Henri from colonhealthadvice.com

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Henri from colonhealthadvice.com

Henri and I have been chatting here and there on MSN and sharing our ideas. Henri got to over 500 daily visitors very quickly so take a look at how he has achieved that…

Colon Health Advice site
1. Why did you decide for Site Build It?

I first bought SBI and got a refund because I was all over the place, I was trying every GRQ scheme out there and wasn’t prepared to put in the work.

Then after awhile I bought SBI again and haven’t looked back since then. SBI seemed awesome, people loved it and Ken Evoy was giving out a lot of free valuable stuff so I thought I’d try it for real this time.

2. Did you know what you wanted to write about or did you have to find a niche? How did you decide?

My first website was about poker and I almost completely ignored keywords and I paid for it. After around 1˝ years my poker website has 100-150 uniques per day.

Around 5 months ago I started my colon health website which just yesterday had 623 uniques. Just goes to show you how powerful keywords are.

I used to have stomach problems so it was a pretty good niche for me that looked good. I could write a lot on the topic and liked learning about the subject, so I just went with it.

3. How did you progress?

After I had my a-ha moments about keywords and links (thanks to Tomaz), my progress was amazing.

I started out by writing 2 content pages everyday. When I had around 50-70 pages I started submitting to all the big directories (including Yahoo!). It cost me a few hundred dollars but it is worth it in my opinion.

After that I built more pages. At 100 pages I started doing a few link exchanges with people who had PR2+ link pages or other pages. I’ve actually been a bit lazy with link building. I’ve done it in spurts where I contacted 20-30 people, and I’ve only done it a few times so far.

I am not in a hurry though, my traffic is constantly increasing. My plan is to start building links when my traffic stops growing.

Other link building techniques that I use are article submissions (almost entirely to ezinearticles and buzzle), hubpages and I should really get start a lens on squidoo, but I am too lazy ;).

4. Can you share a few tips of what really worked well for getting more traffic?

#1 – Keywords
The most important thing is keywords. Read Annelie’s thread in the SBI forums and follow her keywords to a tee.

#2 – Directories
Many are hesistant to submit to directories because it costs, but it is worth it. You get a few hundred good links to get started.

#3 – Building Links
Link exchanges are still very much alive. People love to reciprocate and link back, so why would google give that a lot of penalty? Make link exchanges with high-quality and relevant sites. It’s tough when the majority of people you contact never respond, but again, it is well worth it. You can also try requesting links, and I’ve had some success with that, although it is a lot harder :).

#4 – Article Submissions & Other Pages
Post one article to ezinearticles and buzzle for each of your Tier 2s with your anchor text. After awhile I recommend you also build a few hubs at hubpages and a lens at squidoo.

#5 – Guest Posting
I’ve got a good gig at a health website where I write health news articles and get powerful links back to my website. This might be hard to land, but if you keep looking it will be an extremely good place for high-quality links and getting your name out there.

Do those 5 things over and over and you WILL have more success than you can imagine. It’s all about mastering the basics. Build content and links around good keywords and you’re good to go.

5. Your plans for the future? (or anything else you’d like to share!)

I am currently working on a new site with my girlfriend about Natural Skin Care. It is not an SBI site. I am experimenting with if there is a different between SBI and non-SBI sites.

When I first started my non-SBI site I was surprised at how much I had to learn. It really made me realize how valuable SBI is for beginners. If you were to do everything yourself that SBI does, believe me, you could easily spend weeks on getting everything to work, or more.

I am currently helping my girlfriend with her Small Dog Breeds website. We also plan to expand our empire and build more websites around topics that we are passionate about. I have no doubt that we will be making a living thanks to SBI in the near future.

So if you’re thinking about jumping in, there is plenty of room and the water is warm. But you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to put the work in to succeed. If you’re just looking for a quick fix then you’re in the wrong place. Work hard, work smart and you’ll have success guaranteed.

Expect to make mistakes. That is my biggest obstacle. I want to learn everything before I even start, but I’ve realized that it isn’t possible. The best thing you can do is jump in IF you’ve decided that you are ready to commit to building a business online.

When you’re commited and know what you want, you will succeed sooner or later. That has been true for me so far.

Good lucK!

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  1. I too am thinking about starting an SBI website with my girlfriend (I still have one owed to me from the 2 for 1 christmas deal).

    She is MUCH more of a writer than myself and if I can get her to write on specific keywords we might start our own SBI empire!

    Nice to know that you and your girlfriend are having success.


  2. @Steve, I’ve found that writing together with someone is a lot more fun than writing alone. You come up with better ideas and just an all-around awesome experience!


  3. Henri, thanks for that. be interested to hear which directories you’d recommend. I’ve been looking at directories and although some are only a few dollars for a listing, it all adds up so any that have you think give good links would be appreciated.



  4. @John, I usually go to strongestlinks.com > directories.

    They list all the strongest directories. I try to submit to all the most popular ones with the highest PR.

    I usually spend around $300 on directories on a new site, but you can submit as you go along and your website starts earning you some money.

    Hope this helps 🙂



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