately after you download it, check what Gary Conn thinks about ebook downloads.

Here’s my answer to Gary – some ebooks are cool, most of them are not, some people figure that out quickly and most don’t. So for those people, that really don’t get it, the people who continuously release ebooks are they greatest teachers…

There is no way to convince the people who always buy ebooks, to stop doing that. THEY have to realize the futility of that through pain – losing money and not gaining anything.

4. I liked this post on Forbes about The coming death of Indian outsourcing.

The whole point is about this: the salaries and standards in India are rising and people who work for low prices – in our western standards of course – will soon stop doing that.

My girlfriend is from Thailand and I know that she can be financially free, living a normal life in Thailand with $500 per month. Average salary in Thailand for a worker (cashier, hotel room service and so on) is about $300 to $400 per month.

Of course, the food, clothes and most other stuff is ridiculously cheap too… (for us)

So if she can build a website (I did one for her 😉 ) that makes at least $500 per month, she doesn’t have to work anymore.

It’s similar in many places in Asia like that…

By the way, I came across some cool posts on other blogs but they all had a pagerank of 0. Some of those blogs rank pretty high on the top 100 money making blogs so I am not sure what’s happening. If Google is penalizing them, I’ll play it safe for now by not linking to them.

Maybe next time with nofollow…

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  1. Thanks for the mention, I hope your readers like the e-book and enter the contest 🙂


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