How To Optimize Your Time Working On Your Home Based Business

How To Optimize Your Time Working On Your Home Based Business

Posted by on Aug 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

When you first start working on your home based online business, there may be so many things that need to be done.

There’s content building, creating a blog, RSS, newsletter, link building, social bookmarking, tweeting and much more.

The key question (often missed) is NOT: ”What is everything that I need to do in order to build a successful website?”

BUT “Which action / task will give me the best result?”

You need to prioritize among all the possible actions mentioned above in order to make the best of your time – especially if you’re still in a full time job and even have children which definitely take a lot of time.

Imagine having just one page – the homepage. Which action will give you the best result (most benefit)?

Creating a newsletter module, RSS, link building or adding more pages?

Adding more pages of course. Your first goal is to create traffic which you can later monetize. And you create the foundation for traffic with lots of content pages.

I typically build most of T2 pages (menu pages) and add 3 to 5 articles under EACH of them. If I have 10 T2 pages and add 4 T3 pages under each of them, that amounts to 10 + 40 = 50 pages.

Around this time, the answer to the key question: “Which action will give me the best result / most benefit?” changes; it’s BUILDING LINKS.

A simple example: if I have 50 pages and add the 51st, I will get less traffic increase than if I acquire 1 quality link to my website. I am of course assuming that no links have been built so far.

A website with 0 incoming links will receive VERY little traffic even if it has 500 perfectly optimized pages.

A website with 30 poorly optimized pages and 500 quality links WILL receive MUCH more traffic.

So at around 50 pages or so, your most important action becomes link building. You should of course build more pages too but they can be your priority #2.

I’d work on link building and adding content until I’d have more than 100 daily visitors and then I’d start working on some other modules like newsletter, RSS, C2 and so on.

These should still follow the link building and adding pages, except that you can devote maybe 10% or 20% of your time to those extra tasks instead of using 100% of your time looking for links and writing pages.

When you start getting 150 or 200 daily visitors, you’ll probably want to earn some money. 🙂

At that time, the answer changes again; the action that will give you most benefit (which now changes from getting more traffic to earning more money!) is optimizing your monetization model(s).

Adding Adsense or Chitika or both at the right places, adding affiliate links and so on will give you the most benefit right now.

Once you monetize, your goal is now a combination of getting more traffic and consequently earning more.

(If you want to build your list, then this is another goal that might be the most important benefit at some point!)

If you just monetized with Adsense or Chitika above the fold and possibly once or twice below the fold, you can simply add more pages (with ads) and you’ll get more traffic and more earnings.

At some point, probably after one year or even more, you’ll start ranking for more competitive keywords and you’ll also have lots of links that will help you site rank well.

From here on, it’s tough to make a general statement of what action will give you the most benefit but you’ll have enough experience by now that you’ll know the answer.

Because the problem doesn’t lie in not knowing the answer, it lies in NOT asking the right question.

So again, while you’re building your online business, ask yourself the key question here and there: ”What action / task will give me the most benefit / best result?”

It will help you narrow down all the zillion choices you have when it comes to home based online business and make the most progress in the shortest amount of time.

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  1. Hi Tomaz,

    This is a great post because I am thinking about it almost daily, especially when I have more than 1 site. Just for comments, i uploaded a site with more than 100+ pages that has less visitors than one site with only about 50 pages (but got some paid directories links). So links + content is definitely the things to watch out for. I don’t even think of monetization nowadays when visitors is so low.. (less than 250 visitors).

    Having said that, I hope you can share your thoughts to priorities our link building tasks as well. That, i think is really the key as adding adsense code, chitika or rss feeds is not as complex as building links.


  2. Tomaz –

    Another amazing post! I hope you realize that these posts are extremely beneficial to someone like me who is just starting out. My approach is ‘learn from the best.’ I’m following your advice and your approach as you’ve already paved the way and achieved success.

    Right now, I’m at step one. My blinders are on and I’m just building pages. Sure, I’ve set up the obligatory RSS feed and blog link, however, my main focus is building content. There is so much info out there and so much you could be doing that it is very, very important to stay focused on the right task at the right time to achieve success.

    I’m very interested in learning more about link building and I’ve already bookmarked pages and message threads on how to best do that, but I’m not worrying myself with reading that now. Once I get to that 50 page mark I’ll start shifting quite a bit more time to studying and working on that strategy.

    Thanks again – great stuff!!


    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks for the kind feedback Jerrick and Nate!

    I’ll see if I can come with some link building strategies although I’ve already shared some of them before…


  3. I’m just about to start my link building phase of my SBI site so I would love any tips you can give!

    Love the site Tomaz! Keep up the good work!


  4. I am also on the link building phase and discovered I needed to concentrate on this more. I did not know that I should have been doing it months ago though. Now I know why I am having such a hard time. I have great quality content and people have confirmed that, but nobody is seeing it!


  5. Tomaz,

    I really needed to read this post. I have been flat lining with my traffic and I know now that I don’t have enough “quality” links.

    Could you please refresh all of us on what and where to get the best links? I’m sure you have already done a posting on this, but I haven’t found it.

    Thank you for everything. =)


  6. hi tomaz

    do you do anything to protect yourself from link fraud?

    is there anything we can be doing??


    Tomaz Reply:

    What link fraud did you have in mind, Joe? Please explain…


  7. hi ~ sorry i mean not link fraud but ad fraud – when people click your ads many times.

    Is there things we can do to protect our adsense? To spot strange behavior.

    I think it would be good if SBI had a button you could press which would only show google ads to search visitors.

    Just wondering your thoughts tomoz on this


    Tomaz Reply:

    You cannot protect yourself in any way. You can of course monitor your Adsense account daily and if you see extra number of clicks, email Adsense support.

    They can track all the IPs and see what’s going on…


  8. ok thanks tomoz for that

    just a thought i had today. Is financial freedom fun? what do you do with yourself the whole day? it’s almost like the web is giving Internet Marketers money to hang out? Basically is it worth it ? 🙂


    Tomaz Reply:

    @joe: I’ll take freedom and being occasionally bored any time over being in a job and someone telling me what to do.

    But I am lucky to have such passion for tennis so I still give lessons and really enjoy doing mental training with players.

    The money I earn with that is almost nothing compared to what I earn online but being involved with tennis gives me great satisfaction.

    When I was a full time coach (for over 12 years), I didn’t earn enough to travel a lot or to even afford a good car or a LCD TV.

    So I am making up for that time right now – perhaps traveling a little bit more, going to tennis Grand Slams and tournaments and so on.

    But I agree that for some people – who haven’t really find their calling in life – just suddenly having freedom and money can be very boring and people could quickly turn to the “dark side” – of spending, wasting money, time and life. I am sure that happens too…


  9. Hey Tomaz,

    Great approaches for using your time wisely. I am starting my second site after a long learning curve for the first one.

    And yes Tomaz has lots of fun more than just his websites. I met him before I even started a website and we didn’t even talk about the Internet. So please appreciate all his online efforts to help us all out.


  10. Tomaz-

    Great tips on your blog. My site is backwards right now in that it has decent traffic (400+ daily)and earnings but I think the links and articles leave something to be desired, especially looking at other top sites and your site. Should I think about monetization still or look for more traffic growth?


  11. Hi David,

    Sure, you can monetize 400 daily visitors. The rule of the thumb is that for x amount of daily visitors you will earn x (same) amount of dollars per month.


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