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Posted by on May 2, 2009 in Blogging advice

You may be looking to outsource some of the work related to your online business once it expands. I strongly recommend that if you’re just starting out, do everything yourself.

Write articles and share your passion and knowledge with other people, build links yourself by submitting articles, looking for link exchanges and using other link building strategies, and do all the other work related to your site, like setting up a newsletter, setting up an RSS feed and so on.

If you follow this process for a year or so, you’ll most likely start earning some money which you can then use to buy yourself more time.

In my opinion, there is almost an unlimited amount of money we can earn in our life, but only limited time that we’ll be here.

That’s why time is more precious than money and I use money to buy myself more time to do what I wish and not what I have to.

That’s where outsourcing comes in. What can you outsource?

1.    Content writing

I don’t outsource any articles that are on my tennis sites and I outsource all other article writing. 😉

My tennis site is me sharing my ideas with the world and my other sites are money making ATMs that I work hard to make them very useful to the visitors who find them.

For example, I have had an article about the best vacuum cleaner newly written 3 times so far and I keep looking on how to improve it. I have recently ordered around 60 articles for my vacuum site to REPLACE not very well written articles that are already there.

I find writers mostly on and test them with 5 to 10 articles to see how well they write. I might try 3 writers and use the best articles on my sites and the rest for article submissions or I save them to later publish them on another site I might start – like a supporting blog.

Typical bids for articles are at around $6 per article, but I usually offer more later to encourage the writer to do well. I used to pay around $8 per 800 word articles, but I now have a very good writer who charges me around $1,80 per 100 words and I am willing to pay that price for the quality I get.

You can also get quite good articles an which has finally improved their website and added an option to choose a writer. Their prices are:
–    5,52 per 550 words
–    9,03 per 750 words
–    12,5 per 1000 words

Again, you’ll have to test a few writers to get a really good one.

2.    Link building

I have tried several times and outsourced link building but have always been disappointed with the results. In all cases, the guys behind link building services have access to hundreds of websites which have links / resources pages with many websites listed there.

That’s where you’ll get a link too and it’s a really poor link.

I suggest another approach; I’ve outsourced research for example and asked for research of water related blogs with pagerank 3 or more. I asked for 30 blogs and once the guy that I chose found them, I checked them myself, removed poor blogs from that list and then outsourced blog commenting.

3.    Blog commenting

You can outsource blog commenting too for 2 reasons:
–    To comment on do-follow blogs and get links that pass pagerank
–    To become more known to the owner of the blog who you can later ask for a link exchange 😉

If you outsource blog commenting, ask the guy / girl you hired to regularly send you the list of links (comments) so that you can verify that these comments are not spammy and that they bring some value to the owner of the blog.

4.    Research

As mentioned above, I’ve asked for a freelancer to find me high PR websites. On another occasion, I came across a list of 300 blogs listed on one website which were all related to my niche.

I then started a project on GAF asking for someone to go through the list and send me a list of blogs with pagerank 3 or more. This cost me $35 and saved me probably 3 or 4 hours of boring work.

5.    Blog updating

If you own a WordPress blog, then it’s very easy to set up another user who has limited usage of the blog and can only post new content.

I’ve done that before and I am actually starting a new blog to support one of my sites which will be updated by my writer who knows how to do that. I only need to monitor the process, edit the posts and add some links pointing to my site and pay the bills. 😉

If you’ve had success with outsourcing too, then share what worked for you!

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  1. Tomaz,

    Great post as usual. I’ve been using Need an Article recently for a wine site I have, and I really like the ease of use. You still have to monitor the quality though, and it can be hit or miss. I didn’t know about the “choose writer” feature, I’ll have to check that out.

    My first site (guitar niche) is still pretty young, so I’m doing all the writing myself for now. I want the business model to prove itself first and pay for the expansion of my sites, not use my “day job” money for the sites.

    Thanks again for the all the posts, the insight has been very helpful!



  2. Hi Tomaz,

    I’ve used GAF a number of times. It can be tedious keeping track of some of these people. Even the ones that have high marks. Yet, it’s still a good resource for a variety of projects

    I’ve used Need An Article as well. My experience was OK. The problem I have is that I can’t bid on the price for simpler pages.

    I’m still looking for the perfect writer, and I too will be re-writing some previously written articles as soon as I can.


  3. Hey Tomaz

    Great past two articles!

    Question for you.

    1) When you or some does blog commenting, do you link back to your site with a certain anchor text or just

    I know where you put your name in wordpress that is the hyperlink so would you put like “Tomaz – Vacuum Cleaner Reviews”

    2) Do you use a certain software to help you find high pr blogs in your niche?




    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey David,

    1. I don’t use anchor text in blog comments unless the owner encourages it. (Jon Leger for example) I focus on anchor text on quality links and blog comments are really not quality links so I just use my name – that’s how it’s supposed to be. It’s just to get some pagerank…

    2. I tried a few but then I am really not doing much blog commenting and researching. If I just happen to come across a dofollow blog in my niche, I bookmark it and then post a few comments in the next week or so.

    I really don’t see blog commenting as a really important part of link building but if you have 2 minutes of spare time every day, then it’s not a big deal to add some good content to someone’s blog and get a link for that.


  4. Tomaz

    Just opened a project over at to build me a list of blogs for my travel site. I can’t believe how cheap you can get things done.

    I have people bidding $5-20 to build me a list of pr3 blogs.

    How much do you pay for people to make comments on blogs for you?



    Tomaz Reply:

    Hmm, I don’t remember exactly but maybe something like 50c to $1 per comment…


  5. Tomaz,

    In an effort to become more of a manager, I started outsourcing with article writing and have found a good writer which hopefully can write future articles.

    I would like to ask re: link exchange. Once you get a list of blogs or potential high ranking websites, do you ask somebody to email the webmasters or do you do it yourself ?

    The reason I’m asking this is I’m curious why you outsource the blog commenting, but not saying anything about outsourcing the link exchange just after you get the list.



  6. I email the owners myself. I don’t think the freelancers are good enough with words and know how to write an email that sounds honest and is written in good English and looks really like a good business deal. Links are so valuable in my opinion that I don’t leave this part to chance.


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