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I recently stumbled upon website and after doing some searching on it, I became quite impressed. (FTB) launched in May 2009 and after 2 years they are getting more than 1,5 million monthly visitors.

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According to the founder Kevin O’Connor they don’t pay for the traffic – it’s all search engine traffic and referrals.

So they must be doing something right.

What could we – “normal publishers” – learn from’s approach to online business?

1. Provide value

FTB is not really great in the content department – by that I mean the quality and content of the written text. If you scroll down on the baby stroller page you’ll see a very simple intro text which could be outsourced for maybe $5.

So the textual content is not really the secret of success of FTB, it’s the usefulness of other features.

FTB allows you to narrow down your research by immediately getting a list of best baby strollers (and gazillion other things of course).

The filters on the left allow you to narrow down your choices even more. Each product page offers tons of information which is very well presented and easy to understand.

So the main value of FTB is in many different ways of comparing different products and services, you can even find which bottled water has the most Chloroform for example.

The possibilities seem to be endless as each category may have different comparisons and different features to look for – and yet FTB is looking to cover most of them.

2. Be credible

The reason why FTB is becoming more and more popular is because they are working hard to get their data from reliable sources. These include government websites and authority websites like and others.

They also list them on main category pages and link to official websites on specific pages. You’ll also find phone numbers and addresses of stores that sell these products.

Since so much information online is rehashed and rewritten without any credits given to original author, listing the sources gives you extra credibility and builds trust.

3. Offer value before looking for profit

FTB is building massive amount of pages and providing tons of value – and not making a dime. Mr. O’Connor plans to keep it that way for a while.

I  imagine Google Adsense team must be phoning him quite often. 😉

But since they’re from the USA where profit seems to be the main reason for getting up in the morning, I am sure they will monetize heavily at some point.

I just hope they’ll be more useful and transparent with ads than for example.

4. Offer something unique

There are many product comparison sites and this part of FTB is not so unique. But did you know you can even compare tennis clubs?

I haven’t seen anything like it online and I am quite familiar with the tennis niche. There are tons of other unique topics and I invite you to spend some time on FTB and see how you can benefit from all the categories and filtering options.

FTB also allows you to add and edit your own content,  embed their content on your website and much more.

In the end, see if you can learn something new from a slightly different approach to providing value to online visitors.

It’s not only tons of text – useful comparison engines and filters can be the reason why visitors like your site and help increase its popularity.

And you don’t need a few millions of dollars of startup money – you can easily outsource a more simple (similar) software for a few hundred dollars.

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  1. Hi Tomaz,

    Love reading your posts. I’m still stuck in the Panda Sting.

    I am moving away from product reviews site and is now concentrating on building my own information products. I am also going to diversify my traffic sources to a few rather than rely solely on search engine traffic.

    Hope to hear your thoughts on this. So how ya sites doing now? Are you starting a new site like this


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Jerrick,

    I am not starting a new site – just working on pushing my own to a new level.

    Good point about information products – I have an article for you. Let me get writing… 😉


  2. Wow! This website is extremely useful for product reviews niches. Thanks for sharing. Definitely will invest some time on the website.


  3. Hello Tomaz. I have been around SBI for a while now and have come to enjoy your writing as I get RSS Feeds of this site.

    However, I am also American so this statement: But since they’re from the USA where profit seems to be the main reason for getting up in the morning, I am sure they will monetize heavily at some point.

    is bothersome to me. After all, did you start your business in order to get up in the morning to work all day on it for Nothing?

    Please take this as it is intended, just a question from an American friend!


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Charles,

    It’s just my personal opinion. The key word in my post is “main reason”. Profit, more money, bigger cars, flashier houses – those are main reasons for most Americans for getting up and often the only reasons.

    Or simply put, in my opinion – the profit, the money – is heavily exaggerated – compared to the rest of the world.

    Here’s a simple example: I am attending the US Open tennis tournament soon. It’s one of four Grand Slams – which are all equal in points and importance.

    In Australia I paid $64 for a good seat, in Paris I paid $80 for a good seat and in New York I am paying $162 for the same type of seat. (haven’t been to Wimbledon)

    The same view, same players, same type of tournament, double or triple the price. Why? Greed, profit, stocks, etc.

    But it’s just waste of time debating this. The ticket prices are a fact but the rest are just my opinions. Don’t take my words so seriously then.


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