Flying Business Class On Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-200

Flying Business Class On Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-200

Posted by on Aug 10, 2009 in Travelling Free

Flying Business Class On Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-200

I am in Thailand again and this time I found good price for the business class with Turkish Airlines. I’ve never flown business class before so I was eager to see how it compares to economy.

The ticket price from Ljubljana to Bangkok through Istanbul was just around 1600 eur which translates to around $2,300.

That’s a good price for a business class since most other airlines charge double or more for the same distance (Austrian Airlines through Vienna and Lufthansa through Munich or Frankfurt).

There’s not much difference flying business class on Airbus 319-100 which took me from Ljubljana to Istanbul except that there is more leg room and that flight attendants bring more drinks and food.

But the business class on the Boeing 777-200 flying from Istanbul to Bangkok is a high tech luxury seat.

Business class on Boeing 777-200 Turkish Airlines

Business class on Boeing 777-200 Turkish Airlines

The Boeing 777-200 has 16 of these small suites and you’re basically sitting alone in your own adjustable seat which can go to completely flat position. You get a pillow and a blanked and can sleep quite comfortably for a few hours.

Adjustable seat and TV on Boeing 777-200 business class

Adjustable seat and TV on Boeing 777-200 business class

The only » problem« is that you get served dinner at around 1:00 AM since the flight starts from Istanbul at 23:45.

Dinner on business class Turkish Airlines

Our flight started 40 minutes late and so our dinner was served even later – at around 1:30 AM. We were going quite fast and it’s amazing when you consider that the plane is going at over 1000 km/h at 11 kilometers high and the outside temperature is -54 degrees Celsius – while I am having a delicious dinner. 😉

Cruising speed of Boeing 777-200

About 9 hours later we landed safely (and softly) in Bangkok and I was really not tired since I could sleep for about 4,5 hours during the flight.

I think I have a small problem now; because once you fly business class on a long flight, you REALLY don’t want to go back to the economy. 😉

I don’t mind economy at all for up to 2 hour flights (which covers most of Europe from Slovenia), but there is a huge difference in comfort when you fly 8 and more hours over night.

Turkish Airlines has really lowered their prices recently and if you book an economy flight from Ljubljana to Bangkok for example, you’d pay only 620 euros (return flight). Most other airlines charge around 1000 euros for the same distance.

And if you can pay for your flight with paypal, that’s even better…

There are two reasons why I wanted to share this with you; it’s my first time (but definitely not last) flying business class and I wanted to record this on my blog (so that I can check this in a few years 😉 ).

And secondly, to motivate you, to give you some exciting goals for which you’ll focus more on improving your online business and earning more so that you can easily afford a business class flight next time you travel somewhere.

If you want to stay motivated and keep working on your sites for many hours, you need to have strong reasons WHY you’re doing this.

»Having more money« is not strong enough motivator. You need to know WHY you want to have more money.

What are you going to do with it?

And looking forward to flying business class to Thailand is definitely an exciting goal for me – since I like planes, traveling and Thailand.

So… What are your specific goals and things you want to do with the money earned from your online business?

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  1. That definitely looks awesome. I’ve done the economy thing a few times to Thailand and back and it is horrible!

    Last year I flew to Peru in economy from Sweden which took I think 24-30 hours total in traveling time. I haven’t traveled since, it was a nightmare 😀

    I motivate myself by thinking of the freedom I’ll have. I will be moving most likely next year and traveling more, so that really excites me and keeps me going at full steam!


  2. Excellent! My wife and I are in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Thailand sometime next year. Needless to say, it’s going to be a very long haul from Chicago!

    I’ll have to start investigating to see what kind of deals I can get out of Chicago.

    Speaking of motivation… is something that truly motivates me. It’s one of my passions and one of the reasons I am working hard on establishing more freedom in my life. I’m just in the very beginning stages of building my website, but it’s my hope that I too someday can gain the freedom that you have from your online endeavors.



  3. I have actually thought of my endgame when it comes to my online money and I actually haven’t come up with an answer.

    Right now my motivation IS more money and I realize it isn’t enough.

    Travel does seem fun but it doesn’t really fulfill my goal of becoming truly wealthy. What I really want (and it’s a long ways off) is to purchase a rental property and diversify my income streams.

    Right now my online income is a slow trickle but hopefully in a year I’ll be writing a guest post as to how awesome I’m doing.


  4. My wife wants more horses and they are basically one mortgage payment each and every month (if the Veterinarian isn’t called).


  5. Wow Tomaz, what an inspiration!

    I wish I can travel to New York one day…with the income I earned from Internet Marketing.

    Btw just curious, are you giving up on Adsense now? Seems like your vacuum site is totally on Amazon now?

    BTW how are the sites you bought doing now?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Jerrick,

    I use Adsense now on higher paying niches. My sites are doing well; the ticket price was 10% of my monthly earnings in July. 😉


  6. Hi Tomaz,

    That’s totally awesome! I am going to catch up with you one….day….if I can 🙂


  7. Hi Tomaz,

    I’ve come to conclusion motivation is key for any achievement, let alone success. Some say motivation is like taking a shower – it doesn’t last, you need a fresh “dose” every day. So you need to have your motivation plan (your goals) close at hand and review it every day or any time you don’t feel like working on your sites.
    My current motivation plan:
    – Me & spouse can quit our dayjobs
    – spend more time with my family
    – pay off my home
    – travel (up to months per year)
    – sail (several months per year) on my sailboat

    My main motivation (beside money for obvious reasons of how our world turns) is time. Time I now have to spend at my job & avay from my familly & friends will never be returned…


  8. Thanks for sharing. It’s definitely motivating.


  9. wow – if the ticket price was 10% of your earnings you must be well over 20,000.

    What is your biggest earner? Is it still amazon?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Yes, Amazon still earns most. The 8% commission starts to give nice numbers…


  10. Awesome.

    I notice though that you use in-context link with a pop-up. Have you tried using the same link without a pop-up ?

    Do you find that amazon alone is better income-wise compared to amazon + adsense in one page ? I remember your vacuum wizard had adsense on top of the page before.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Dian,

    I haven’t tried Amazon without the pop-up. Google stopped serving Adsense to my site (I didn’t take it down) because there was a page where font color in the text matches font color of the ads and Google claims it was confusing to the visitors.

    I’ve corrected the problem but Google hasn’t responded…


  11. would you put adsense back on you vacuum site if you could (or when google get round to responding)?

    did they just stop your vacuum site and not other sites in your network?


    Tomaz Reply:

    They removed Adsense only from the vacuum site, the rest still work. One benefit from that was that my Adsense eCPM (or average pay per click) rose 200%.

    I was obviously smart priced and didn’t get the max amount per click on other, much higher paying niches.

    Yes, I would put back Adsense but would test how it affects my overall Adsense earnings (the overall pay per click would drop again) and my Amazon earnings would probably drop too…

    The net effect would still bring more than now although I actually like having a nice earning website that cannot be classified as an Adsense site…


  12. yeah you’re right tomaz, that is good that you have a high paying website which isn’t MAF

    Also very interesting about your smart pricing – i wonder if you were smart priced on your adsense account because of the placement below the chitika ad on the vacuum site? That would have resulted in a lower CTR – the smartprice surely couldn’t have been your traffic quality because you get a lot of American uniques and search engine traffic (as far as I can tell).

    I actually remove low ctr ads and find fewer ads is more.


    Tomaz Reply:


    If you check facts about smart pricing, you’ll see that CTR has no effect on smart pricing…


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