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I’ve been using GetAFreelancer (GAF) lately and decided to write a review about the site and my experiences.

(Note: the links in this review are affiliate links.)

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My first experiences with freelancers began with a year ago and I was never 100% satisfied. I tried hiring writers and link builders and none of those were really good.I also didn’t get that many bids for my posted projects. (maybe I was just unlucky…)

I decided to test GAF a few months ago with a few smaller projects like outsourcing ten articles or getting a few links to some of my niche websites.

There are two things that I really liked about GAF:

1. Many different bids

GAF bids

There are many more bidders here than on Elance especially for article writing.

Most of them also have lots of reviews which give you a good idea of their quality.

Many of these bidders also send you samples of their work so that you can get a feel for their writing style.

2. Very affordable prices

You can see in the picture above the average bid of $677 which was for 100 articles.

I often use for my articles but there is one disadvantage with them: You have to do your own research and supply the writer with the URL’s.

It typically takes me from 2 to 5 minutes of research for one article to come up with good URL’s from which the writer can extract relevant information for an article.

Doing that for 100 articles would take me 200 to 500 minutes!

Nothing like that is needed when you hire a writer on GAF. All you need is to supply them with keywords and your own SEO suggestions. (keyword in title, keyword density and so on.)

So this is a big time saver if you can get a good writer through GetAFreelancer.

How it works

If you are a buyer of services, you need to set up your account and then you can post your project.

Once you post it in the relevant categories, you’ll soon start to receive bids in your email and on the project page.

You can discuss details with every bidder through private messages. Once you choose one and they accept as well, you are given each other’s email addresses.

This means that from then on you don’t have to use GetAFreelancer private messaging but you can use personal emails or chat through Skype or Google chat which is very convenient.

If you offer services through GAF you can search for various projects by categories or by keywords.

The Payment system

GetAFreelancer offers you many methods of payment – through paypal, credit cards, Moneybookers and even E-Gold.

One neat system they have is the escrow system. Typically when someone accepts your project, they will ask you to transfer the money to escrow. This means that the money is now in GAF and not in your account and also not in your provider’s account.

You basically have paid but your provider hasn’t received the money yet. This protects both parties.

Once you receive the articles (or any other completed project) you can release the money from escrow and it is tranferred to the provider’s account.

My experiences

I did a few smaller test projects for 10 or 20 articles and hired a few writers. One of them was really good and she only bid $6 per article.

The articles were really good so I asked her if she would be willing to write 100 articles for me and I would offer her $8 per article. (for 600 to 800 words)

She agreed to work long term with me and I can say now that I have an excellent writer for the articles of my niche websites.

Of course, I don’t want to put all my eggs in the same basket so I am still testing other writers with smaller projects.

I am also testing a few link builders with smaller projects but I haven’t really done any big link building projects.

But looking at the number of bids and the number of reviews of bidders I can already see a lot of potential to find a quality link builder.

In summary

Since Chitika conveniently pays me through paypal (and my Chitika earnings still rock!) I use that money to fund my GAF projects.

So far I have been very satisfied with the GetAFreelancer system and of course with the providers I got through GAF.

And one last interesting thing I found on GAF:

There are some buyers there ordering, for example, 1000 links or 700 blog comments or 5 times 100 articles for their online businesses.

Just do a few searches on GAF (for link building or articles needed) and you’ll see what is going on behind all this blogging stuff.

I wonder how many of those buyers are some big internet marketing names we all know, secretly building their online empires. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Hm….
    very nice…
    I shall have to check into that!
    Thanks so much for the heads up!

    I’ll be looking into being for hire…


  2. Hi Thomaz,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and am quite impressed by what you write. But for this post I have to say that paying $6-8 per 600-800 word article is a joke for a freelance writer who lives in a developed country.

    I am a freelance writer myself and even though I would have worked for this amount when I first started out, most freelancers won’t touch you if they are based in the USA, Canada, New Zealand or Australia. Even the living standards in Europe require a higher payment since writing an article of this length, including research for the niche would take anywhere from 1 hour to longer.

    Which means that in end effect your hourly pay is $6 which is nowhere near enough the same as working an off line job here in Australia.

    As with anything else, you get what you pay for and if your new writer is really that good, then enjoy her as much as you can before she realizes that she is being underpaid. Unless of course she lives in China, Thailand or any other country where the cost of living is considerably low.

    Just don’t forget when looking for professionals that they too have to pay their bills. πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Tomaz,

    Can you share what you outsource when it comes to link building?

    Do you have any specific tasks, timeline or activities for the freelancer coder to follow?

    How do you decide the link building is worth the investment?



  4. Hey Monika,

    Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, I am aware that $8 per article is very cheap for us from Europe or USA. The woman who writes for me is from Philippines and I am positively surprised at her writing skills.

    I once posted a project on Elance for 40 articles and some bidders bid $40 to $60 PER ARTICLE. They were all from USA…


  5. Jerrick,

    I outsource getting one-way links and once I did reciprocal too.

    With one-way links it’s usually like this: the provider has a large network of websites and large network of friends in the same business.

    That’s how the provider has access to many links.

    The provider then gives me a one-way link typically from links (resources, partners, …) pages where there are other websites listed.

    You can also ask for links that are PR2+, PR3+, …

    With reciprocal links it was similar except I linked back from my resources pages.

    In link building you invest only once and the website will keep bringing you money as long as it is active.

    In the long term this is always worth the investment unless you get banned by Google or something like that for doing something against the Google’s guidelines.


  6. Hi Tomaz,

    Thanks for your reply. It’s always helpful towards one building a profitable website(s).

    By the way, how much is your typical investment in such link building activities? And also, how often do you do this?

    By the way, how would you compare your results against other links such as those of paid directories like Goguides, BOTW etc?


  7. Hi Thomaz,

    Mmmhh…these guys from the USA must have been desperate or else their quality simply begs to differ. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately that is another “problem” of the freelance writing industry. People trying to underbid each other to the extent of asking for peanuts which damages the industry.

    Anyway, great to see you are having the right thoughts on this too. πŸ™‚


  8. Jerrick,

    I haven’t really done much outsourcing to get one-way links. Most of the time when I research my niche, I email other webmasters if they want to exchange links.

    I submit to a couple of directories, bookmark a few pages, submit a few articles to and that’s about it.

    With keyword focused content I am in the top 10 for my main keywords in about 6 to 12 months.

    So no need to move to the dark side…

    I only have one niche website in the conferencing field which is VERY competitive so I decided to try and get some link building help.

    I’ll see how it goes. One good thing about making a little more money is that it gives you the room to experiment.


  9. “most freelancers won’t touch you if they are based in the USA, Canada, New Zealand or Australia.”

    These freelancers are expensive for nothing. There are much more countries in the world.


  10. I’m a freelance writer, and for writers, is a joke. I only placed a couple of bids just to try it out, and while it’s a great deal for someone looking for a person who will write for cheap, it’s a terrible deal for a writer. I once bid $30 to do 10 articles of 250-300 words each, only to have the person decide to want 25 articles of 600 words…for no more money! I have actually seen people on there seeking writers to do 500 word stories for 50 cents each, and then saying that they wouldn’t pay them if they didn’t like the work.
    50 cents? For a 500 word article?
    If you want real writing, you’ll pay a real price. I’m not talking hundreds of dollars, but most freelancers just aren’t going to work at 50 cents an hour!


  11. Thanks for sharing, Sandy. Nice to hear some feedback from the “other” side too.


  12. Hi Tomaz…just curious if you have a template you use for your articles when submitting them to your writers. You had mentioned keyword density, in title, etc. How specific do you get with your writers? Thanks so much….btw, I thoroughly enjoy reading about your success and am striving to enjoy such success myself!


  13. EricG,

    Typically I send them the keywords and maybe show them examples of articles or reviews on my site if these articles will be for the same site.

    I ask them to include the main keyword in the title, in the first few words of the body and aim for 1% keyword density.

    That’s about it. I usually correct the article in about 5 minutes when I get plan to publish it – if there are some things that need to be done…


  14. Tomaz, I see a lot of the projects on GAF are looking for 3 – 5% keyword density. Is that perhaps overkill and do you find the 1% density is sufficient for the page to be properly optimised?


  15. Hi John,

    Tough to say. I have a page with 0,5% and a page with over 20% density – both ranked #1 in Google.

    But, it does seem to me that Yahoo and MSN prefer higher density. I have no proof though. πŸ˜‰

    I am following SBI Analyzer in most cases which aims for around 1% density…


  16. Hi,

    I’ve been a freelancer on GAF for about a year and I’ve had a pretty satisfactory experience too. The thing about GAF is that it is most profitable to buyers from developed countries (US, UK, Canada) who find providers from developing countries (India, Philippines, Thailand, etc). That’s the reason your provider is willing to work for $6. It translates to Rs. 250 in Indian currency, which is a pretty neat amount. Providers from developed countries, however, have a hard time.



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