How I Create A Site Blueprint From The Keyword List (MKL)

How I Create A Site Blueprint From The Keyword List (MKL)

Posted by on Apr 3, 2010 in Site Build It

How I Create A Site Blueprint From The Keyword List (MKL)

Just wanted to share my system of creating a site blueprint in the most time efficient way (that I have found so far) from the keyword list.

I’ll do this example from the SBI’s MKL (Master Keyword List) and how I work in Excel (or Open Office Calc) to organize keywords.

I’ll just show you an example based on one seed word – tennis, but the system is identical if you combine multiple vertical brainstorms from multiple seed words.

So here we go…

Step 1: Do a vertical Brainstorm of main keyword and Export All

vertical brainstorm

Step 2: Import into Excel (Calc) and Save As .xls or .ods

Step 3: Sort by Demand (which is column B). Note – I don’t look at Profitability at all so I delete that column too. Feel free to use it though if it means something to you.

Step 4: Then I insert 3 columns on the left:

Step 5: I go through the list and pick out keywords for T2. I choose those with demand over 1000 and supply less than 1000 – and of course these keywords need to fit my site concept.

Since my tennis site focuses on instruction and mental game, I don’t choose “history of tennis” and similar keywords – but I could of course if I wanted – they are of course all related to tennis since they came from the tennis seed word.

I then Cut / Paste T2 keywords with demand and supply on the left side. See example how I moved “How to play tennis” and “Tennis Video” to the left.

Step 6: I delete the keywords that I surely won’t use and keep looking for suitable T2 keywords to move to the left.

If I see very similar keywords or those with both singular and plural versions I put them together – since the article will be optimized for both and I need to remind myself to include both versions in the title and the text – if possible.

I also try to move suitable T3 keywords to logical “parent” T2 keywords as I go down the list. This is the main work that needs to be done but this system allows you to cut / paste the keyword only once and when you’re done the blueprint will almost be done without any more work.

I’ve done just a few keywords in the above example to show you how the system works but of course you should complete all your T2 and T3 keywords.

One more tip: I usually build all my T2 pages first so that they show the basic site outline to the first visitors and they all serve me as a foundation on which I put more T3 pages.

I also build 3 to 5 T3 pages for EACH T2 before submitting my site to major directories. It gives it better chance of being accepted.

After that just keep adding T3 pages and links – and of course you may later come up with another T2 (or a few of them) and expand your site – which is no problem at all.

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  1. Like always…very helpful tips.
    Thank you Tomaz


  2. Tomaz,
    If the Tier 2 keyword has demand in the 3-4000 range and supply < 300 is that enough to build upon?

    p.s how are you enjoying your "freedom" lifestyle?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Aamer,

    My desired demand and supply ratio for T2 are mentioned above – demand over 1000 and supply below 1000. Is this what you’re asking?


  3. Yes..i’m referring to your 2 examples of T2’s which are 12125 and 9034 respectively..i’m just concerned about traffic , my T2 only has around 3000 demand.


  4. Perfect timing Tomaz. I’m building my first site with SBI. I’ve been working my way through the action guide (very slowly due to time constraints right now) and I’m at the point where I’m building my site blueprint. As usual, your tips are very helpful and informative. Thanks so much.


  5. Great tips, Tomaz, thank you. I use Excel for my site blueprint but in a different way – your way is so nice and easy though, I shall give it a try next time around.

    I love some of those keywords! Tennis hotties? Tennis oops? Go figure …


  6. Thanks for sharing this, Tomaz!

    Earlier in the year I was struggling to figure out a good system to create a site blueprint so I bought the “Site Structure It” tool listed in the SBI resources. While it’s better than the Excel template provided by SBI, I still find it difficult to use. Mostly because there is no easy way to color code which pages I’ve already built, so I have to keep looking at the same keywords again and again and I waste time. There is also no way to sort by demand.

    I have to do some more re-organization again so I think I’ll give your system a try. 🙂


  7. I recently did this by a suggestion you and annilie made in the SBI forums and it has already helped me find many major T2 and T3 keywords that I was missing. I have already seen some improvement in ranking of my revamped keywords!


  8. I’d second what someone above said- Site Stucture It is great, because you can drag and rop things around easily. Big problem though is that itdoesn’t let you keep track of which pages have been written easily, so I keep getting distracted by pages I have already looked at.

    That said, I don’t think I’ll be going over to excel- my first attempt with it wasn’t so good.



  9. Hi Tomaz,

    Great tips once again. I was just looking for a way to organize my T2’s and T3’s, so your post is definitely timely for me.

    I’m going to try your method as it makes great sense and it’s very simple.

    Question 1: Do you ever go back to Brainstorm It to check if your keyword numbers have changed? And do you do anything about it if there are any significant changes in supply and demand?

    Question 2: Do you use any other method as a double check to gauge supply and demand besides Brainstorm It?

    Thanks in advance,


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Grace,

    1. If you write a page on your topic, it WILL bring more traffic. Your question implies that if numbers change in the MKL, the page might not be worth writing?

    I don’t think there is such a thing as too much content. Every page you write is useful – if you make it so.

    So typically no, I don’t check the MKL to see whether numbers changed since it makes no difference to me. If I have chosen a niche, I will write articles for MOST keywords with demand over 300 (500).

    If the demand in MKL changes, I don’t care since what I want is a large content site with lots of pages and lots of chances of internal linking.

    2. I use free Wordtracker tool and Google Adwords to check the demand of my T1 keyword and sometimes some key T2 pages. I don’t bother with most other T2 and all T3. My reasons are the same as in the #1…


  10. This is so helpful! Thank you.


  11. Hi Tomaz, I used this method to help me check out numbers for a site I’d like to build. It was an excellent tool for seeing more clearly whether I had a tight structure with good numbers. Usually I wouldn’t do a site blueprint while I was just checking out numbers, but this method made it easy.

    I’m actually cherry-picking with 3 related keywords, so after I’d exported the BI info for each of them I cut and paste them all into one spreadsheet before I evaluated and sorted them using your method. Thanks for the tip.



  12. Hi Tomaz,

    Just want to thank you for giving away this brilliant idea!

    I have tried it, and it definitely makes this keyword stuff a lot easier to do.



  13. Totally awesome!

    It’s a little late for me right now, but I’ll be doing more sites. I like simple. I don’t use most of the things in the standard tier structure templates. I really like having everything simply imported and moved around.


  14. Great post!

    So simple yet so mind opening.

    Thanks a lot guy. The world is one less stuck guy in the site blue print building process. 🙂


  15. Tomaz,

    Contents above very useful and well noted. I’m a new Sler, presently, creating a blueprint.

    Please advise;
    Q.1: Is it a most my T2 be above 1000 for RD?
    Q.2: How do I create a relevant T3 list for T2 that doesn’t have much keywords? e.g Leadership Quotes.
    Q.3: How can I export from my MKL?



    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Rasheed,

    1. Yes, most of your T2 should have demand over 1000.
    2. Relevant T3 do not have to come from the same T2 seed word. You can any keywords under that T2 that make sense. 😉
    3. In the “Select Action” field choose “Export All”.


  16. Hi Tomaz,

    Thanks very much for your prompt attitude to solve issues.

    Kindly advise on the next step, am almost through creating my site blueprint, but l need to include something like e.g Leadership Quotes,Leadership Books as T2.

    How will I go about getting T3 keywords for them? Will I search for Leadership Books/Quotes on Google and input books/quotes titles as T3 or I need not think about creating T3 keyword now when building blueprint for such T2.

    Looking forward to be enlighten.



  17. Rasheed,

    Pick the keywords from your MKL that fit logically under each T2. And sure, you can Google various quotes and books on that topic and share your thoughts on them.

    But test to see whether those quotes / titles actually have any demand. Each keyword / article should have the right demand / supply numbers so that it can bring some traffic in the long term.


  18. Tomaz,

    Thanks, but cant find any other related to the above on my MKL to fit in as T3,I’v Dd >1000 and Ss < 500 as T2 for both.

    But my Q. here is, will I need to brainstorm "Leadership quotes/books" separately or I do googling?, then I further to brainstorm the google results(topics) from BI.



  19. If you have brainstormed Leadership, then it makes no sense to BI Leadership quotes since you’ll get the same keywords.

    You would need to Google it, find specific quotes or books and then write short reviews or your thoughts on them.

    Or you can simply put other related T3 keywords under those two T2s. Google doesn’t care what the logic of your keywords is…


  20. Tomaz,

    Thanks for your support. Here are my challenges, let take Leadership Books first, Will I go to Google, research any good books on leadership and just add to my Tier structure? or I will need to Brainstorm It first to see the demand before adding to my blueprint as T3?

    Secondly, On Leadership Quotes as T2, though am not going to earn CPC on it, but to pull traffic to my site, Will I follow the same procedure for

    Thirdly, On Leadership Theories, I got just only one relevant keyword on my MKL for leadership theories, which I have inserted to my
    blueprint, but professionally we have 8 leadership theories, I’v googled remaining and inserted on T3 of Leadership Theories, but How
    will I know the Traffic for them?, since I cant brainstorm T3 keywords.

    Above are my pending issues. You have been a true Mentor.



    Tomaz Reply:


    1. You can research Leadership books and review them and use those as your T3. You can easily brainstorm them by “adding a keyword in MKL” – add each title and see whether there’s some demand.

    2. You can do the same on quotes although I’d still check MKL for other leadership keywords with good demand / supply and see if I could use them. I DOESN’T MATTER if they don’t logically fit under your T2 (quotes). Google doesn’t care!

    3. Again, you have “Add keyword” button in MKL – add the names of those theories to MKL and see what their d/s ratio is. You can add them anyway even if they don’t have good numbers – but do that onbly when you run out of good keywords.

    Also, research other successful websites on leadership and see what they have done. Leadership tools is a hugely successful SBI site and I’m sure you can learn a lot.

    Of course, don’t copy it, just get some good ideas and learn. Find others too and combine the knowledge you got from those sites into yours.


  21. Thanks Thanks Thanks! I don’t know how else to appreciate you.

    You have really made my day.

    I will do as advised.

    Thanks once again.


  22. Tomaz,

    Please advise, Registering a domain name;

    Example: If is already taken according to Checking Domain Availability and it’s what best VPP your site kw concept, but not yet lunched on Internet.

    Can you go for “” without having any challenge later in the future to change domain?




  23. Sure, you can take that second domain without any problems. The first one may become available after a while and you can register it later and then create a redirect to your first domain.


  24. Thanks so much. Please one more thing I need to clear before taking a giant step.

    Does it has any effect on search engine by letting your site keyword comes first b4 VPP in naming a domain?

    Secondly, got confused in a forum, someone says using hyphens -Google doesn’t seem to like it very much. But in my case, can I still go ahead?

    Lastly, my site concept kw range is D-13489 S-52574, hope it’s okay to register.




  25. Rasheed,

    Not sure if I understand the first question: but if you have your keyword in the domain name it certainly helps for that exact keyword to rank better.

    Hyphens or no hyphens doesn’t matter to Google. Both are the same.

    Your site concept keyword has lots of supply and while that may suggest lots of other related keywords, it may be tough to rank well for that keyword.

    Generally look for supply of around 20,000 – 30,000. In your case, try to find longer tail keyword that includes your original keyword and has lower supply.


  26. Tomaz,

    Thanks so much for your guidiance.

    My Next option for my site concept keyword is Demand-11376, Supply-32322.

    This can still keep me on the track.

    Ok to proceed?



  27. Rasheed, you’ll need to make some decisions on your own too. 😉 I suggested 20,000 to 30,000 so 32,322 is in the ball park.

    Don’t take these numbers literally – there is no significant difference between 30,000 and 32,322. Just go for it and don’t try to make your first SBI site a perfect site at every point of the way.

    Everything can corrected later (except the domain name) if needed.


  28. Hi Tomaz. I joined SBI 2 months ago and have found your posts here so much clearer than the action guide. Fast realsing that’s this is as much art and gut feeling as it is a system.

    Already have my site concept but because I see so many different opinions about keyword supply and demand numbers I’d like to clarify some numbers before I start writing.

    Is it wise to proceed on the basis that tier 2 keywords are around 1000 supply and that T3 keywords be at least 150 with supply in both cases being less than demand?

    I’ve sorted out my MKL and have lots of pages that way but wanted to get some experienced advice before I started.

    Thanks Kel.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Kel,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I choose keywords with demand over 1000 and supply less than 1000 (or around there) for T2 and keywords with demand over 500 (minimum 300) and supply less than 500 for T3.


  29. Tomaz,

    Does the order of the keywords make a difference in rankings.
    For example lets say the keyword in the MKL is Prince tennis rackets and you create a page around tennis rackets made by Prince(because it sounds better) do you still get the traffic even though the words are re-arranged?


    Tomaz Reply:

    a.g., of course you get traffic but the word order is important. You don’t have to ask me though. Do 50 Google searches for different keywords and check what the word order of top sites is. Is it exact or not?


  30. Hi Tomaz,

    I just wanted to say thanks for this article (and your advice on ‘cherry picking’ for site concepts). My partner & I have been SBI-ers for a little while, currently writing content before going live with our site.

    I have a question that I’m a little concerned about. Months after settling on our site concept, using the sweet spot figures and BI, last night I found some disturbing claims about BI in one of those SBI vs MMO controversy blogs.

    Peeps on the site were saying that BI just doesn’t give realistic figures keywords. So I decided to test this out & used another keyword search tool – and I got very different (and alarmingly low) results.

    So now I’m worried about the validity of the BI searches that we did for our original site concept!

    I’m a person who goes deeply into everything, and after building a moderately successful blog in only 6 months, was so impressed by SBI, decided to give it a go.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    First, none of the keyword tools results are comparable. You can do Wordtracker and Google Adwords comparison if you want and you’ll never get a 100% match.

    This is not EXACT science. It is not, I repeat.

    There are too many variables and fluctuations to accurately say what the demand and supply are.

    And even if you get that number accurately (by some miracle), it is true only for that exact moment. Tomorrow things can be different.

    So don’t sweat the small stuff.

    Second, I have been using BI numbers for 5 years and built 5 SBI sites. One gets over 5000 daily visitors, 3 over 2000 and one is closing in on 1000. This is my proof that the numbers are good.

    Of course you need to follow my guidelines for choosing keywords. You’ll find them in my SBI forum post about keyword research.

    The person who is bashing SBI has not chosen the right keywords, has not built over 200 pages of content and has not gotten links from over 200 domains. If you do that, things work. Keywords by themselves do nothing.

    Hope that helps!


  31. Thanks for the super quick reply, Tomaz!

    And oh, yes. That helps.

    I’m feeling relieved.

    Having read your reply AND now spent several hours trawling your site. I’m very impressed with the honest, no nonsense advice that I’ve found here – and that you also recommend methods and products to compliment SBI.

    I feel that I can trust what you’re saying – you’ve helped us before without you even knowing it!

    We followed your advice exactly to create our site cherry picked site concept (Travel Outback Australia). I’m constantly finding new keywords to add value to our site, based on your advice.

    With regard to the keywords… I used SEOBook (gave me alarming news). However, when I use Microniche finder, I get much better results.

    The only thing I’m a little miffed about now is the hyphens we’ve used in the domain name!

    Rest assured. I shall be studying your advice and lessons regularly.

    Once again, thanks.


  32. This is an incredibly easy way to organize and save your tier structure. Thanks for going into such great detail.


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