Having Success With Site Build It? Share Your Story!

Having Success With Site Build It? Share Your Story!

Posted by on May 17, 2009 in Success With Site Build It

If you have been having success with your websites built with Site Build It, I invite you to share your story.

There are so many indecisive people out there who have been scammed many times with various GRQ (Get Rich Quick) schemes and it’s natural that they are not sure whether Site Build It is a scam or not.

(Unfortunately, some (insert negative adjective) bloggers have been distorting the real value of SBI by posting their negative reviews and manipulating their rankings in Google for the ยปsite build it reviewยซ search query.

These fake reviews (none of the reviewers have used Site Build It!) create even more doubt in the minds of potential buyers of SBI. If you’ve been using SBI and realize the real value it provides, then you can help by linking to my Site Build It Review page and getting my page rank better (currently at #7) and thus help new potential buyers of SBI get the real picture.)

Your story can make a difference and help someone start their journey towards financial and personal independence.

Success can be defined in many ways so I’ll just give one limitation: your site must receive over 500 daily visitors. If it does, then I’ll be more than happy to publish your story, give you a few links ๐Ÿ˜‰ in return and of course you’ll get more people on your site.

I’ll update this page with new stories when they come so that all of them will receive good pagerank.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, helping more indecisive people make the right choice, sharing some tips of what worked for you and helping my blog grow ๐Ÿ˜‰ , then email me at tomaz (at) freedomideas.com and I’ll send you some questions.

Here are the stories shared so far…

Successful SBI-ers And What You Can Learn From Them

1.ย ย ย  Marius Bakken from marathon-training-schedule.com – Marius is a two time Olympic runner and he decided to share his passion and help people get better in marathons.

2. David from CoolestPlacesToVisit.com – David is up to many different projects in the internet marketing field but he sticks to the basics when it comes to building sites with Site Build It.

3. Mike from Gas-Grill-Review.com – Mike has followed my idea of product review sites and is making over $1000 per month after just 6 months of good work!

4. Christy from My-Thank-You-Site.com – Christy has 4 SBI websites now and is living the life of freedom like we all should.

5. Rumi from Women-Workout-Routines.com – Rumi has created a highly successful website despite not speaking or writing perfect English. What’s her secret?

6. Henri from ColonHealthAdvice.com – Henri has achieved over 500 daily visitors very quickly and his traffic keeps rising.

7. Suz from Cheap-Wedding-Solutions didn’t have a clue what to build her website around. Suz made the best of SBI’s Brainstormer to come up with a profitable niche that allows her to be a stay-at-home-mum.

8. Elizabeth from English-Grammar-Revolution.com – Elizabeth followed the Action Guide, chose the right niche, did the hard the work and the results were very quick – getting over 1000 daily visitors.

9. DaNae from Smoothie-Handbook.com – DaNae wasted $6000 on a certain online business strategy before finding SBI. In just 11 months she reached over 800 daily visitors.

10. Ricky from Puppy-Training-At-Home.com – Ricky has been getting over 1200 daily visitors by now by sharing his passion about dogs and puppies.

11. Carletta from Successful-Homeschooling.com – Carletta hosts an annual content on her site that has generated her over 1000 C2 submissions.

12. Alex from DehydratorBook.com – Alex is earning over $500 with his niche site and interestingly earns most of that through Amazon affiliate program.

13. David from Tips4Running.com – David has been using SB I for 2 years now and if now totally focused on becoming free.

14. Andrew from Raw-Food-Health.net – Andrew is a free man at only 26 and enjoying his life in Bali. The possibilities are endless with the power of the Internet.

15. Trina from GrowingRaw.com – Trina shares hes wisdom on what she learned from her first website and how she applied the knowledge to her second site.

16. Paul from Marathon-Training-Tips.com – Paul’s traffic stats were not that encouraging at the beginning but eventually he “convinced” search engines that he deserves much more.

Update: Sitesell.com has launched a new website SBI2-4U, where you can find many more SBI success stories (including mine ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

The key to these success stories has been the C2 module which allows the visitors of your site to add content. Your site then keeps growing with more and more relevant content and as the traffic grows so does your income.

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  1. hi Tomaz, i let you know when i get over 500 on my vacuum site ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. I’ve used SBI for almost a year now. I am not making big bucks at the moment, but my site is paying for itself with a little extra each month. I honestly have had no experience with HTML and SBI made it so easy to start my site. I’ve built over 125 pages for my site so far and am visited by hundreds of people everyday.

    SBI was definitely that best purchase I’ve made in a long time. I’ve already renewed for my second year.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks for sharing, Lauren.

    Yes, in order not to lose money with SBI one has to earn around $1 per day. This can be achieved by less than 30 pages and maybe 5 to 10 links from article directories.

    From there on, it’s all passive income…


  3. I’ve been turning over a medium profit with my two websites. I’ve been working part time too.

    I’ve got a website with sbi and one with XSitePro. All good ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Hey Tomaz, I’ve got a baby sign language site that sits at #1 at Google for the past few years now. Over 1,000 visitors and nice income from adsense and amazon. Do I count? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love your blog,



  5. I am in my third year with SBI and I love my website – we have a Vacation Accommodation Rental business.

    In our first two years of business, we advertised on several Travel websites and did get many enquiries and some bookings, but now we get 90% of our business from my SBI site, http://www.discover-southern-ontario.com.

    Although the majority of our income is from guests at our Holiday Home, passive income from the advertisements on my pages, Amazon, Infolinks, Kontera etc makes up a substantial amount.

    My SBI site gets around 500 – 600 unique visitors daily, and is steadily growing, and my SBI site more than pays for itself.


    Barb Reply:

    @Barb, This is just an update to my post from 2009 – it is now 2012 and my website receives visits from around 900 – 1000 people daily, and is still growing! I love SBI!


  6. Hi, I know this post gives pretty much information about SBI.

    As I could see there is many positive things being said about SBI, why you have not used SBI for building this website?

    Or do you personally have any website running on SBI with good traffic and profits?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Rag,

    This blog’s topics are not based on keywords. I just write based on what I learn or what I experience. I also wanted to learn more about WordPress so I used it to build this blog.

    SBI tools include the Brainstormer which is great for finding keywords with demand and low competition. So SBI sites are typically build around good keywords and therefore receive lots of traffic if you put in the hard work.

    So basically I didn’t need the most powerful tool that SBI offers and I also wanted to get more experience with WordPress so that’s why this blog is built with WP.


    Tavi Reply:


    You’ve never answered the other part of his question. Do you actually own a website built with SBI?

    For the record, I am not trying to discredit SBI in any way. I am very satisfied SBI customer


    Tomaz Reply:

    Yes, of course. I used to own 5 SBI sites but lost my focus so I sold 3. I still own 2 SBI sites.

  7. I truly LOVE Site Sell/SBI. I has a growing site that is doing very well and more than turns a profit. And SBI simplifies it for me. I’m so glad I took a chance on this product. My father had been using it, and I was still skeptical of his positive reviews. But I dove in and it was WELL worth it.


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