Knowing the Difference Between Search And Content Adsense Payout

Knowing the Difference Between Search And Content Adsense Payout

Posted by on Jul 12, 2009 in Earn money online

Knowing the Difference Between Search And Content Adsense Payout

If you even wanted to know, how much you can earn with Adsense, you know that you can get only half of the story. You can learn how much an advertiser would have to pay, to be at #1 in SEARCH Adsense for a specific term.

The search Adsense shows up only on Google search page results, like here:

Google Adsense on search results

The other way of Adsense is the one you’re interested in, because you want to insert it into your CONTENT. This Adsense shows on other websites – and the internet is full of it as you know.

Here’s an example of CONTENT Adsense ads (I wonder how long will Google allow the Wisegeek to keep images near ads. They also use some other tactics to trick people into clicks on these pages below…):

Adsense on content sites

If you want to know how much you’ll get paid from Google from putting ads on your site, you cannot find out that with any tools. BUT…

You can get some ideas by checking out your previous sites and perhaps sharing your stats here so that we have more numbers to rely on.

Here’s what you need to do:

1.    Calculate the average CPC (cost per click in your niche) based on the Adwords tool

•    Go to and enter your main seed word or site concept keyword – I’ll use tennis as an example

Average Adsense based on Adwords tool

•    Sort by Global Monthly Search Volume and leave the Match Type to Broad, then take the top 20 keywords’ Estimated Avg. CPC and calculate the average (add all the numbers and divide them by 20 – double check that you really added 20 numbers)

•    Write down the number – in this hyptothetical case it would be 1,52.

2.    Calculate the average CPC based on the data from your Adsense account:

•    Login to your Adsense account and check the stats for previous month. Then choose the right channel (if you have more websites) and divide your earnings in that channel by the number of clicks. You’ll get a number which represents the average payout per click in your niche.

Adsense content payout

•    You cannot disclose this number (and any other) according to Google’s privacy policy BUT you don’t need to.

3.    Calculate the ratio of the Content Adsense and Search Adsense in your niche

•    You need to divide the Content Adsense number you got in the Step 2 by the number you got in Step 1. In my case: x / 1,52 (which I don’t have since I don’t use adsense on my tennis site . But for example, let’s say the x is 0.20.)

•    The ratio is 0.20 / 1,52 = 0,13. Which means that I get 13% payout on Content sites compared to the numbers I can see in Adwords stats.

I use Adsense on just 2 websites now. The ratio for site #1 is 14% and the ratio for #2 website is 9%.

I can see from my stats that when I research a niche and the Adwords CPC shows for example $3 on average per click, I can assume I will get around 10% of that – which is around 30 cents per click.

If I assume 5% CTR and that I get double pageviews on the number of visitors, then if I get 100 visitors to my site, I will get 200 impressions, with 5% CTR that’s 10 clicks, each click is on average 30 cents so I might earn around $3 per day with 100 visitors per day. Or $30 with 1000 daily visitors…

Please share your ratio for your niche (I suggest you don’t put your website in the comment link this time…) so that we can get a better idea on what Adsense pays on content sites…

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  1. If you don’t want to comment here, but would like to share your number, email me at tomaz (at) and I’ll add the number here.

    Here’s are the numbers from the people who emailed me: 32,5%, 14,4 %, 13,1%, yours? 😉


  2. Hi Tomaz,

    I was just wondering what CTR you think is a good amount on content sites? I have a few sites and often wonder whether the adsense and chitika CTR is underperforming.

    Thanks for any advice.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi James,

    Good CTR (for my sites) for Adsense is over 7% and for Chitika over 4%. That’s for top ads.


  3. My percentage is not that high as yours. My average return per AdSense click on is 33 cents, while average CPC based on AdWords tool for seed word ‘Stock’ is 4.69, resulting in a final payout ratio a bit above 7% according to AdWords analysis.


  4. Hi Tomaz,

    This is quite an interesting post. Do you still earn around 14% and 9% for your two sites that have adsense?

    My guess is that your calculation does not take into account that Google takes the 33% cut of total adsense payout on your sites, is that correct?

    One of my sites is on 17% based on you formula.

    I’ve also read on your other post: and you mentioned that if its 50% or less then the site is probably smart priced.

    Then does this mean both of your sites which use adsense are still heavily smart-priced? (becuase you mentioned here that you managed to get out of smart-pricing for your vacuum site.

    As I would imagine it will be almost impossible to have anything near 50% based on your calculation.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Nick,

    You’re missing a few key points…

    Google takes 33% of the amount which we don’t know. It doesn’t take 33% of the CPC value you see in Adwords. That’s for Search Adsense.

    We cannot see the values of the Content Adsense. Google takes 33% of the unknown value and we’re in reality left with 15% of the amount we see in Adwords (which is for search).

    Also, the 50% of the value I mention in my previous post is NOT 50% of the value you see in Adwords, but 50% of the maximum value of Content Adsense – which in reality you don’t know.

    I just happened to open a new Adsense account and I believe that when you start you get the maximum amount per click and based on that number (which is probably 20-30% of the amount you see in Adwords) I assumed that that’s my maximum CPC for Content clicks.

    Hope I didn’t confuse you more. 😉

    (And I don’t think my sites are heavily smart priced – perhaps just slightly)


  5. Hi Tomaz,

    Thanks for elaborating on that point about 50%. No, you didn’t confused me, and its much more clear by now after you’ve explained it.

    I actually wondered if you can determine the maximum Content Adsense CPC when you put the ad the first time on your new site?.

    In my observation, every time I integrated adsense on my new sites, the CPC is about twice or roughly 1.5 x time more than the CPC two or three weeks later (or after the site gets around 10,000 first Adsense impressions).

    Perhaps smart pricing kicks in when Google collects enough data about your site and determine its CPC value – just my own speculation.

    I also noticed, that once a site gets over 2000 impressions per days consistently, the overall eCPM tend to increase anywhere from 50% to 100%.

    I’m very excited to see the new CPC, because I will be soon registering a company and will be changing over business account.

    Did you lose all of the channel tracking and earnings info from your personal account when you moved over to business one?


  6. Hey Tomaz,

    Do you have any experience with blocking certain advertisers? And if so, do you find that it increases your average CPC?

    The reason I ask is because my traffic is steadily increasing, but my adsense earnings are steadily DEcreasing.



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