Financial Freedom Online Tips – 11th Nov 2007

Financial Freedom Online Tips – 11th Nov 2007

Posted by on Nov 11, 2007 in Financial Freedom Online Tips

Financial Freedom Online Tips – 11th Nov 2007

Sunday is my usual not too hard working day and I spend more time reading blogs that I haven’t found before.

Maybe one day I’ll show you a simple trick I use to find these cool blogs but for now here are this week’s financial freedom online tips which will bring you a step closer to financial and personal independence:

1. Imar writes about blogger’s regret. This can happen if you write posts if you are in a hurry, emotional or in a few other situations.

There are a few very good tips on how to avoid that and what to do if you actually wrote a post you might regret.

2. Fred shares his thoughts about the Secret and law of attraction. If you haven’t seen The Secret, I strongly encourage you to do so.

3. Terry wrote an excellent article about your heart’s desires and how stuff that you buy may not make you happy.

I talked with my friend yesterday on a similar subject, when I spent 9 hours with her and her children driving around Bangkok and other places.

She felt a little uncomfortable taking so much of my time and I said that: “Friends are the most valuable thing we have. You can buy stuff with money if you have it, but stuff is dead. How can dead stuff make you happy and enjoy life in the long term?”

4. Wild Bill has something to say about Never Giving Up so take 5 minutes to check the video on that page. As I mentioned before, I strongly believe that the only way to fail in online business is to give up.

You certainly cannot say WHEN you are going to make it big, but if you stick to it, you are undoubtedly going to achieve financial freedom.

5. Jo shares my thoughts of sticking to it in a post about What’s holding you back.

See if you can find yourself in one of the five possible types of writers and what it takes for each type to overcome their main weakness.

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