Financial Freedom Online Tips – 12th Feb 2008

Financial Freedom Online Tips – 12th Feb 2008

Posted by on Feb 12, 2008 in Financial Freedom Online Tips

I’ve been trying to catch up with the latest USEFUL articles in the blogosphere that will help you make more money and eventually become financially free.

Why USEFUL in all caps?

Well, in my humble opinion, there is so much information out there that’s just plain entertaining, link baiting with no real juice or just regurgitated articles of things written and told million times.

So here’s what I found and I recommend you read (and possibly download!):

1. Caroline Middlebrook has written an excellent ebook on How to create niche sites with a WordPress blog. I’ve read the ebook and it’s excellent.

The information is very concise and Caroline gets right to the point on how to set up your blog, how to change certain options, where to get good SEO optimized templates and so on.

Highly recommended!

2. Ryan Shamus actually has two cool articles you may want to check:

a) How to make money with Clickbank

This is a really extensive article you may want to bookmark because before you’ll actually complete all the steps that Ryan suggests a few weeks will pass by. 😉

And yes, Clickbank works really well for my tennis products too and I get tons of affiliates promoting my products.

About 50% of my sales of from my affiliates and my total monthly income from Clickbank sales is between $1500 and $2000.

b) Free social networking sites is a collection of not only the places where you can bookmark your site but also communicate with people who share your interests.

It’s a long list and I suggest you take a few minutes to check the description of each site and see whether it’s useful to your blog niche or not.

3. Grizzly wrote an excellent post titled How to Make Money with Adsense. Grizzly’s posts are typically very long but I what I appreciate is that he puts a lot of effort into writing them and he always writes something new and interesting.

Excellent blog to subscribe to!

4. SelfMakeChick shares her secrets on How to Write SEO Press Releases. Not only that, she also offers a free ebook with all the info.

Press releases are often overlooked ways of link building and can be very effective. Check out how SelfMadeChick got 5 of top 10 Google rankings with only one press release.

5. And finally, Jonathan Leger explains Why off Theme Links Have to be Counted by Google.

I am subscribed to Jon’s newsletter and blog since he is one of the few gurus who doesn’t constantly promote his or other people’s products.

I’d say his valuable content / promotion ratio is about 90 / 10. Most other gurus have a 10 / 90 ratio and I’ve been on their list only for a few weeks or so before I unsubscribed.

In fact, here’s what you can do today to save time and your sanity: check on how many guru lists you are, check their last 10 posts and evaluate their valuable content / promotion ratio.

If it’s less than 70 / 30, unsubscribe. You’ll have much more time to do the things that matter and bring you closer to financial freedom.

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  1. Thanks very much for the link, unfortunately at the time of publishing my blog is down (server issues) but hopefully will be back soon so if you can’t get the book from the above link try again a bit later! Thanks 🙂


  2. Thanks very much for the link, unfortunately at the time of publishing my blog is down (server issues) but hopefully will be back soon so if you can’t get the book from the above link try again a bit later! Thanks


  3. Hey Tomaz,
    Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge! Its very much appreciated 🙂
    A question though, I see that you recommend Jonathan Leger. Have you used any of his products? Specifically 3waylinks and 1waylinks. What are your thoughts on them, do you think they are legitimate/work?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Cinz,

    I recommend you follow Jon’s blog because he shares lots of useful ideas for free.

    I don’t use any of his products though because they are all trying to game the system. My business relies so much on free Google traffic that I won’t risk being penalized at some point or another.


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