Google Adwords Reveals Real Number of Searches Instead of The Green Bar

Google Adwords Reveals Real Number of Searches Instead of The Green Bar

Posted by on Jul 8, 2008 in SEO

Google Adwords Reveals Real Number of Searches Instead of The Green Bar

I was doing some keyword research with the Google Adwords tool when I saw that Google returned number of searches for a specific keyword instead of the familiar green bar.

Google Adwords results

The green bar before gave just some idea of the traffic but you couldn’t really tell whether that was 50 or 500 searches per day.

Here’s a pic from my archives still showing green bar:

Google Adwords showing green bar

The numbers we see now are still not exact numbers. Google explains:

These statistics show the approximate number of search queries matching your keywords that were performed on Google and the search network.

What does this mean?

1. Keyword tools like Wordtracker may be in trouble

Who do you trust more – Google’s numbers with 60% or more search engine queries or Wordtracker who gets its data from 2% of search engine queries?

2. New keyword tools developed

Surely new keyword tools will be developed which will use Google’s search data with the Google’s supply and give us a more realistic view of the demand and competition.

3. New keyword research?

Are you going to use this tool to refresh your keyword research for your sites?


Ken Evoy has written a great post on his blog on how to best use this new information…

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  1. That is really cool because it means if I need to do a traffic search on a keyword I can just jump into my adwords account.


  2. Hey Tomaz,

    I think the release of these numbers will help us better determine the viability of niches that we go after. There have been several KW’s that I targeted using WT counts and didn’t get even a fraction of the traffic that was estimated by Wordtracker at #1 in Google. I shared one of those sites with you a few weeks ago.



  3. Hey Sal,

    Yes, I actually thought of that example you gave me. Ken Evoy has shared his views on this new data in the SBI forums and how to best use it. Remember to select “Exact” to get a more accurate number of searches for your keyword.


  4. Good One Tomaz!

    You hit the button with this post, for me!

    I just looked it up for myself, and I find I can do country/language specific searches which makes finding long tailed keywords a breeze. And for Free!

    My head is boiling with new ideas already – YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Rhys,

    Thanks for stopping by and linking to the post! Yes, country specific searches can be very valuable to local businesses…


  5. It totally makes sense now as to why I hardly get any traffic for that KW. Wordtracker shows 102/day and according to Adwords, it shows “Insufficient Data” for the month of June and only 320 Avg for the prior 12 months.


  6. Pretty cool information. With Google Trends though, I’m not sure how important this is unless it is more accurate?


  7. There have been a couple of posts in the SEO industry about the relevancy of these numbers. You may also want to check what Jim Morris had to say on his blog.



  1. Get Your Own Free Google Keyword Tool | BizBlog - [...] Just found this post by Tomaz where he explains that G has now put actual search numbers on the…

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