How To Deal With The Constant Change And Problems Of Internet – And Life

How To Deal With The Constant Change And Problems Of Internet – And Life

Posted by on Jun 2, 2011 in Earn money online

How To Deal With The Constant Change And Problems Of Internet – And Life

As we all know – the only thing that’s constant is change.

It’s really annoying that this is the reality but unfortunately it is. We’d like things to be easier but they are not.

Today the’s page on Facebook has been removed without any warning.

If you’re an SBI-er, then you know how long and how hard Sitesell team has been working on their page.

Basically every newsletter they sent in the last 6 months had something related to Facebook. They became experts on getting Likes and traffic on Facebook and taught all of us along the way.

And yet the reality of Internet and life is that bad things happen.

Here’s the mindset and key questions you need to ask yourself to deal with them…

1.    Is it really that bad? Can you handle it? has been profitable and getting more and more satisfied clients years before Facebook.

They will keep growing even without Facebook. They CAN handle this.

2.    Is this bad luck or was I lucky before?

I personally really like this one – although it’s tough to swallow sometimes. 😉

In case of Sitesell, I think it’s really bad luck – and their success of getting 16000 Likes was not lucky.

But I remember when Chitika was paying me 0.35 per click in a niche where Google paid 0.15. Eventually they pay per click dropped to 0.14 and people started complaining that “now Chitika sucks.”

In my perspective, we were very lucky to be paid 0.35 per click for some time and that eventually things just stabilized at “normal” levels.

I had some websites with really bad content that ranked well in the past and I earned well – but eventually they stopped getting traffic  from Google.

Again, in reality, I was really lucky in the past and now the reality set in – and what I earn now from those websites is normal. 😉

This way of thinking saves me a lot of stress and headache.

The reality won’t change and looking at it negatively does not change it. It only negatively affects my mental and physical health.

So I’ll adapt my thinking in a way that makes me feel good.

3.    Can you learn from it? Can you do it better next time?

Can Sitesell do it better next time? Or perhaps avoid the mistake?

Is Facebook REALLY necessary for business success? I think in case of Sitesell the answer is definitely not.

In this time and age of Facebook, they need a page there – but it’s more to show that they are in touch with the latest things on the Web.

I really really doubt that Sitesell generated a huge amount of customers through Facebook. Their business model does not work that way.

In fact, most business in my opinion do not NEED Facebook presence. It helps, but it’s FAR from being crucial.

If you look at very high traffic websites and check how many Facebook fans they have, you’ll see that the numbers are laughably small compared to their traffic.

I was looking online on how to make a bruschetta 😉 and the second site in Google just for “bruschetta” was

Their Alexa ranking is 7601. How many daily visitors they get?

According to some online stats they get over 70,000 daily unique visitors. That’s over 2,5 million per year.

simplyrecipes facebook fans

They have 8625 fans on Facebook. 😉 Yes, very funny.

I’d like to conclude this with two questions…

a)    What are your thoughts on Facebook removing Sitesell page without any warning? And what does it tell you about relying on Facebook or any other site when you have no control over the content you publish there?

b)    Is Facebook really necessary to succeed in online business?

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  1. a) I think it’s an extremely poor decision but the norm these days for internet giants. Look at Google and ebay. It really doesn’t surprise me – Facebook appears to devoid of ethics and good judgement. Their interface sucks, their privacy is appalling. I wouldn’t trust them if they said night followed day. You’ve got to own your domains, your traffic, everything. Although I do find facebook great for keeping an eye on what my kids are up to!

    b) I haven’t succeeded yet so I’ll leave that one for someone else to answer. My gut feeling is no although I can’t see how it can hurt — unless you spend a lot of time and money and they pull the rug . . .


  2. Sitesells page is back up.

    After this i will not open a facebook fan page. forget it


    Tomaz Reply:

    Yes, the page is back. Looks like the uproar worked.

    But it’s a clear reminder how uncertain Facebook can be…


  3. Tomaz, do you have facebook pages for any of your websites? Do you think it’s worth doing or could the time be better spent elsewhere?


  4. Hi John,

    I have Facebook pages for 3 of my sites including this blog. Setting up doesn’t take that long and you can set up automatic postings to FB through RSS. I think you should do that for you main site(s) in order to have a presence at FB. You never know what can happen. But I don’t think I will invest lots of effort into the content on FB – since then I don’t own it…


  5. As you said, there’s a lack of control over your content, when facebook (or anyone else) is the host of it.

    Because of that I think it’s worth investing minimal time in building “external” presences.

    Sitesell, in my opinion, offered too much content to facebook, considering the lack of control they had


  6. You’re right about change and the internet…Everything peaks out then settles in and for some just disappears.

    I have seen AOL lauded as the best thing since Ice Cream. Look what happened.
    I have seen Yahoo lauded as the best thing since Apple Pie…and they still are trying different models.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that the “age” of a site has merit. In the tech world the next newest fascinating thing can surpass what was once the hottest thing.

    One thing I’ve learned in life is to have an “exit strategy”. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

    I continue to visit websites without going through facebook. I don’t post comments on sites where people give facebook as the only option for posting. As far as I’m concerned they may think they are gaining customers, but how many are they losing.

    Here’s a model worth explanation. Instead of using your website with only online social media strategies, how about going the opposite of the flow? Generate your own direct traffic by doing some offline articles in magazines and media interviews(tv and radio)

    After the google panda thing and now the facebook mistake thing(or whatever it is) I think the message is loud and clear. Don’t depend on anyone to drive traffic to your site. Yes its nice if they do(being facetious). But you should be promoting the heck out of your site offline too.

    People need mobile aps. There can never be too many. For example, if I was going to buy a washing machine wouldn’t it be cool to have an app that has done the comparisons for me while I’m in the store and has “everything” you want to know about that washing machine. Do you think I’d check that out before going to facebook? You’re darn right.

    Do you think magazines would be interested in interviewing folks about this new ap? You’re darn right they would.

    I say to look at your website as a store in the neighborhood near a freeway(search engine) Are you going to wait for people to get off that freeway? or are you going to canvas the neighborhoods and get the word out so in the event construction happens you won’t have to close the doors of your business?

    One of the reasons I think so many businessess are failing online is because they want to quick riches of “waiting for traffic” and not willing to get out and generate their own.

    Thanks for raising this issue.


  7. These big websites unfortunately can do whatever they want. They should justify their actions, maybe this was just a mistake, since it is back up so fast.

    All of us making an online living have to diversify.
    Promote lifetime customer commission products, build a list, have many sites, if you have high converting pages advertise in ezines, ect.


  8. What are GREAT post Tomaz!

    The thing that stands out to me is the mental health aspect you touched on. Your attitude is the only thing you can control.

    That just really stuck out to me.




  9. I think you can expect anything to happen with sites like FaceBook. So, why put in hours and hours promoting your fan page or do like SiteSell and actually put a team of people in charge of promoting it?

    I doubt very much if K. Evoy makes very many sales from his FaceBook page. I wish he would quit trying to push it on SBI’ers and acting like we are just not smart business people if we don’t have a Fan Page for our site.

    I started a Fan Page for one of my sites. I worked on it all weekend. About the only thing I accomplished was a description and I uploaded four pictures. I need to upload one more but FB just will not accept another one. So my page looks dippy and I am not about to spend another whole weekend trying to figure it out. It is not a good use of my time.


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