Making The Best Of Geocities Demise – Smart Linkbuilding Tips

Making The Best Of Geocities Demise – Smart Linkbuilding Tips

Posted by on Nov 2, 2009 in SEO

In case you missed it, Yahoo has taken Geocities offline. This creates an excellent opportunity to build links.


Well, I am not the originator of this idea so I’ll just link to this excellent link building article where everything is explained.

By the way, there’s one comment below the article that I want to quote here:

Melanie Nathan said:

“I suspect that most people will be too lazy to put in the work of doing the research and contacting each site though. That’s good. Their loss = our gain.”

I agree 100%.

I also keep in mind a short sentence from a very successful person (forgot who it was):

Do It Now. 😉

Update: I followed my own advice and started emailing people when I found out another tip: once you identify the geocities page to which a site links, run a backlink report from Yahoo on that geocities page to find out other websites still linking to it. 😉

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  1. Hi Tomaz,

    Thanks for another great tip. I’m curious : when you approach these sites, do you offer anything back to them – or do you just ask for them to replace the link with yours ? How has your luck been so far ?

    This is a great opportunity, many of the domains pointing to Geocities are aged as well + with good authority.



    Tomaz Reply:


    I didn’t offer anything in return – my part was letting them know that they have a dead link. In return, they can link back to my site – since they just lost one resource. 😉

    I sent 8 emails yesterday and got 2 replies immediately. One was just thankful but didn’t want to link to my site, the other said that have a new policy of not linking out but they offered their affiliate program.

    Again, it hard work and persistence that pays off – I haven’t found a magic “link building” pill yet…


  2. Tomaz,

    Thanks alot for the answer. I’ve actually had some success in the past with hunting for broken links in other sources and what I’ve found to increase the rate (especially if it’s a link I really want) is to offer the site owner a small Amazon gift certificate for the WORK of replacing the link with mine.

    I would say something like …info on the broken link then “In return I can offer a 15 USD gift certificate at Amazon for the work it takes you to replace it + you’ll have one broken link less”

    I think there is some psychology in that – it is more friendly vs. formal/business to actually offer payment for the “work” itself vs. for the actual link plus they feel like they get something back with the gift. And it is not “buying links” either, it is paying for work 😉


  3. marius…that’s straight buying links and they could easily report you to google for that


  4. Tomaz,

    Thanks for this post !

    I haven’t found any sites that were up-to-date AND had geocities links that could be replaced BUT in my searching I DID find about 5 other sites related to my niche that I had not found yet.

    I sent them emails asking for links and already got 4 links from PR2’s and one from a PR5 !

    About how long does it take until Google recognizes these new links and adjusts their PR for the recipient site (mine in this case) ?

    Thanks again !


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Scott,

    The PR of your website can be adjusted by Google in a few days or weeks – I haven’t seen any facts about that but I have seen the effect of a good link on my sites. I’d say it can take a week or two or three.

    Note that the visible pagerank is updated only a few times per year but your current pagerank and ranking in the search engine results pages is most likely updated daily or every few days…


  5. I’ve tried the strategy outlined in the article you are linking to, but with little success. I need to check the source of every page to find the geocities link. Is it supposed to be done like that or is there any quicker strategy? I also noticed that geocities sites are still online. Check this one:

    Aren’t they supposed to be shut down? I don’t get this actually. Thanks in advance.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Miki,

    Not sure why that page comes up. And yes, you need to view source and find geocities link.

    That takes about 5 seconds in Firefox: Right click, select View Source, then CTRL+f and start typing geoc… — and the link will show up.


  6. Tomaz … thanks for that view source tricks
    One question. Do you still contact the website even though the geocities link is not actually in your niche. Say for you find a site about carpet (through that yahoo link searcher) which link to a geocities site about choosing non toxic carpet, do you still suggest replacing that geocities link with your vaccuum site ? Or you just say, you lose one link, may I suggest you another link (aka my website) ?


  7. Well, I focused mostly on the sites that are in my niche. Sure, if you find a related topic / site I would still recommend my site as a replacement. Every link counts. 😉


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