How I Get Over 200 Daily Visitors With Only 9 Published Articles

How I Get Over 200 Daily Visitors With Only 9 Published Articles

Posted by on Jun 12, 2009 in Earn money online

How I Get Over 200 Daily Visitors With Only 9 Published Articles

If you’ve ever started a website from scratch, then you know that it takes a loooong time before you start getting some free search engine traffic.

It usually takes me around 5 to 6 months before I get 200 daily visitors. I need to add at least 50 pages of content – probably around 70 to 100 – and I need to get quality links to my site.

But look at these stats:

1 Month Rise in Traffic On PR5 Domain

As you can see, that traffic is rising very fast; at the start of May the site just started receiving a few visitors and a few weeks later it was already getting over 200 daily visitors.

And that’s not all; I’ve only published 9 articles by that time on that site!

What’s the secret?

Buying a high pagerank domain or a website which already has many quality incoming links!

I knew for quite some time that there is a huge market of domain names which are being sold and bought all the time but I never knew how to make the best of this system.

I then watched Chad Kimball’s video on buying dying domains and realized that it’s not such a big deal. I didn’t exactly follow his system but instead, I checked the DigitalPoint forums where there are domains and websites sold all the time. (you can even sign up for the RSS feed for Domains subtopic…)

I first bought a PR3 domain for small money to get me started. I then learned how to transfer a domain from  someone else to me – I had to open a godaddy account and start a new hosting account.

I then learned how to host that domain on godaddy, installed wordpress on it (automatic one click install with godaddy’s tools) and started a blog! I used some old, not very well written articles on that blog and it started getting some traffic and the pagerank remained.

It’s possible if you buy a dropped domain or a domain that hasn’t had content for some time that Google will remove the pagerank once it figures out that the domain is now a new website…

I then became braver 😉  and spent some time looking for a PR4 or PR5 domain. There are many offers, but you need to check whether that website has had some pages indexed in the past with and if there are really quality links coming to it. Check Chad’s video I mentioned above…

Here’s what I did next:

1.    I found a domain that had PR5 incoming links from Yahoo directory and some other sites which seemed quite good. I could see from Yahoo and incoming links what this site used to be about. Yahoo had a description and incoming links had some anchor text.

2.    I then checked whether these keywords (based on which the site was created before) had good PPC in Adsense and also whether they had good demand in WT. The exact keywords didn’t have good PPC, but tightly related had. (Adwords suggests synonyms…)

3.    I then did the basic keyword research, decided on a niche with good demand and not too much competition and requested articles from my writers.

4.    Then I installed wordpress on that domain and started adding articles. Since the articles were optimized for certain keywords, the site had PR5 and the incoming links were tightly related to my theme, it started to rank immediately for these keywords!

5.    I’ve now created an author account on wordpress so that my writer can publish the articles herself! I now only check the site here and there, do some minor corrections with tags or categories and all the rest is done. The pagerank is already there, the articles are written AND published for me so all I do is watch the traffic and earnings. 😉 The earnings are not spectacular, but I am testing some Chitika and Adsense and other stuff to see what works best here.

I’ve recently started another SBI site from scratch but I think it will be my last one. Getting a PR5 domain where all you need is to publish articles is really worth the money and time which would have to be spent on getting those darn links.

Not only that, I now own 2 PR5 and one PR3 websites from which I can link to my other sites and which enable me to exchange quality links with others.

If you want to take your internet marketing business to a new level, I strongly recommend you learn how to find buy domains or even websites with quality links and high pagerank which you then »refurbish« 😉 and use your SEO knowledge to transform them into passive income ATMs.

Here’s some good info too:

If you’re interested in buying an old domain or a website, get in touch with Faisal from whom I already bought 2 domains. His email is easysign (at)

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  1. Hi Tomaz,

    Just curious, how much did you pay for the domains and what are the age of the domains?

    You mentioned, “The earnings are not spectacular, but I am testing some Chitika and Adsense and other stuff to see what works best here.”

    Is there any problems that you faced monetizing such old domains?

    Also, care to share your earnings and total number of sites you have now?

    Oh yes, it is always very rewarding to read your new posts each time.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Jerrick,

    I paid around $90 for PR3, $450 for a PR5 domain and $1500 for a PR5 website. One PR5 was from 2002, one from 1998.

    I don’t see any problems monetizing domains, it’s just that the topics are more informational and people don’t click that much. As I said, these are 3 new sites I have now although 1 has maybe 15 articles now, one around 20 and one I’ve just started.

    I expect to see some good results with 50 or more articles, now these sites earn a few dollars per day…


  2. Loved this article, one of your best!

    I will definitely be trying this out in the near future. Thanks 🙂


  3. You said, “I’ve recently started another SBI site from scratch but I think it will be my last one. ”

    You could purchase the old domain and switch to SBI. Have you found another host you prefer? Why? What about the services SBI provides like submitting your updates to the engines? Do you do that yourself now?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Doug,

    Yes, I could move the domain to SBI. I actually did that once with a new domain (didn’t have any links but had a keyword rich name and it was short)…

    For a simple affiliate site that earns money through Adsense or Chitika the SBI is overkill. SBI is great for my tennis where I use the newsletter and various forms and I track stuff and all that.

    There’s no need to submit anything to search engines by the way. As soon as you get a few links to your site, search engines will find you…


  4. i think tomoz has seen the light and realzed that SBI is way overpriced for what it does – there is way cheaper ways to do it. I think that is why he isn’t using SBI for these.

    Plus, doug, i don’t know why SBI say they sumbit sites to search engines – tomoz is right – just get some links and you’ll get indexed so much quicker.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Rob,

    The SBI’s greatest value lies in their Action Guide which is worth 10 times more than $299. Their greatest value lies in ALL the compatible and simple tools that you can use if you plan to build a real business on the web – like I do with my tennis site.

    What most of people do is that they look for shortcuts and ONLY look to make money. Most people do not know what their passion is and most people are NOT experts in anything.

    Most people also don’t know what to do with themselves once they start earning lots of money – because they don’t have a business.

    SBI is a fantastic value for someone who wants to learn internet marketing, especially organic SEO and it’s a fantastic value for someone wanting to create an online business.

    It’s also fantastic value for someone who will earn a lot from a website and wants safety and security. Godaddy has millions of websites and customers and if someone hacks your site (which already happened to me) then don’t count on them to save you.

    The company is different. They have a much safer system in place and a couple of backups and they know who you are. They WILL help you.

    That’s why if I plan to make a site that will earn $200 or $300 per day, I still choose SBI. The security, simplicity and constantly updated tools cost me only 0.82 cents per day.

    If on the other hand I plan to make another smaller site (50 pages) that will add to my income stream (and use only Chitika or Adsense to monetize), I choose godaddy or bluehost where I already host a few smaller sites. Hope that clears it out about SBI…


  5. Really like the article!

    I have searched the web for more info about this, and read on several forums that after you bought the link many links disappear. Was wondering if you thought about this?

    It’s pretty hard to find a high pr domain in a fairly competitive niche.

    And what if the pagerank drops to normal levels 😉 after the next pagerank update?

    All the Best, love your blog


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Mark,

    Check Chad’s video to see what to look for so that the domain is good and that the links will still count. Of course, there’s always some uncertainty with this method. You must be open to possibility of losing money to play with this…


  6. Buying developed domains will always give you a head start. The downside is that they cost money. It is up to you to work out if it is worth it. However past of the attraction of building sites is the building part.

    It is like any other business, all kinds of companies are for sale, you can buy business plans and franchises. The old saying “it takes money to make money” is always true. However sometimes it is nice to make something from nothing!


    Tomaz Reply:

    Good point, blogercise!

    Once you earn some money, I see it as a much better investment which will save you TIME getting the links – the most annoying part of building a successful website.

    Not only that, I actually got a high pagerank domain from which I can link to my and other sites when needed…


  7. Hi Tomaz,

    Do you have tips according to the tranferring and paying the domain? Do you use paypal, pay upfront or after you received the domain?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Mark,

    Well, I am not really a master of this – I bought a couple of domains. Yes, I pay upfront with paypal. I heard that paypal can refund you the money if the seller cannot prove that the domain has been transferred to your account that’s why I trust this system.

    Nothing is 100% sure of course. Invest money that you could lose and still be ok…


  8. know your site from chitika expert tips pdf file, but seems you don’t use chitika + adsense inside this site anymore, are you put the code on the other sites of your?


  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I plan on buying my pr4 + sites from now on. My highest pr is 3 so far on my sites.


  10. by the way; is that email address right of that person? I emailed him; but saw earlier comment that it may not be correct


    Tomaz Reply:

    Yes, the email is correct!


  11. Hi Tomaz,

    Another great article…

    Just tried the address for Faisal, but it came back with a delivery error. Please confirm the correct address.



    Tomaz Reply:

    It’s – only one “t” …


  12. Hi Tomaz,

    Would you mind tell your reader that I have 1 PR 4 travel niche domain that I want to sell?
    They can reach me at bluefairy2445 at gmail

    Thanks for letting this one posted!



  13. Hello Tomaz,

    I don’t understand something. When you pay for a domain (let’s say PR5) for X amount of dollars, do you change the name? If you do or can change the name will you loose pagerank?

    Also, what’s the difference between buying a domain and a website? Is the domain just the file name only with no content?




    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Sherman,

    You cannot change names of domains. If you could, it would be a different domain. 😉 A domain is like an empty website with no pages.

    Some people build sites, get links to them and eventually abandon them. When they do, the pages are lost and there’s only a domain left with links from other sites pointing to it. If you can get some pages quickly up, the pagerank stays and it probably looks to Google as if someone has just remodeled the website.

    A website has pages, a domain doesn’t.


  14. I seem to have made a mess of this! Bought a PR4 dropped domain, but it’s now fallen to PR0. Perhaps I didn’t put my pages up quickly enough? Will have to be more careful next time … though perhaps it will be a case of once bitten twice shy!


    Tomaz Reply:

    Yes, dropped domains can be a problem. Try finding a non-dropped domain. Although I wouldn’t give up on this one.

    Try adding content slowly over time and get a few good links to it. It might “wake up”. 😉


  15. Hi Tomaz

    You said, ‘Godaddy has millions of websites and customers and if someone hacks your site (which already happened to me) then don’t count on them to save you’.

    For someone to hack into your site they must have been able to get your login details?


  16. Carole,

    The hackers have hundreds of ways of getting to your site which neither you or me have any idea of.

    If they can hack government sites, they can hack mine and yours…

    It’s of course very unlikely that that would happen but I still prefer the “strange” 😉 system SBI uses which is probably not a standard hack.

    I also know that Ken and his team know me personally and would do everything in their power to get my site back running if something happened.


  17. Hello Tomaz,

    After reading above, I have successfully implemented this strategy! I bought a PR1 domain from Faisal and installed wordpress blog on it through godaddy and the PR remained.

    I know I didn’t buy a high PR domain, but it was an aged domain (9 years old) that I felt I could work with. I just put my first post on it today.

    I’m hoping that the PR continues to remain, because this was not a dropped domain. I think my next step will be changing the theme, figuring out how to set up an outsource writer, and directory submissions once I have around 25 posts.

    This blog will be used to keep the articles I write for article directories indexed. I will do this by linking the blog to the article directory pages, then linking to my main site from the directory article I submit in the resource box.

    If you want to look the blog url is:

    I wouldn’t have known how to do this if it wasn’t for this blog!

    Thanks for the great information. I will be buying higher PR 4+ domains in the future now that I semi-know what I’m doing.



  18. dear tomaz, im a fan of your work and youre doing a good job.. you said earlier about your present sbi site been the last. is it due to the buying of domain names. also will buying a domain name in my niche ok or any general domain name. also does sbi totally agree with domain name transfer.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Frank,

    I don’t build any more sites because I am simply happy with my income. And yes, you can transfer a domain name to SBI and also move your site from SBI if you wish to another host.


  19. dear tomaz, thanks for your response.

    does buying a domain name in my niche ok or any general domain name in order to enhance traffic and links…


  20. Hi Tomaz,

    Another excellent post! Thank you!! 🙂

    I’m going to give this a try.



  21. I’ve emailed Faisal twice, but no response…

    Anyone been in touch with him recently?



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