Financial Freedom Online Tips – 14th Oct 2007

Financial Freedom Online Tips – 14th Oct 2007

Posted by on Oct 13, 2007 in Financial Freedom Online Tips

The road to financial freedom may be a long one but you need to focus only on the next step. If you look to far ahead it may seem to difficult and you’ll lose all the passion and motivation to get there.

Here are top 5 steps you can do this week:

1. Shine With Grace reminds you that if you really want to make it happen you need to create the picture in your mind first.

And if it is financial freedom you want, see it in your mind first. How would that feel? What would you do? What would you buy?

Enjoy that feeling for a few minutes and then sit behind your PC and make one step closer to being financially independent.

2. Untwisted Vortex has pot together a great list of Google related articles.

Since Google dominates the search engine world and is in 99% of the cases the biggest traffic referrer for any site, you might want to check the above articles to see what’s going on with Google.

Lots of traffic and good relationship with Google means more money and freedom!

Oh, I don’t forget to learn How to Play and Win Big In The Google game by yours truly too. 😉

3. Speaking of traffic, ClearBlogging shares his findings on What makes a great blog great.

He took some time to check a few great blogs and came up with 5 conclusions of what makes a great blog great.

4. Jim Kukral encourages you to keep going even though Only a handful of blogs actually make money online.

I share the same views and the reason why so many people fail online is because it takes time.

The online game is really not that complicated to understand, but most of the people in this modern society are too impatient and undisciplined to keep it up for a year without getting much in return.

Don’t be one of them and never settle for being average!

5. Technical Itch offers some tips on how use Related Posts from Ultimate Tag Warrior with WordPress 2.3.

In order to achieve financial freedom you’ll need your technical stuff running smoothly.

After all, it’s the power of the Internet that allows us to earn passive income and these 5 tips from the blogosphere will hopefully get you one step closer to financial freedom.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. You’ve got some nice articles here too. I’ve bookmarked them to read later 🙂


  2. My pleasure to be on the list. Thanks and hope my post is helpful.


  3. Fabulous links, thank you. I especially like . . . well, all of them, really, but . . . I like the ones from Shine with Grace and from ClearBlogging quite a bit.


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