LastPass Review – Easy To Use Free Password Manager

LastPass Review – Easy To Use Free Password Manager

Posted by on May 1, 2011 in Recommended

LastPass Review – Easy To Use Free Password Manager

I’ve decided to share this Lastpass review after using Lastpass for about 2 months now.

The reason I wanted to use a password manager was because I often travel and my laptop is basically my office with all the information and passwords to my sites, logins (Google, Amazon affiliate program, …) and emails.

If someone stole my laptop, they would have easy access to all my login info.

lastpass password manager

Sure, you can protect your Windows with a password but that can be hacked rather easily.

After some researching and testing I’m now an official fan of the LastPass password manager. 😉

What’s So Cool About LastPass?

The LastPass website explains all the features really well and simple so I’ll just describe in my own words how it works for me…

1. LastPass removes passwords from Firefox and Internet Explorer and encrypts it on your PC.

As you know, Firefox and IE and other browsers can store your passwords so you don’t have to type them every time you access your email or other login.

Of course, in case of a theft, that makes it even easier for a thief to get into your accounts and emails.

When you install Lastpass for the first time, it asks you if you want passwords removed from Firefox and IE and stored in LastPass Vault.

When you do that, all passwords are now encrypted with the 256-bit AES and stored on your computer.

2. I enter only one password daily – the Master Lastpass password.

All other logins are filled in automatically as soon as the login page appears on the screen. If I have multiple logins for one account, I simply select the one I want from the drop down list.

lastpass-loginWhen I close my browser, LastPass is closed too.

So in my typical day, I start my laptop in the morning, open my Firefox, enter the LastPass master password and access all accounts during that day very easily.

In the evening, I turn off my laptop and the LastPass is turned off too. If someone steals my laptop, they would need to know the LastPass master password to access all other passwords.

I did not write my master password anywhere – I only memorized it. And since I enter it ever day into my Master password fields, I am quite sure I won’t forget it. 😉

3. I can access LastPass  – and all my passwords – even from another computer.

LastPass also stores your data in their center – encrypted of course. If you are at internet cafe and want to check you email (or even better your earnings!), then you can go to the LastPass website and sign in.

lastpass sign in

You can then access your Vault, find the password you need and copy it into the login fields of the website your need to access.

This is now a manual process since LastPass is not installed on an internet cafe browser. Just make sure that when you’re about to quit your session in the cafe to copy some random text so that it replaces your last password from the clipboard memory!

Or copy the password first, enter it, then copy the username and paste it – so even if you forget to remove the clipboard the next person won’t have your password to enter one of your accounts.

Sure, they would need your username too but these are much easier to guess…

Lastpass has tons of other great features that can come handy – like synchronizing between computers, mobile phones, protecting your USB keys and others.

You’ll find all the info on the LastPass website – so if you’re interesting in protecting all your passwords with a simple and easy to use system, give LastPass a try.

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  1. I’m glad to see you recommend this software. I’ve been using LastPass for almost two years and at this point, I don’t know how I could get along without it.

    I used to worry about it’s safety, but I’ve never had a problem and it certainly makes my online life easier.


  2. I find the paid version of Roboform a much better tool in term of speed and efficiency.

    Also you can create different folders, users, profiles, etc…

    Basically they were the first one to create this stuff, and in a way, after using both, I simply find it to be more “robost” and straight forward than LastPass.


  3. I found it buggy and unreliable. Plus, after using it for one week, I received the following email…

    “On May 3rd, we discovered suspicious network activity on the LastPass internal network. After investigating, we determined that it was possible that a limited amount of data was accessed. All LastPass accounts were quickly locked down, preventing access from unknown locations. We then announced our findings and course of action on our blog and spoke with the media.”

    Exactly what one worries about when dealing with a ‘password’ service.


  4. Although I have to say, I’m impressed with the open and professional way they’ve dealt with and described this security threat.


  5. Lastpass is NOT easy to use. I am an I.T. engineer and even I have trouble with it. Not consistent at all. And at least once a day, I over hear someone in my office complaining about it too. I only use it because I am forced to, unfortunately.


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