How to Play and Win Big in the Google Game

How to Play and Win Big in the Google Game

Posted by on Oct 11, 2007 in Blogging advice

How to Play and Win Big in the Google Game

Many people have been exposed lately who were not so good at playing the Google game. They broke the rules of the game and Google has let them know that.

At first, Google hit the bigger directories like Aviva, Alive and others.

Rand Fishking wrote a great post about how Google was penalizing big directories, so I recommend you check what Rand had to say.

Google then hit some of the more visible internet marketers like John Chow, whose blog dropped from PR6 to PR5 and was actually not being found even for the “John Chow” search in Google.

The latest “victims” that I know of are Andy Beard, who wrote a post about being defamed by Google, and Courtney Tuttle who also reports about losing visible pagerank. He also lists some other websites which lost visible pagerank.

What Google and Matt told You

Google clearly says in the webmaster guidelines: Don’t participate in link schemes designed to increase your site’s ranking or PageRank.

Anyone who has been online even for a few months KNOWS that selling and buying links is against Google’s guidelines.

And still, Matt Cutts did a presentation for even the stupidest people to clarify what are paid links and what are not. Just in case there are still some people who don’t get it…

You can find a PPT file at his blog entry about SES in San Jose 2007.

Here’s What I Think

First, I agree with all the points made by Danny Sullivan in his post saying that selling paid links can hurt your Google rankings.

Second, Google is the biggest search engine out there and has been very good to me. Google sends me lots of traffic and nice checks.

Google traffic

Google earnings

WHY would I want to risk the most unbelievable business model of our time doing something that is against my biggest traffic referrer and the company where I earn that much?

The unbelievable business model is passive income, of course.

This model is what you are experiencing when you wake up in the morning, turn on the PC, log into the Adsense account and see that you have earned $115 while sleeping.

Or you earn with Chitika, Clickbank … and you know that Google sent you xx thousand visitors while you were sleeping or on vacation or watching movies, and your websites made you money.

I leave the answer as to WHY would I want to risk this business model to the people who violated Google’s guidelines.

I sincerely hope that they will ask themselves “Why did I do this?” – And be brutally honest when they answer themselves.

Third, if you want to be good at any game, whether that’s tennis or the Google game, you need to follow the rules.

One of the rules in tennis says that if you hit the ball into the net, you lose the point.

One of the rules in the Google game says that if you sell or buy links, you’ll lose some points.

Maybe you’ll lose a point in the visible pagerank or maybe even lots of traffic, as David Airey showed in his post about losing and reversing his Google rankings.

Google clearly tells you what the rules for Google game are, and if you want be become a master in the Google game, you need to follow the rules.

Fourth, some additional thoughts:

a) This is Google’s game and your opinion in 99, 99999% of cases doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how you interpret the rules and bend them to suit your purposes. It only matters how Google interprets the rules.

b) If you know that selling and buying links is against Google’s policy, why would you promote Text Link Ads, Payperpost or ReviewMe on your blog? (If by chance you don’t know what these services are, then do a Google search for them. I surely won’t link to them.)

You are basically saying: “Hey, check this Text Link Ads offer, you can buy or sell links there!
I KNOW it’s against Google’s guidelines but I still want to make some cash through my affiliate link and I DON’T CARE if you get in trouble buying or selling links!”

Is that how you build trustworthy subscribers? 😉

c) You don’t have to play the Google game. No one is forcing you. You can play the Yahoo or MSN game and sell links as much as you want.

How to Win Big Playing the Google Game

If you know something about something and you are not lazy, you shouldn’t have any problems making lots of money and living a VERY good life.

It does take time to earn $100 per day – probably more than a year of hard work; but after that it’s mostly passive income. And you can, of course, let that grow into $200 and $300 per day as you continue sharing your knowledge on the web.

There is no need to break or bend the rules of the Google game.

Realize that, whenever you do break or bend them, you are basically saying that you are not smart enough to earn good money following the rules of the Google game and you needed some shortcuts.

When a tennis player complains to me about his opponents cheating in the match, I ask him:” WHY do you think they feel the need to cheat?”

The obvious answer is of course because they cannot beat you playing by the rules.

So how does cheating making them look like and how do you feel about competing against them now? Confident? 😉

It’s not about how much you have, it’s about who you are.

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  1. Wow.
    That was a very nice post.
    There’s nothing for me to add!

    It was slightly eye-opening though. I didn’t realize that Text-Link-Ads had that effect…
    Thanks for pointing that out!


  2. Hi Tomaz,

    I found your site thru your blog post on Chitika. I’m very impressed by your daily earnings! How many websites are you currently running adsense and chitika on?


  3. Hi Bryan, 99% of the earnings comes from only one site which gets around 1800 to 2200 visitors per day. I am slowly building some new sites and have some chitika ads on them but that brings me only a few dollars per day. I tried putting adsense on newer sites too but got smart priced. 😉 I am doing some testing with smart pricing so I’ll write a post about that soon.


  4. Thanks Brian,

    Yes, I think sometimes we have to open our eyes, separate ourselves from the crowd and do things how WE feel are right and not how THE REST are doing. Text Link Ads is “hated” 😉 by Google and I cannot promote that. (Unless I would put a disclaimer and a warning below the affiliate link saying that you are risking losing your rankings and traffic from Google.)


  5. Very nice post! I agree with all your points and am jealous of your earnings. 🙂 Stumbled.


  6. The penny didn’t quite drop when i heard all the noise about paid links. I have done one paid post for which I haven’t yet been paid. I think wisdom dictates that I get rid of it ASAP! I read your post about google smart pricing and promptly got rid of the ads I recently put up on some new, very low traffic sites. Just like you, I unsmart priced myself back to higher earnings. You have defintely earned a place on my feedreader. Thanks a lot.


  7. Thanks for the kind words, Ada. Google Adsense has smart priced me again though and this time I think my CTR is too high although I don’t use any images and other tricks. I’m testing some ideas and will post my results soon.


  8. i found your site an interesting one am doing some testing and i will write about it soon.
    i want to learn how to play and win Google game.
    and i get rid of the ads traffic sites.

    thanks a lot you have earned a place on my feedreader.



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