How Did Cyber Monday Work For Your Online Business?

How Did Cyber Monday Work For Your Online Business?

Posted by on Nov 30, 2010 in Earn money online

As you know, Cyber Monday is the day where most online stores offer massive discounts and people are more and more familiar with the online version of the Black Friday.

This weekend from Black Friday until the Cyber Monday is also the best earning weekend of your online business in the whole year if you happen to sell or promote products.

I checked my Amazon stats today for yesterday’s Cyber Monday results and I sold about 3 times more items than on average day and the conversion rate was 9,49% which is about 3 times more than the 3,25% conversion rate in October.

That’s just shows you how people know when to shop and how Amazon knows how to sell.

So how did this crazy shopping weekend work for you? 😉

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  1. Sunday 11/28 was actually the big day for my site. Through I had a 37.78% conversion (about 17 items ordered in total). Needless to say this was much higher than usual. 🙂


  2. My conversion on Monday was 6,42% almost 3 times higher than normal levels. Almost 9,5% is very high!!! Wow and that 37% is ridiculous, lucky Brandon


  3. I had my best AdSense day on Monday, and my amazon conversion rate was 13%. It was about 4% in October, and all of November it’s just over 5%.

    Can’t wait until next Cyber Monday when my sites will be much more established!


  4. Hi Tyler

    How many visitors are you receiving? Your site looks awesome…


  5. For me I had my best Adsense day on Cyber Sunday, with page views going through the roof.


  6. My average conversion is always 8-10%. But the end of Nov gives me consistently almost 10% amazon conversion.

    YEsterday, I got almost $200 from Amazon alone. NOrmally, I would have got around $40-50/day from amazon. But in Nov, it gets crazy with many $80-120 days. But yesterday – may be because it’s cyber Mon and it’s after a weekend – it’s $193 (almost 200). Wow …


  7. Congrats Tomaz! Quite an increase…

    I really don’t use Amazon Associates very much, so I didn’t see any increases. I promote a lot of info products (learn guitar, etc) and there doesn’t seem to be an uptick associated with the Holiday shopping binge.

    All the buzz about Black and Friday and Cyber Monday have got me thinking about how I’ll set things up for next year.


  8. I’ve noticed a slight uptick in both adsense CTR and advertiser CPC over the past couple of weeks. I guess customers are more product/sales oriented and advertisers are trying to cash in.

    It mean’s I’ve had a pretty good month though 😀


  9. My traffic has drooped by 40% to 50% over the last 2 days after Cyber Monday. Is anyone experiencing the same things?


  10. I saw about a 3x conversion rate increase as well on Cyber Monday. I usually get about 5-6% but on that day it was 15%! 🙂


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