Financial Freedom Online Tips – 28th Oct 2007

Financial Freedom Online Tips – 28th Oct 2007

Posted by on Oct 27, 2007 in Financial Freedom Online Tips

It’s Sunday again and this is the time when I like to find interesting posts and tips that will help me (and YOU!) achieve financial freedom.

Dave shares 7 tips on how to keep motivated especially in the first 6 months of starting your website.

His last tip says “Never give up” and I agree that perseverance is the single most important factor of success regardless of what you want to achieve.

As long as you keep your goal in mind and work towards it, you’ll get there. But remember that having a goal to achieve financial freedom and just trying to get there will not work.

Lodewijk shares 46 more self-sabotage ways of thinking so check with yourself if you are on the right path to freedom.

I also liked Trevor’s tip on how to translate dreams into reality. Short but right to the point.

And when you start your journey towards being financially and personally free you may have to stop and think why you blog.

It’s dangerous to become too selfish and write only to earn more money. In my opinion, money is only one third of happiness so be aware of the other two factors all the time.

And last but not least, Matt shares his experience with paid links.

Being really wise means, that you are able to learn from mistakes of others without having to make them yourself and I appreciate Matt’s honesty by sharing what he learned.

If you really want to be free, not only financially but also free from worries, then don’t participate in link buying and selling schemes.

There is a way to win big in the Google game without having to cross over to the Dark Side. 😉

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