Financial Freedom Online Tips – 4th Nov 2007

Financial Freedom Online Tips – 4th Nov 2007

Posted by on Nov 4, 2007 in Financial Freedom Online Tips

This week’s financial freedom online tips are all about motivation and how to believe that achieving financial independence is possible especially with the power of the internet.

SmallFuel Marketing give you 31 reasons why your small business will succeed.

Note – the list is quite funny and at times sarcastic but there are many hidden gems in there. 😉

Costa explores the reasons for blogging and warns about the money part.

He is actually even more tough on the money part than me so perhaps that is something to keep in mind when you are trying to achieve financial freedom.

PabloPabla shares 8 tips on how to sustain long term blogging even when sometimes you might lose motivation to keep at it.

I agree that without passion your motivation will soon be only a shadow of what it was at the beginning.

Christian shares his experiences with distractions when blogging.

If your goal is financial freedom then you’ll need to set new priorities and pursue that goal. Don’t just blog and hope for traffic and money.

Set a goal and go for it until you reach it.

And finally Genesis interviews herself on the topic of working from home, what she learned from her mistakes, and what are her advices to everyone starting on the journey towards financial freedom.

And let me share my tips that I gave to a good friend of mine when we chatted for a while.

He asked me what are the chances of failing if he would start building his own online business.

I said: “The chances of failing are ZERO if you don’t give up. The only way you can fail is if you stop trying.”

Any thoughts you want to share on the topic of being motivated to succeed online?

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