How To Get Site Build It! (SBI! 2.0) For Half The Price

How To Get Site Build It! (SBI! 2.0) For Half The Price

Posted by on Mar 25, 2011 in Site Build It

Are you still undecided about Site Build It! (SBI! 2.0)?

If the cost seems too much, then you’ve just gotten a lucky break!

In case you’re not aware, has a special promotion every Christmas which lasts for about a week and in that time you can buy 2 SBI! subscriptions for the price of one.

This 2-for-1 special is available only once per yearExcept this year! has been rapidly getting more and more Facebook fans and they’re just about to cross 10,000 “Likes”!

When they do, they will offer this same 2-for-1 special offer which will last only 72 hours.

So how can you best benefit from this offer?

1. Buy 2 SBI! Sites for $299, start your first one and you can activate your second one the latest 9 months from now. It’s about ideal time to start another site as it’s quite unlikely that you can achieve financial freedom with a single website.

2. Split the price with a friend or a family member – each of you pays around $150 for your SBI! 2.0 site which is a total bargain once you realize the amount of information and the collection of tools you get for this price.

In both cases, consider my offer. Not only you’ll get Site Build It! 2.0 for half the price, you’ll also get free coaching.

3. If you’re an SBI-er already, you can also buy 2 SBI sites for the price of one. I’d would suggest this if you’re serious about becoming financially free and you’ve only got 1 SBI site which is more than 6 months old – so that you’re not spending so much time learning how to build a successful online business but you’re actually doing it.

Head over to Sitesell’s Facebook page and see if they’ve reached 10,000 “Likes” already and whether this rare promotion is already active.

If you have any questions about Site Build It or anything else, please email me at tomaz @

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  1. I am honestly doubtful about Site Build It now. I’ve been with them for a year now and no, I didn’t fail, I succeeded beautifully. Only after one year I have great traffic and good revenue. But, honestly, Tomaz, webmail doesn’t work properly until the point that it is simply unreliable. Search engine headquarters give wrong data, wrong rankings and even reports some ‘happy indexed’ pages as dropped. So I know some people don’t use them, I don’t. The templates are plain ugly and very limited. If you use Block-builder you can’t access to place some important codes you would like to use, like Facebook Open Graph Metatags. Following Analyze It 100% may lead to keyword stuffing and unnatural internal linking. Value exchange is not a good idea anyhow (after all you can always exchange links without paying this amount, though I don’t know why the one would do it). After last Google update a lot of advice in TNT is outdated (I mean link-building) and it will take some time to update it. Even forums don’t impress me anymore, a lot of times it is simply speculation of people who have no clue (like in other forums) – if I have something I just go to Google Webmaster Forums and get an answer from a Top Contributor or even Google Employee. The only thing that matters is providing great content – original and valuable – stay away from outsourcing – but still Google says the same. So what is left?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Elena,

    Thanks for this challenging comment. First, saying that you beautifully succeeded with SBI and being doubtful about it does not go together. One part of this equation does not match the other.

    You’ve now learned so much with SBI Action Guide, the forums, Help and TNT advice that you can actually spot some imperfections. What you’re not realizing is how much you gained. Your success proves that.

    Let me address your issues one my one:

    – Webmail – Yes, it’s not very reliable. SBI 2.0 allows you to move everything to Gmail and keep your domain extension. MX It! is in the Site Central and it allows you to do that. If you’re still using Webmail it’s your mistake.

    – Search Engine Headquarters is a computer algorithm and it gives exact data it gets from search engines. The only problem is that there are multiple Google servers and you won’t see the same results in USA as you see in Slovenia for example. You won’t see the same results if Google tracks you and if you’re logged into Google account.

    The exact rankings of your site do not matter at all (being ranked #4 or #9) because rankings fluctuate. The SEHQ DOES give you a quick glance of how you stand in the search engines.

    If you were able to see actual accurate rankings for ALL of your pages, you’d go mad as rankings would change daily. What matters is your income growing and not where you rank.

    – Block Builder – it’s for someone who has never done any website building. That way a total beginner can and does start. They see this doable. If you shove them into full HTML, most will not even start and therefore never succeed.

    If after one year you still use BB, it’s your mistake. If you’re an advanced internet marketer, use advanced methods.

    SBI! 2.0 allows you to upload custom HTML and do whatever you want with it. It is totally customizable and there is totally no need to use SBI templates. A tennis beginner needs to start with mini tennis and an internet marketing beginner needs to start with a basic template and a block-by-block builder.

    I did that too and later moved to HTML. SBI allows you to do advanced stuff and you cannot blame SBI for you staying with basic stuff – if that’s the case.

    – Analyze It! – I disagree that it leads to keyword stuffing. It suggests very low keyword density percentage – around 1% – while most other SEO tools suggest over 2%. That’s a 100% difference!

    Secondly – Analyze It! gives you an option to IGNORE the keyword density as it says that the importance of keyword density is 5 out of 10. Again, it’s common sense that you can use and SBI suggests that.

    Link Building in TNT is outdated – most of it is not. As things move forward, more relevant articles are posted. Read what’s currently posted – the Link Building Checklist was just recently updated and I recommend it 100%.

    – The Forums – after one year you know who knows stuff and who doesn’t. What would you actually like to see? Only super smart advice from super smart people? A forum like that does not exist and what you’d like to see is not realistic.

    From your comment In sense that you’ve put on the super critical glasses on and tried to find anything that’s not perfect with SBI.

    Well, use the same glasses and analyze the Iphone, Ipad, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nike, Coca Cola and whatever else you want to and tell me which one of super successful companies and products is perfect. πŸ˜‰ Not a single one of course.

    Life is messy and people are imperfect and so is every company and product.

    What matters is the RATIO of positives and negatives. Consider that when evaluating SBI and compare it to other similar products.

    What is left of SBI?

    The 90% of the stuff you did not mention. The SBI Brainstormer is the most reliable keyword research tool I have used (and I have tried almost all of them).

    The ability to pick a keyword that will bring lots of traffic and has a good chance of ranking high is actually invaluable.

    What you get is a system and tools that allow you get to started online without any technical knowledge. Hundreds of retired mums and work-at-home mums have succeeded with SBI because it enabled them to start the journey.

    There are lots of us who use more advanced capabilities of SBI like Includes, Infin It (third part hosting and apps), newsletters and autoresponders and make the best of them.

    Sharing valuable content is a big waste of time and effort if you’re not targeting the right keywords and knowing what needs to be done to rank higher.

    This blog is a perfect example. I believe that it has lost of valuable content (over 200 posts) and yet it gets less than a quarter of traffic of my typical SBI site which is keyword focused. I share my knowledge because I like to help but the financial reward (related to traffic) is minimal.

    Thousands and thousands of bloggers are out there churning valuable content (often a really good one) that is read by their 13 subscribers and is then lost of in the digital garbage dump where no one can find it.


    Because they don’t KNOW what needs to be done to get tons of traffic. The Action Guide and other SBI resources teach you that.

    Of course, the more you learn, the more you realize what works better what what doesn’t. What is the alternative for someone starting out? Read through Internet marketing forums? πŸ˜‰

    Buy Wordtracker keyword tool for the same price as the whole SBI – with an even better keyword tool? πŸ˜‰

    Take off your critical lenses now and put on the positive ones and do an honest follow-up comment so that the readers of this post can get the realistic perspective. Thanks!


  2. @Elena – a do not quite agree. I think SBI still is a great place to start for anyone coming to IM for the very first time. I think one will still need to develop at least two sites using SBI before fully mastering the concepts. The AG gives a solid foundation that will enable you to build sites off-SBI.

    I have developed a couple of successful mini-sites hosted on other platforms using the AG concepts and SBI templates. By the way i only came to IM through SBI in 2009 as a total newbie.


  3. Thanks Tomaz and Aurther, I appreciate. I want to stress that I am not someone who just takes pleasure to criticize somebody or something else. Really not. I probably didn’t have to write what I wrote, at least not here. Tomaz, you can surely delete my previous post and this reply too.

    But here is my honest answer:

    As for my success – I didn’t follow SBI advice to the letter. My site concept is WIDE. Most of my pages do not pass Analyze It by far and the most of my highest traffic pages do not have links. The real keywords for my best pages had such low numbers in brainstormer that I was optimizing them for another keyword (which I didn’t win by the way), some others were not even found in brainstormer. I stopped using brainstormer after first three months or so and actually you were the reason for that. I read your post about checking your competition in Google using intitle, inanchor and quotes. Also you wrote about demand numbers that do not actually give you an idea about actual searches. Moreover they add profitability factor to it. It is funny but I still don’t know what profitability you were talking about, but here is the deal for me:

    1. It brings a lot of irrelevant junk results and you have to spend hours to filter it before you can even analyze numbers for words you could actually use.
    2. You have no idea how many daily searches you could get for this keyword if you win it.
    3. You are quite unsure about your competition too.

    So why waste time? Wordtracker will give me idea about the number of searches. With my own analytical nature and again your help, I noticed I get about a half of the number in Wordtracker if I rank in top 5 in You can make a decent number of keyword requests for free simply by registering on their site. I get competition numbers from Google using your technique. If I want to know about Adsense numbers I use Adwords free tool. All this is not harder than filtering junk out of Brainstormer.

    I know what you are saying about Analyze It, but still there always was a lot of stress about passing it, which means to have “good” in all parts. Newbies? I believe this is how they understand it. Otherwise you can’t say you passed it. There was one SBIer who was hit by last update. He raised the issue in Google Forums and keyword stuffing was one of the problems they pointed out (Top Contributor’s reply).

    Now it is true that you can do advanced stuff with SBI if you know how. But it is also true that they could make a little more effort design wise. I mean, weebly offers better looking templates! All newbies have is what they offer in BB and they can’t afford wasting time to learn HTML and CSS first. After one year I still don’t. I am just getting close.

    Newsletter optin looks so unprofessional that I needed to edit it myself to have an acceptable look before putting it on my site – good I have time to figure out how to do it (I am no advanced webmaster either). I just hope it works well, because after webmail issues I am not so sure anymore.

    I personally didn’t like C2. People mostly use it for short comments or not so good submissions. I rather use Facebook comments and get benefits of viral effect through Social Media.

    Look, Tomaz, for me it is all about effort they make to offer us best quality and I don’t think it is the case. Just like they teach us to wow visitors with our content. It is only in December 2010 we could have a third column in blockbuilder. Don’t tell me asking for a third column is a lot. Don’t tell me to upload my own HTML either, because then we somehow lose the “newbies” point. It is all about effort. Nothing more than that.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Elena,

    I don’t mind your posts here complaining about SBI because I am happy to debunk all the myths and misconceptions you bring up.

    That allows a new person to this topic to see both sides of the story and decide whether your points are valid and objective or not.

    Let me address your topics one by one:

    1. “I stopped using brainstormer after first three months or so and actually you were the reason for that.”

    Well, I use brainstormer exclusively all the time and trust its numbers and have reached over 2000 daily visitors with 5 SBI sites. I don’t remember not recommending BI at any point.

    2. “It brings a lot of irrelevant junk results and you have to spend hours to filter it before you can even analyze numbers for words you could actually use.”

    I think you need to take a coaching hour with me and learn how to use it. It takes me one vertical brainstorm and setting up two filters to get rid of low value keywords. That’s 2 minutes.

    3. “You have no idea how many daily searches you could get for this keyword if you win it.”

    True, but let’s say you do know. How does that change your daily income? Your income does not change based on your knowing. This knowledge is irrelevant.

    You need to know which keywords have good demand that will result in good traffic – and the AG and many of my forum posts (and from others) tell you that.

    I think you’re wasting time trying to figure out things which in no way affect your income and which you cannot control.

    4. “You are quite unsure about your competition too.”

    I strongly disagree after using the BI! Real Supply numbers for the last 6 years. I am VERY SURE of what the Real Supply numbers from the BI! mean in the real competition sense. If you’re not, check my posts in the SBI forums and what numbers I recommend.

    Perhaps you also need more experience and more data to see how reliable the Real Supply numbers are.

    5. “There was one SBIer who was hit by last update. He raised the issue in Google Forums and keyword stuffing was one of the problems they pointed out (Top Contributor’s reply).”

    Ken reported that after the Google Panda update, the overall traffic across all 40,000 SBI websites went up by 3%. Unless you want to call him a liar, the one SBI-er’s problem is very very very likely NOT because he followed Analyze It.

    I think an intelligent person will know what to make of both of our claims here. πŸ˜‰

    6. “But it is also true that they could make a little more effort design wise. I mean, weebly offers better looking templates! All newbies have is what they offer in BB and they can’t afford wasting time to learn HTML and CSS first. After one year I still don’t. I am just getting close.”

    You can make a nice looking site with basic SBI template and a header customization. My website is done that way and in the last 5 years I’ve never gotten an email saying that it’s ugly.

    There are a tons of super high traffic SBI sites you can find on the Results page which still use the basic template and look ok. They bring tons of money too.

    And of you want to use HTML, simply outsource creating of the template to an expert. You can have a great looking template for $150 and once you have it, there’s almost no need to HTML knowledge. Just post the content into the template in almost the same way you post content into a block bulder.

    I agree that learning HTML is a waste of time. Do people who use “more advanced” WordPress need to learn php? No, they get a free (with a link back to the designer site!) or a paid template or a customized one. No difference there…

    7. “I personally didn’t like C2. People mostly use it for short comments or not so good submissions. I rather use Facebook comments and get benefits of viral effect through Social Media.”

    Good, at least you’re adding “personally” in the comment. It has nothing to with SBI! but with your creativity on how to make the best of C2. There are hundreds of C2 success stories.

    One my sites receives 25% of traffic only through C2 pages which were all created by the visitors. Isn’t it nice to get an increase of 25% traffic by not doing anything and simply finding a way to entice the visitors to share their opinions?

    When I read your comments I fail to see any responsibility on your part for not doing well with SBI. The funny thing is that you’re doing well with SBI and yet you place all responsibility for your troubles on SBI!

    How then someone trust your opinions if they are so biased?

    Building a business is a complex thing and thinking that every step someone teaches you is perfect and has no faults is simply a consequence of being a perfectionist. Life is not perfect.

    Imagine someone teaching to start an offline business like a restaurant. Can you imagine the complexity of that task and how unlikely it is that you will succeed the first time?

    The probability of success with SBI! is many times higher but even in this process it’s most likely YOU who will misinterpret things and who will overcomplicate things and not the actual product that is to blame.

    Here’s a simple logic – if the product is faulty, everyone is having problems and those who follow the Action Guide in most cases don’t make it.

    And if the product is good, then most of those who do follow the Action Guide will do well.

    And if you check the above mentioned results page and read constantly new stories of success in the SBI forums, then you know that this is the case.


  4. Hi Tomaz,
    I very reluctantly left SBI after 2-1/2 years for two reasons. My first reason was the templates. I was told many times on the forums that the templates and the idea of a “pretty” site was not important, but it was important to me. I wanted a site that I could point people to and not be ashamed that it was mine. Maybe a silly and somewhat vain thought, but I felt strongly about it. I never really did use BB. I pretty much started with one of AJ’s templates which always gave me trouble. It seemed it would get wonky by just looking at it. Still, I stumbled along with it until the new three column templates came out. I was super excited about that but could never get the hang of them. I know a lot of folks use them and use them well but not me. I was also using Xsite Pro at the time and asked about using one of their templates for my sites but was told that they had too much extra code that would not work on SBI. Very frustrating for me!
    The second reason I left was financial. nearly 30.00 a month is steep for one site (and I do realize that SBI offers more than hosting for that amount,) but as I added more sites and each one cost that amount, it became too much. They need to offer a multiple site price.
    As I said, I very reluctantly left SBI. I really loved it and feel the things I learned there are so valuable. It amazes me when I visit some forums and people that are apparently long-term site owners, know so little about SEO and writing valuable content. Thank you SBI for my education.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Linda,

    Thanks for sharing. So where did you move your sites and what company offered better looking templates that were easier to use?

    As for “steep” price, the “SBI Way” is to create a LARGE content website with hundreds of pages that gets tons of traffic and earns a lot of money.

    I’d say a typical goal is to earn at least $1000 per month with one website after a couple of years. If a profit of $970 is not good enough then I don’t know what is. πŸ˜‰

    If of course you’re earning $100 per month (or less) and you’re starting new sites, then this is not really the SBI Way.

    It’s a different strategy of earning money online and you definitely don’t need SBI’s powerful Brainstormer and other tools to reach $3 per day.


  5. @Linda – for most successful SBI-ers cost is not even an issue. If a single content site is giving you say even $300 per month (and that income is stagnant which is hardly the case with many SBI sites) after a year or so that’s $3600 per year minus $300 yearly SBI renewal that leaves you $3300.00 profit each year.

    Am failing to figure out how the cost of SBI can make one leave SBI unless their site failed. A very tiny percentage of people who follow SBI AG to the letter actually fail if any.

    Could there be some other underlying problem which is not related to issues mentioned πŸ™‚


  6. Aurther,
    Do I consider my sites as failures? I’m pleased with where my sites are. Could I have done better with my sites? Absolutely! Do I think it is the fault of SBI that I did not? No. As I stated, I loved SBI and very reluctantly left. I put off leaving for some time. It is hard to justify paying 300.00 per year per site when hosting can be obtained for 10.00 per month for multiple sites. And I know we are not comparing apples to apples here. I do have the knowledge now and have no doubt that with some effort on my part, my sites will continue to grow, largely because of that knowledge.
    Not sure what you mean about “some other underlying problem”. I never had any problem with SBI (please reread above, I loved SBI) and credit them with so much. I learned things from SBI that many people will never begin to learn.
    Anyway, never meant to turn this into a negative post. Just wanted to say how much I loved SBI and the two reasons I left. And, I must say, of those reasons, the bigger one for me was the templates and my inability to utilize them. I know I could have hired someone to do it but there is money involved there that I didn’t have and I wanted to be able to do it myself so I could tweak and change things whenever I wanted.


  7. I was strongly considering starting an sbi site until I read, “as it’s quite unlikely that you can achieve financial freedom with a single website” above. If sbi works so well why do you say this?

    Thanks, Johnny


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Johnny,

    Nice to hear from you.

    The main “ceiling” – is you wish – is the overall demand of a niche you pick. We usually have to pick a niche as we cannot compete with huge companies like (for travel), (for recipes), (for technical stuff) which rank for high demand keywords.

    High demand keywords bring lots of traffic when you rank well – which can result in lots of income. In fact, in enough income to be financially free.

    I’d say that is at least $200 per day – and earning $200 per day ($6000 per month before taxes) is not easy with a single website.

    And since we pick a niche (travel in anguilla, quick pasta recipes, ipad cases), the demand is much lower and so is traffic and so is income.

    So the ceiling is the demand of our niche and the competition for high demand keywords where we (one man band) usually cannot compete with companies who have 20 or 200 employed to produce content and work on marketing of one single website.

    Of course, what I am talking about has nothing to do with SBI. The publishing system is irrelevant. The “problem” lies in how much content and other work involved with a website can a single person produce compared to companies that have lots of experts employed.

    Of course, I know quite a few people that are financially free with a single website but it took them at least 3 years to get there and they are experts (or they became) on the topic and they work very very hard.

    But on average, most financially free people who live off websites have multiple websites – 2 to 5 is my best guess.

    Let me know if you have more questions!

    Cheers, Tomaz


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