Freedom Starts In The Mind (Step 1)

Posted by on Nov 20, 2007 in 10 Steps To Freedom

Freedom Starts In The Mind (Step 1)

(This is the first post in the series 10 Steps to Freedom which I am writing 10 days before I become free.

The purpose of this series is to show you the way to financial and personal freedom that you can achieve working from home using online business.)

Your journey to financial and personal independence starts with a decision.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll become financially free if this is only a wish or something you just dream about it.

A decision is a consequence of two things: a burning desire for freedom and believing that you can achieve it.


1. A Burning Desire For Freedom

If you already have a burning desire to become financially free then you’re already halfway there.

If not, here are some tips on how to grow from just wishful thinking into unstoppable motivation:

a) One of the strongest motivating factors for people is peer pressure. If most people around you drive a nice car, you will work very hard to do that too.

(Read this interesting article about Silicon Valley millionaires and how they feel pressured to earn even more money to keep up with others. This is an example of peer pressure and how money alone cannot really make you happy.)

If most people around you feel satisfied in their 9 to 5 job and see nothing wrong with it, so will you.

You have to surround yourself with people who are already free. You need to interact with them and start getting the feel for freedom.

If that is not possible in your circumstances, read books and blogs about financial freedom. This will help you realize that there are many people who are already free and who feel extremely happy about it.

b) Increase the emotional pain of being a slave to the point where you get sick of it. Human beings are in the most basic way driven by pleasure and avoidance of pain.

Your goal here is to increase the emotional suffering of not being free so that this feeling will grow to the point where you cannot stand it anymore.

Once you reach that point, you’ll make the decision to break free from the slavery of having a boss and working endless hours for someone else’s benefit.

Note that your mind will want to protect you from pain even if you consciously want to increase it. That’s why you can start thinking about the disadvantages of not being free and then “suddenly become distracted” with something else and forget about your previous thoughts.

The mind will try to do its job of protecting us, and that’s one of the main reasons why so many people never break free.

You have to win the battle of the mind. You will need to keep reminding yourself how much you dislike your current situation until you reach the point where you get totally sick of it and decide to do something about it.

So keep thinking about all the negatives of working for someone else, how you will have to do this until your retirement, how many things you are going to miss in life and how someone lives very nicely because they exploit your good work ethic.

Think those thoughts every day and grow your pain of not being free to the point where you’ve finally had enough.

c) Imagine the benefits of being wealthy and free. Your goal is to increase the desire for pleasure and satisfaction that financial freedom gives you.

Think of all the benefits of having a lot of money like:

• being able to travel
• being able to buy all the things you need to live a good life
• being able to afford even more luxurious goods and services for special occasions
• not being stressed out about your debt and the future
• …

Imagine Freedom

And then think of all the benefits of being free like:

• being able to take a vacation whenever you want and for as long as you want ( the fact that we see as normal, someone else ALLOWING us to have a vacation only at certain times and for a short period of time, is unbelievable to me. We have been totally brainwashed to accept this.)
• being able to talk and enjoy time with friends and family whenever you want and for as long as you want
• creating your own work schedule and setting your own hours
• not having to waste your life and suffer hours in everyday traffic jams
• …

Think and read about the benefits and all the advantages of financial and personal freedom as much as you can (since now you are still probably a slave and don’t have enough time to do what YOU want) and this will bring you to the point where you’ll decide that freedom is something you MUST have.

2. Unshakeable Belief That You Can Achieve Financial Freedom

Another reason why so many people still suffer in 9 to 5 jobs that they don’t like and never even try to become free, is that they don’t believe they can do it.

If you have a burning desire to become free but don’t believe that you can achieve it, you’ll never even attempt to do something about it.

And of course, unless you win a lottery no one will just give you enough money to be free.

Here’s how you can start believing that you can achieve financial freedom:

a) Look around you! There are many people who did it before you. I’ll be there in 9 days and my desire for freedom became conscious only one year ago. 😉

If I can do it and so many other people can do it, so can you.

Take a look at hundreds of different topics and websites that “ordinary” people built with Site Build It. Many of these people are now working from home and earning great income from their home-based online business.

Check the above mentioned list of websites and you’ll see that you can be an expert in baby showers, parenting, taking care of older people, cooking, cleaning or anything else and you’ll have no problems making yourself useful to thousands of other people who are searching the internet.

Remember that the amount of money you earn is proportional to how useful you have made yourself to the humanity.

The power of the internet allows you to offer your knowledge and services to thousands of people and this will in return help you earn much more money.

b) There’s no need to be a genius to succeed.

There are certain, rare professions where you need to be very gifted to succeed.

SprinterHigh-level sport is one example. In athletics, for example, someone who wants to be a world class runner in the 100 m sprint, HAS to be born with the right genetic structure of muscles.

He or she needs to have an extremely high level of fast twitch muscles to be able to develop into a world class sprinter.

You need to be born with such genetic predisposition because it is not possible to significantly increase the percentage of fast twitch muscles through training.

Nuclear physics and complex mathematics are other examples. Unless you are genetically gifted in the field of math or science, you’ll never be able to completely comprehend difficult mathematical equations and become a successful physicist or mathematician.

But there are no special genetic requirements to succeed online and become financially free by working from home!

The only things you need are motivation and the ability to take action.

It will take some time to learn how the internet works and how you need to structure and build your website, but after that you just have to create useful content and spend some time promoting it.

If you choose the right solution and the right mentor to guide you through the first learning stages of how to build a successful website, you can be on your way to financial freedom in just a few months.

If, on the other hand, you keep falling to the thousands of get rich quick frauds that exist on the internet, you may soon lose your hard earned money and the belief that you can succeed online.

The mentor and the product that I recommend 100% to anyone who wants to build a successful and profitable website are Ken Evoy and his Site Build It.

I’ll tell you more about Ken and Site Build It in the step 4 of this 10 Steps to Freedom series, but feel free to follow the links above and learn more about how anyone can become financially free with SBI.

How I did it

In every one of these 10 Steps to Freedom, I’ll show you how I did it since examples are the best way to learn something new.

Tennis coachI have been a tennis coach for the last 14 years and have enjoyed my work.

The things that bothered me about working in a tennis club were that I had to work all the time otherwise I wouldn’t have enough money to live and or be able to have a vacation when I wanted.

I also believed that not being able to travel around the world is normal and that only some exceptionally lucky or brilliant people can do it. I was brainwashed.

But this uncomfortable feeling of not being free kept growing inside of me ever year.

In 2005, I started thinking about sharing my tennis knowledge through a website, and I hoped that maybe I could earn some additional income with the website.

I saw how other websites are earning passive income by selling ads or digital products and thought that this is a fantastic opportunity to earn money without having to work every day.

I didn’t think I could become financially free with the internet though.

But after only one year of discovering Site Build It and seeing how with only two ebooks that I was selling on my tennis website, I was earning a nice additional income, and I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I realized that if I keep working on my website and possibly create a few more, I could earn enough passive income to become financially free.

Here’s an example of how determined I was: when I bought my Acer notebook in January 2007 on which I am writing this article right now, I named it Freedom. 😉

Freedom Acer

I already imagined myself having achieved financial freedom (I was earning around $1000 per month with my websites at that time) and needing only a notebook to work wherever I wanted and whenever I wanted.

There was no doubt in my mind that I couldn’t do it.

So this is how my desire and belief to become financially and personally free began, and in August 2007 I started this blog to help other people achieve that goal too.

I wasn’t free yet but I was already earning around $7000 per month through passive income with my websites and I knew that my contract in the tennis academy would end in December 2007. (And I actually am able to quit my job 1 month early!)

Just a few more words about belief since this can be the key whether you make it or not. You don’t really need to believe 100% that you can become free by working from home.

What you need is a small leap of faith. You need to have a desire to become free and enough belief to start your own website.

Once you build a few pages and realize that people can find your website through search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN even when you sleep ;), you’ll know that you can get even more visitors to your site by creating more pages.

And once you earn your first dollar, you’ll have proof that it can be done. Once you have real physical proof, you’ll be able to believe 100% that you can achieve financial freedom with your own home based online business.

Nothing will stop you after that. It will be just a matter of time.

Next: 5 Reasons to follow your passion instead of money

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  1. I like your site. I have a tennis site also. Trying to figure out how to get people to it.


  2. Tomaz,

    You’ve really touched on some powerful concepts here in your lead-off 10-steps article.

    A watershed moment occured in my life late last year when a friend stopped by and had me watch “The Secret”. The principles of the “Law of Attraction” made a lot of sense to me. I decided to put their way of looking at things into play.

    Each day, I would acknowledge how grateful I was for the wonderful things I had (e.g., faith, family, health, opportunities, possessions, etc.). I would visualize and be grateful for the life, opportunities, and things I wanted…as if they had already come to be. I drastically cut-back on my daily news intake and interaction with a negative people. I began spending more time talking with, listening to, and reading the writings from some of the people I whose work I admire. I began to believe that I really did deserve the life and things I wanted. And, I began to believe that I actually could achieve them.

    I came across a reference to the “Master Key System”, which I investigated and also incorporated into my daily routine.

    I put a vision board together and situated it at my desk so that I what I wanted was staring me in the face each day…all day.

    The results a year later? Much of what I have wanted…has come to fruition. The remainder is on the way. And, newer goals are continually being added. I also continue to acknowledge my gratefulness and to visualize what I want to happen.

    And in concluding this long comment, Tomaz, I would like to thank you for providing inspiration to your readers and sharing with us your experiences.

    Regards, DR


    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks for sharing, DR.

    I also remember writing myself a virtual check for $3000 from Google. I am getting them these days.

    I remember printing out someone’s proof of earnings on Clickbank. I am getting the Clickbank sales every day.

    The power of subconscious is enormous and it can really accelerate the journey towards financial freedom.


  3. I agree, Tomaz. One or more of the speakers in “The Secret” indicated we either consciously, or unconsciously, put things into motion to bring about the things we declare for ourselves.

    Two of the items on my vision board are downloaded images of affiliate checks from Commission Junction and Clickbank…each “Photoshopped” to be written out to me for a very large sum of money. And, this mental process works for me. I received my first commission check recently.

    Regards, DR


  4. Wow Jason sounds like your on your way. I have recently developed a mindset that I can have abundance and prosperity in my life. I am along with Wendy studying the secret or the law of attraction,We believe that financial freedom is our birthright and our families birthright. Although I am new to this I believe this can work in my life. I am currently inventorying my life up to this point so I can realize my true PURPOSE IN LIFE, Thanks Jeffrey



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