Help, My Pagerank Dropped!

Posted by on Mar 1, 2010 in SEO

If you ever lost a point or two of the famous Pagerank, then check this Q&A:

I’ve experienced a small crisis on my website with Google slashing the PR of site. Until yesterday my homepage had a PR of 4 and most of the other pages had PR 3s and 2s.

Yesterday I tweaked a few things on my homepage and when uploaded through SBI the google PR had been slashed site wide! I’m panicking that maybe I’ve experimented and done too much stuff on my own now, and have done something to piss off the google algorithm.

Now i’m desperately going over all the recent changes I’ve made and trying to work if I can undo it. I was just wondering if you had any advice on this minor catastrophe and if you could offer any other pearls of wisdom on what i’m doing wrong on

Thank you for all your advice on your blog it has been very useful and will continue to be an important resource for me in the future.


Google updates Pagerank every few months. So whatever you did yesterday or a few days ago has nothing to do with the PR you see right now.

PR is simply the sum of all links coming to your site. So tweaking your homepage has nothing to do with PR.

It’s just a coincidence. Also, I bet that nothing has changed with your traffic.

PR of your site changed because the PR of incoming links changed. Other websites lost PR and consequently your site lost PR.

But this is out of your control. So no point obsessing about it.

PR doesn’t bring money. Traffic does.

Build page and links – it’s as simple as that. 😉 Let the PR do whatever it wants to do.

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